Trouble at The Ball Field

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Trouble at The Ball Field

As soon as she released the handle of the bat she regretted it. She also felt a twinge in her backside and an instant knot formed in her stomach. The bat hadn’t fully come to rest when she’d heard Steve’s firm voice!

“TIME Ump!” he called. He didn’t even wait for the umpire to give it when he said, “Shellie. Come here

He pointed to a spot right in front of him on the ground. Shellie didn’t hesitate. She nervously played with the straps of her batting gloves as she made her way to stand in front of Steve. She was grateful that he had backed a few feet out of the coaches box down the thirdbase line. At least this way the third baseman couldn’t overhear them, she hoped! Just at that moment the coach of the other team came out to the mound and called his team in. He was trying to take his player’s minds off of the occurrence that was unfolding before them, and let his counterpart take care of the situation. Some of the crowd couldn’t take their eyes off of the two figures inches apart out on the field. Others busied themselves out of shock or embarrassment for Shellie.

She even heard a teammate say, “Oh boy, is Shellie going to get it!” At that moment, Shellie couldn’t agree with her more.

“Young Lady, what have I told you in the past about throwing equipment? What have I told you about showing your frustration on the ball diamond?” he asked sternly. She let her head and eyes drop to the ground. “Look at me when I’m speaking to you!” he said sharply.

She raised her head and looked him in the eye. She always felt so small during these times. She was 5’8″ staring up at his 6’3″ frame. She knew he wanted to see her face and her reactions, just as much as he wanted her to see the expressions on his face.

“That it is unacceptable!” Shellie stated.

His tone made her nervous. She knew all too well what that tone implied.

“When is it acceptable?” he then asked.



“Because it shows bad sportsmanship.”

“And?” There was a pause before he was given an answer, but Steve wasn’t in any hurry for one at this point.

“Because it sets a bad example for the team. Also for kids that might be watching.”


“I don’t know what else.”

“Yes, you do! What does it do to you, Shellie?” he asked with a little more authority in his voice.

“It takes my head out of the game and um…um,” there was a longer pause.

She lowered her head again to the ground and nervously played with her spike in the dirt. Shellie knew what he wanted to hear from her but it was difficult to say. Steve reached out with his index finger and raised her chin so she was once again looking at his steel blue eyes. He waited a few seconds more when he gave her the raised eyebrow, which meant I won’t wait patiently much longer.

“I’m waiting!”

“It gets me a spanking.” she offered meekly. She quickly looked around to see if anyone was close enough to have heard those dreaded words. She let out a sigh of relief when she realized that no one was close enough.

“Young Lady, you will be lucky if you get off with a mere spanking this time,” he uttered. “If that bat had hit someone, I would have bared your bottom and blistered it right here in front of everyone. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir.” she said.

“When this game is over and before the next, you and me little lady are taking a ride,” he told her. “I think you know what that means.”

“Yes, Sir I do.”

“Now go sit your butt on the bench while you can still sit! While you’re there think about what’s to come!”

She turned to go back to the bench when he planted a firm hard swat to her backside. That didn’t go unnoticed by many. She could feel her face turning red. You could hear the crowd stirring and joking about it. Steve strode towards home plate and the bench.

“Ump, I’d like to make a substitution, Jill for Shellie.”

This elicited more oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Shellie had made her way back to the bench where she was met by her teammates. Some patted her on the back, some asked her if she was okay and some gave her reassuring smiles. She took off her batting gloves and threw them down in disgust. That didn’t go unnoticed by Steve. Shellie plopped down on the bench wondering if she would be able to do that in a little while. Her friend Kate came and sat down by her. She just squeezed Shellie’s hand and let her know that she was there for her. The two were very close and Kate knew what was to come!

“He benched me! Can you believe that?” Shellie asked her friend. That’s not the worst part! I struck out!! I don’t strike out!”

“Shellie, I don’t think striking out is the worst of your problems right now. Steve is watching you,” she explained softly her point to Shellie.

“I don’t care!” she sharply responded. She thought about what she had said for a few seconds. “I’m sorry Kate, I don’t mean to take it out on you!”

