The Hairbrush

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I returned home from a weekend in R.I. to see my sons. When I met Laura she acted nervous. I asked what was wrong and she said she had something to show me. She grabbed my hand and put on between her legs. I knew what she had done. Something I told her I didn’t like. She had her clit pierced. I was stunned and angry. Even though we had been seeing each other a couple month I didn’t like the idea if some strange man putting his hands on her. I told her I would have to think about it and left.

She called and called but I put her off. Finally I invited her over. We talked and I told her she was going to get a good spanking if she still wanted to go out with me. She agreed but I told her this time it is going to be with a hairbrush, not just my hand like last time. Since I did not have a suitable hairbrush we went to Ames. I needed a few other things anyway. I took her to the hair care aisle. She was nervous and tried not to look as I chose an oval wooden brush. I paid for the items and we went back to my house.

Once there she went into the bathroom. When she came out I was sitting in the middle of the couch the hairbrush next to me. I also had the tie from my silk robe. “Give me your hands Laura.” She silently held her hands in front of her. I tied them just tight enough so it would not come undone. I reached out and unbuckled her belt, unsnapped then unzipped her jeans. I grabbed them and pulled them down to her knees. Her black panties remained but only for a moment. I lowered them down to her knees. Leaving her naked from the waist down. I spread the outer lips of her pussy to look at her new piece of jewelry. A small silver ring stuck out from her clit. Shaking my head in disapproval I pulled her over my lap. “You know you deserve this right Laura?” She just nodded her head. I raised my hand and began spanking her. I gave her about twenty good swats with my hand then I picked up the brush. I began spanking her bare bottom with the brush. Over and Over the brush fell on her now pink behind. She started to squirm on my lap. I kept bringing that brush down sometimes fast sometimes pausing to let her feel the sting a little between blows.

I kept that brush coming down all over her bottom it was now quite red and some dark red blotches were starting to appear. I could hear her crying slightly and she was really kicking a squirming over my lap. I put the brush down and walked her over to the corner, Her pants and panties now at her ankles.

I sat down on the couch and admired my handiwork. Her bottom was bright red all over and she looked so sorry standing in the corner like a naughty little girl. After about ten minutes I walked over to her a rubbed her bottom it was hot to the touch.

She said she was sorry and told me how much that hairbrush had hurt. My hand had worked its way between her legs. Her pussy was wet. “If it hurt so much my sweet why is your pussy so wet? Because I want you Michael” she replied. With that I helped her step out of her jeans and panties. I led her back to the couch. I bent her over the arm. I had already taken of my shirt so I took of my own pants and underwear a moved behind her. I stroked her bottom and her wet pussy. I was more than ready she was too. I slid my hardness into her. I could feel the heat of her well-spanked bottom against the front of my thighs and hips.

She moaned as I started to pump in and out of her. I don’t know which was hotter her pussy or her ass. I kept fucking her until we both started to feel our orgasms coming. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. This was all I could take as I exploded in her. We stayed like that for a while then we lay on the couch next to each other.

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