“I understand,” Kate assured her, and got up and left her to stew in peace.

She was always able to get away with her temper tantrums. She had thrown numerous ones in her high school and college career playing sports. Not many coaches had dared to bench her. Those temper tantrums had almost gone unnoticed. That was until she had met and married Steve. He believed childish antics deserved a child’s punishment, which was a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. She even hated to admit it, especially at the time one was being soundly administered, but they did wonders to transform her attitude. Therefore, he often referred to them as “attitude adjustments”.

She remembered the thoughts and feelings she had just that very morning sitting across from the breakfast table from Steve. It was a gorgeous mid August morning. The weatherman had promised an absolutely perfect weekend. What could be better Shellie had thought to herself, she was going to be playing softball all weekend in a tournament to determine the league champions.

Shellie’s team was seeded second and they had taken second place the last two years. This year the team had high hopes of taking home the first place trophy. During the off season the team sought out a new coach. One that would put them over the top. A coach that knew the game, could extract the most from his players, still keep it fun, and give them that championship that they longed for. That coach was Shellie’s husband, Steve.

Shellie was bought back to her present state with a bunch of cheering coming from her team. She knew sulking would get her no where and fast. If anything it would add to her already impending fate. But she couldn’t shake the feeling of being a loser. Her mind wandered at times thinking what he had in store for her. She knew this sort of antic would earn her a serious whipping under normal circumstances. But they were much too far from home for him to retrieve the strap. They only had so much time before their next game. Maybe he would use the belt he had on or maybe he would just give her a hand spanking. Or maybe he would just take her for a ride and lecture her on her childishness and then wait to spank her when they arrived home. She knew she would find out all too soon. She pouted through the rest of the game and her teammates steered clear of her.

They ended up winning the game 11 to 3, so at least she didn’t have to deal with losing on top of everything else. The team started going through the traditional handshakes at the end of the game when Shellie and Steve’s eyes met for the first time since the verbal chastisement. He motioned for her to join her teammates. As she walked through the line she received several odd looks from her opponents!

After the team finished going through the line they circled up an
d waited for their coach.

Steve meanwhile, was talking with the other coach and apologizing for his wife’s display of poor sportsmanship. Steve assured
him it would be dealt with appropriately!

“Hey Shellie, what did Steve say to you out there?” asked one teammate.

“He lectured me about the evils of throwing equipment,” Shellie replied. “Also, why it won’t be happening again!” Shellie quickly changed the subject towards the game that just ended. Shortly afterwards Steve made his way to the huddle.

“Nice game ladies. You kept your composure when you were down and fought back. You did an excellent job,” he told them. “Our next game is against Smitty’s. We have a little over an hour and a half before game time. Grab a bite to eat or at least get some fluid in you. NOT BEER!” he added with a bit of authority in his voice.

He thought there was plenty of time for that after the game. That was one stipulation Steve had made when he accepted the coaches position. No alcohol before or during the games. No one had wanted to challenge him on it either.

“Twenty minutes before game time start stretching and warming up,” he continued. Steve then turned his attention to Shellie. “Shellie, you and I are going for a little ride. We need to finish an earlier discussion,” he said sternly.

Shellie immediately dropped her eyes downward. No one dared say a word. They were all thankful to not be Shellie at this very moment in time. The team gathered up their equipment and milled towards their vehicles or a shadyspot to relax in. Steve put Paul, his assistant, in charge during his absence. Shellie and Steve made their way to the Tahoe and climbed in. Steve drove them out of town and neither spoke a word. He turned off the main road and maneuvered the winding dirt logging road with ease. He knew this road was seldom used, therefore it wasn’t likely they would be interrupted.

Shellie knew at this point there would be no reprieve on the spanking until later. She knew he intended to spank her here and now! Steve pulled off the side of the road and turned off the ignition. He turned to Shellie and looked at her for a few minutes. She sat there without a word, fiddling with her fingers situated in her lap, waiting for him to speak first. He finally broke the silence.

“Shellie, I’m very disappointed in your behavior. I’m almost certain so are you!” His tone was calm, not at all threatening. Which always seemed to make it worse.

“Yes Sir, I am. Very much.”

“We have talked about this very thing before. I want you to know I love you very much. I also want you to know that I fully understand why and where this frustration comes from. But under NO circumstances is it EVER acceptable!” He kept the same calmness in his voice but placed emphasis on a few words. “I intend to make that point VERY clear!”

Steve looked deeply into Shellie’s eyes. He loved this woman so much. He also loved the little girl that was still trapped inside her fighting to get out. Neither would waver him!

“When we arrive home tonight you are going to get a good, long, hard strapping! Do you understand me?” he asked.

“Yes Sir!” she said as she started to feel sorry for herself.

“First, you have a choice to make.” He already knew what her decision would be, but, this way it taught the lesson even better. “You can sit the rest of the day today on the bench, or take a switching on the bare bottom and then be allowed to play.” He paused a second to let that sink in then added, “If you take the switching now, you will still get the strapping later but not nearly as severe. It’s your decision but it will cost your bottom more if you play!”

Shellie thought it was some choice. There was no way she wasn’t going to play if she had a say in it. She had never had a switch applied to her backside and she wasn’t sure what to expect. It just couldn’t be worse than sitting the bench……could it?

“Yes or no to the switching, young lady?” he asked.

“Yes.” she sighed. Well, she had said it and there would be no backing out now!

“Okay, get out and follow me,” he ordered.

Steve got out of the tahoe and grabbed a few items from inside. A sweatshirt, a bottle of cold water, a bat, and a jackknife. He headed into the woods with Shellie following closely behind him. They walked about 150 yards into the woods when they came upon a partially fallen tree. Steve stopped and scanned the area. Yes, this spot would work out just fine. He walked up to the fallen tree and placed the sweatshirt over the rough bark at waist height. He turned towards Shellie who looked a bit nervous.

“Shellie, take this knife and go cut yourself a switch. It should be about the size of my little finger in thickness, and be about 2 feet long,” he instructed her. “Remember. We are limited on time here. The faster you bring that switch back, the faster we can get it over with and head back to the field.”

He extended his arm out and handed Shellie the knife. She took it from him with a bit of trepidation. She headed deeper into the woods a short distance away from where Steve stood leaning against the deadfall. It was bad enough that he made her cut her own switch, she didn’t want him watching her every move in search and the retrieval of it too.

Shellie finally spots a branch that fits the description that Steve gave her. She opened the jackknife and exposed the blade. Wow, that is sharp! A thought quickly flashes through her head. Maybe if she cuts herself accidentally with the knife, he will forget about the switching. She shakes her head at the foolish idea. How will she play if she cuts herself. If he is concerned enough not to switch her, he certainly won’t let her play. Steve’s firm voice brings her out of her daydream.

“Shellie, how are you doing?” he asks her.

“I think I’ve found one. I’ll be right there,” she said as she started to cut the implement from the tree.

After the switch was free, she carefully closed the knife and made her way back to Steve. As she strolled up to him she gave him a pleading look. A look of I’m very sorry and I know I was wrong so please be lenient with me.

Shellie handed the knife back to Steve and he held out his hand for the switch. She slowly handed it over. He took it from her and striped off the leaves and bark and revealed the white wood underneath. Now it had a sheen on the shaft that made it look even more ominous. Shellie watched every movement of the preparation
for the switch on her bottom. He whiped it through the air and it made a whooshing sound as it cut the air. This made Shellie flinch and her heart jump in her throat. While he did this he began the lecture.

“Shellie, when I instruct you to, I want you to take off your shorts, then your sliding shorts and hand them both to me. You will turn around and face the deadfall at the spot where I have placed the sweatshirt. I will lower your panties to your knees,” he said with a slight pause.

He heard her expel a deep breath. A slight smile formed at the side of his mouth. She has done this very thing for every spanking he has ever administered to her. Even though she knows he only spanks her on her bare bottom.

“You will then place yourself over the log. I will adjust your body until you are positioned with that lovely bottom fully exposed and ready for discipline. I will hand you the bat, place your hands on the handle just like if you were getting ready to swing. This is where they are to remain during the complete switching. If either hand comes off the handle, we start over. Do you understand?” he asks.

“Yes Sir. I understand,” she manages to choke out.

His eyes meet hers, and for a moment both were silent.

“Turn around little one and take off your shorts. Let’s both get this over with.”

She turned around toward the deadfall and took off both shorts and handed them to him. He took them and
placed them over a branch off to his right. He wal
ked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “I love you”, then he slowly lowered her panties to her knees. Steve applied a healthy smack
with his hand to her bare backside and instructed her to get in place. Once Shellie is over the log, he adjusts her position very little. She had done this enough to know what he expected.

After his strong hands leave her body, he handed her the bat. She placed her hands as instructed without a word of protest. This signaled to him that she was willing to pay the consequences for her careless action.

“Are you ready?” he asked, but before she could answer she heard a whooshing sound and felt the first stroke applied to her backside. It burns into her and intensified in the next few seconds. She had an involuntary intake of air and an immediate expulsion of it and gritted her teeth. Steve then methodically applied four more strokes to her seat of learning, pausing about 15 seconds between strokes. Each one produced a red stripe across her naked backside. Each one stoking the fire beginning to blaze on her bottom. Each one getting a little more desperate response.

“Are you thinking about your actions today?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir, I am!” she gasped trying to maintain control.

Steve applied five more strokes of the switch which got a little more verbal response from Shellie. Her breathing began to become labored and she let out a “Hhhhhmmmmm” sound between strokes and grited her teeth harder. Some strokes were worse than others. The ones where the tip of the switch laid into her good.
She knows she deserves this thrashing but can’t help wishing it was now over. She pleaded with him to stop the whipping.

“Do I have your full attention?” He quickly landed two more stripes and heard her affirmation. Tears were flowing from her eyes. “I’m very disappointed in your actions today. I will not tolerate such behavior from you!” he told her as he applied two more.

Now she began to cry harder and kicked her legs to relieve some of the sting. She now understood that she not only made herself look bad, but also him.

“I’m sorry Steve! I’m so sorry!” she cried,”But please, no more!”

“Do you think you’ve learned this part of the lesson?” he asked sternly.

“Yes Sir,” she whimpers. “Please, it hurts so bad!”

“I think we are close, but not quite there yet,” he told her as three more lashes fall on her quivering backside.

She yelled out with each stroke and began to sob. The stinging was intense and it took all her willpower to keep her hands in place around the bat. She knew all too well the penalty for covering up. She would like nothing more than to be able to dance around to relieve some of the fire.

“Young Lady, will you ever throw a bat again?” he asked her as he lands another.

This lash touched some previously switched areas and she yells out again and cringed from the intense pain.

“Never, ever as long as I live!” she exclaimed.

Steve quickly landed two more. These last three strokes being the most ferocious of all. Shellie frantically kicked her legs and Steve quickly placed a hand on her back before she tumbled off the log. She then completely broke down weeping.

“It’s okay little one. It’s all over now. You took that very well and I’m proud of you,” he told her gently as he rubbed the small of her back.

He did that to assure her that his love for her has not lessened. Steve picked up the cold bottle of ice water and poured it over the sleeves of the sweatshirt. When they were completely drenched he placed them over Shellie’s welted backside. This caused Shellie to take a very deep breath. He asked her if that made her bottom feel a little better as he walked around the other side of the log to her head. He took the bat from her tight grasp and leaned it against the fallen log. Steve took and held her face in his big hands and gently wiped away her tears with his thumbs. He looked deeply into her green eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her on the top of her head and then the tip of her nose. She wraped her arms around him and cried even harder.

“Do you know just how much I love you? I even love the way you take a well deserved punishment,” he told her gently. “Your willingness to submit even when you know that it will cost your backside dearly. So trusting of me to do what’s best for you. I promise to always protect you little one. Even if it is from yourself,” he said softly.

“I’m so, ssooo sorry, Steve!” she told him as he continued to hold her. “Will you please forgive me for what I did?”

“Shellie, I forgive you. After the strapping tonight we will speak no more of it! Okay?” At this bit of information Shellie begins to cry again.

“Oh please, Steve!” she cried. “I can’t take anymore. And I promise you I’ve learned my lesson! Please don’t strap me later too.”

“Shellie, is this the first time this has happened? Throwing equipment?” he asked her sharply.

“No Sir.”

“This lesson has to make a little better impression than that last one did. I love you dearly, Shellie. I would never hurt you. The strapping won’t be as bad as it would have, if you had declined the switching,” Steve explained, “However, it will be done. Now, I don’t want to hear another word about it, young lady!”

Shellie shook her head and gave him a very quiet “okay”. He helped her down and she grimaced from the pain as he pulled her panties back up. Then he gave her a very loving hug which she warmly returned. Boy, did she
love this man. Shellie could never have imagined that receiving discipline could make one feel as loved as Steve made her feel.

“Steve…..I love you so much. I’m so ashamed of myself,” she explained her feelings to him with her face almost completely buried in his chest. “I never realized how much an action could effect others. And I now understand how throwing the bat not only effected me, but everyone else too. I disappointed you greatly, didn’t I?”

With this statement she began to cry again! He held her very tight and let her cleanse herself.

“Shellie, you no longer have to carry every mistake you make on your back for years. When I told you I was disappointed, I said in your behavior. Not you. There is a big difference. I understand that this is one of life’s lessons you were never taught,” he clarified for her as he ran his fingers through her blonde hair. His voice took on a little stronger tone. “When you do a bad thing, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Young Lady, you stop that train of thought going through that thick head of yours right now!”

He held her until she settled down and he felt her take two deep breaths. He kissed her gently on the mouth. Steve gives her one last hug and whispered in her ear that he loves her more than life itself. He wants her at this very moment and the desire keeps building at breakneck speed. He knows he has to get control of himself or they will be missing the game!

Steve cleared his throat and walked over and retrieved her shorts and handed them to her. Shellie gave him
the look of not really wanting to put them back on over her well chastised bottom. Steve told her he can understand her not wanting to put the sliding shorts back on, but she would have to wear one of them for her panties don’t hide all the switch marks! She was sure if she didn’t wear the sliding shorts, everyone would KNOW exactly how Steve punished her childish antics. She carefully put on her sliding shorts and winced as she pulled them up into place. Now she was even more aware of what had just happened to her backside. The sliding shorts began making the heat feel more intense, if that was even possible! She quickly finished
dressing and helped Steve gather up their things.

He handed her the bat. “Here little one, you carry this!” he tells her.

She so loves it when he calls her “little one”. She has never felt so special, so loved, and so protected as she does when he calls her this.

ell me what you will be thinking everytime you pick up and hold a bat in your hand?”

She began to grin at his question. A grin that seeme
d to always betray her.

“I’ll be thinking how much I adore this bat and wish never to be departed from it!” she said smiling.

At that he begins to laugh out loud. She loves to make him laugh. Steve has the best belly laugh she has ever heard. He knew that his little one was feeling much better now. She had found her sense of humor again!

They made theirway back to the Tahoe and headed back towards the field, with Shellie sitting gingerly next to Steve. She asked him if it looks as if she’s been crying. He tells her just a bit but that he will give her a few more minutes to compose herself and drop her off at the restrooms on the way……………..

Shellie had made a great transformation after the switching. Her head was in the game and she played her heart out. She went 2 for 3 at the plate with a bases loaded triple. Which she regretted after the coach gave her a solid swat to her rump in congratulations! He explained that it was expected of him since he has always done it to her. After all, it was the only player that Steve did it too……not that there wasn’t a few more that could use a few good solid swats applied to their backsides on occasion.

They won the game 5 to 2 and the next one handily 13 to 2. They were sitting in a good position for the next day. They had all gone out to dinner together after the last game to wind down a bit. They were all enjoying themselves very much laughing and joking with each other. A few times a reference was made to Shellie or Steve about the bat incident. When a remark was sent Steve’s way, he just simply explained that if they really needed or wanted to know how he had handled the situation. They should just try throwing a bat as Shellie had. He would then just give them their own personal first hand experience. They all declined his offer.

When Shellie was asked, she became flushed and would glance Steve’s way. She would either say she didn’t want to discuss it or Steve would quickly come to her rescue and change the subject.

Steve and Shellie left the team at the bar and went home around 9:00 pm. They spent a quiet night and not a word was mentioned about what had happened. Steve and Shellie were still snuggling on the couch later that evening when the eleven o’clock news came on.

“Shellie, it’s time for the strapping I promised you. Time to put this incident once and for all behind us. I want you to go into the bedroom, place two pillows in the middle of the bed, get the strap hanging in the closet and place it on the bed next to the pillows,” he instructed her, “Then prepare yourself for bed, except you won’t be needing your panties on. Place yourself over the pillows with you bottom nice and high for me and wait. I’ll be in shortly.”

“Yes Sir!” Shellie headed into the bedroom to follow her husband’s instructions.

She knows it will do her no good to plead her case that she has already learned her lesson. She trusts Steve to know what is best for her. To question him would only bring on a longer lesson.

After she had everything in place she strips off her clothes and walks into the master bathroom. While she is brushing her teeth she couldn’t help but look at the shape of her bottom in the mirror. She understood better now why the lashes seemed to burn so much. She could see quite a few individual red marks.

After she finishes up, she rubbed her hands over the welts left by the switch. Shellie could tell the spots where the tip had bitten into her. The welts seemed to be a little higher in those spots. She wondered what it would look like in a very few short minutes.

She walked back into the bedroom and pulled out a clean nightie and placeed it over her head. Slowly she made her way to the exact spot as directed. Now she waited. She could hear Steve making his evening rounds. Checking and locking all the doors, turning on the security system and setting the automatic coffee maker to “way too early”.

She knew this as a set time for reflection. A time to go over the events that have once again placed her in this position. This is what Steve expects her to do as she waits for him. She smiled to herself! Even finding herself in this precarious predicament, she wouldn’t trade her man for any other. Shellie, in the beginning, looked at this time as “squirming time”. As time had gone by, her view had changed. She now thought he did this to lessen the severity of the physical punishment that is needed.

Steve entered the bedroom and quietly closed the door. He carefully surveyed the room. She had done just as he has instructed. Not that he felt she would do otherwise. That lesson she had learned long ago not to defy. He saw her turn her head to the left to see what it is he is doing. He smiles. Then he moved directly behind her. Oh, what a view he had! Doesn’t get much better than this……….

“Shellie, spread your legs for me just as wide as you can get them.”

She did this without a moments hesitation and arched her back. It quickly passed through her mind that she can distract him with other thoughts more important than taking the strap to her backside.

He chuckled! “Don’t think for a minute that you can distract me, young lady. Although, the offer is very tempting!”

He enjoyed the scenery as he strips down to his briefs. He told her to be back in proper position by the time he came back from the bathroom. She was. Steve walked over and picked up the strap from its position next to Shellie and set it firmly in his hand.

“Shellie, do I need to restrain you, or will you keep your hands out of the way of the strap?” he asked. “Please restrain them.”

“I would rather be able to do it myself, but my bottom hurts too much already.”

“I suspect it does. Put your hands behind your back for me little one.” She did this and Steve took her wrists and held them in the small of her back. “Now tell me, why are you in this position again?” he calmly asked her.

“For throwing a temper tantrum,” she answered.

“Exactly, and I will not tolerate such behavior,” he told her. “What is your favorite number?”

“Three, Sir.”

This was not sounding very promising. When he asked these sorts of questions he usually multiplied by 12. She knew there was no way she could take 3 dozen strokes on her switched bottom. The anticipation grew.

“Count them for me, Shellie!”

He raised the strap and brought it down sharply on her backside. She screams out and tries to break free from this hold on her. Steve held her firmly and all she can do is clench and unclench her bottom and kick her legs for relief.

“I’m waiting for the count,” he said sharply.

“One,” she managed to say through her gritted teeth.

Steve raised the strap and brings in down again.


Shellie’s breathing became very rapid and shallow. Steve raised the strap and brought it down once more.


Steve continued to maintain the hold on her as she tried frantically to relieve the pain pulsating through her bottom. As soon as she settles down, he releases her wrists.

“Shellie, the strapping is over. I think you learned a valuable lesson out in the woods today. I don’t think you deserve a strapping on top of the switching,” he told her as he rubbed her back. He felt her whole body relax.

“If your behavior had not improved as dramatically as it did this afternoon, I think you know what would be continuing,” Shellie shook her head yes, “Also, if you had tried to talk your way out of the strapping when I told you it was time. Then it would also be continuing,” She nodded her head again, “I’m very proud of you. You made a mistake, took responsibility for it, and accepted the punishment administered to you.”

“I love you……Bear,” she
tells him with tears forming in her eyes.

He smiled as she uses the pet name that she gave him. “Do you know how much that means to me that you tel
l me when you’re proud of me?”

“Yes little one, I do.”

She was beginning to feel like she was out of the woods yet again.

“We have one matter still to ‘discuss’,” he added, “I want you to come stand here by my right leg as I sit down on the bed.”

Oh, that feeling washed back over Shellie and her face flushed a bit. When she was standing by his side he continued.

“Do you have any idea what that matter may be?”

“No Sir!”

“Pouting!” he replied. “When I sat you down on the bench. Did you pout? Did you throw an attitude at all, young lady?”

“I was upset about striking out,” she retorted.

“Answer the question!”

Shellie tried to figure out a way out of this one. She knew exactly where Steve was headed. She didn’t care to join him there! She hesitated a bit too long.

“Are you disobeying me?” he asked her sternly.

Now this question always sent Shellie on a road of ideas and concerns. She thought this was one of the worst questions that could be asked. If she said no, then she would be lying and that would earn her another spanking. If she said yes, well that would also earn her a spanking. But, to the one asking that question… was indeed a great one! It was always better to go back and answer the original question.

“Yes Sir! I was pouting.”

“I thought so! Pouting is what children do when they don’t get their way. What happens when someone in this house pouts?” he went on.

“They get a spanking.”

“But what kind of spanking?” Steve continued the interrogation.

“Over your knee,” she said.

“And what else?”

“Bare bottomed, Sir.”

“Lets do it! You know the routine. Over my knee. NOW!”

He had her attention on that one, she was over his knee in a split second. Steve raised her nightie high on her back. He placed his right leg over the backs of hers. He asked for her hands and she put them behind her back and he grasped them firmly in his left hand. As Steve situated her just right, Shellie began to cry. He knew that this spanking didn’t have to be very long or very hard. This one would be more psychological than physical.

“I will NOT tolerate pouting from you, young lady!”, as he stated this he gave her a couple swats on each cheek, “Do you understand?” He gave her a few more.

These weren’t very hard swats at all.

“Yes, yes, yes!!” she cried out.

“Where will you be the next time you feel the need to pout again?” he asked as five more fell on her
very sore bottom.

“Over your knee again…….please no more!” she wailed.

“That is right. Each and everytime you choose to act like a child, I will treat you just like that child and give you a good old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottomed spanking!” he told her with a great deal of authority in his voice.

Five more fell on her crimson bottom. Two on each cheek and one in the middle. He tried to be as careful as possible and spank the areas that had been least effected by the switching. Steve had little difficulty holding her in place even with her giving a gallant effort to escape!

“And when I ask you a question. I expect an answer,” he told her as a few more landed on the target, “Are we clear on this?”

“Yes Sir,” she quickly answered as she continued to cry.

“Good! This matter is now closed. It will not be brought up again,” he gently told her.

He helped her up and had her lay on her tummy on the bed. Steve went and retrieved the salve and laid down next to her. He rubbed it gently over her bottom. They had a nice quiet talk about everything but the events of the day and softball. Finally Steve pulled her nightie down and pulled the sheet up over them.

“Now lets get some sleep,” he told her.

They snuggled under the covers together and both fell soundly asleep. Sometime around 3:30 Steve was awakened by a very aroused Shellie. Steve was more than willing and they made very passionate love. As Shellie fell back to sleep she thought about all the women she had been reading about on the internet. How they had brought this very subject of spanking up to their husbands. The difficulties of how hard it was to explain this need within them. She smiled to herself! Shellie considered herself one lucky woman. She never had to make that confession!!!! And she had exactly what she had always longed for.

THE END Barebear :o)

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