Can't be late..

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I had to work a little later than normal and then I had to push my way past that guy Steven. He was trying so hard to be nice to me, but he just doesn’t get it. I don’t like him, really. Anyway, by the time I was in the door to my place, it was already 6:15. I saw the message light blinking and my heart started to race. Was it him? Did he call? I went over to the phone and started to push the erase button. But wait, maybe it was a real call. Maybe I should hear it. I came up with any excuse I could to play the message. I pushed the play button.

“Where are you?” He asked, in his slow deep gruff powerful voice. ” You need to be over here by 7:30, don’t be late.”

What should I do? Does HE really think he can boss me around like that? He had nerve.
 If I was going to go, I barely had time to shower and get over there. Why should I go? Sometimes he treats me so mean. He never buys me anything and hardly ever takes me out. Why should I go over there? I deserve better than him. Okay, it is a Friday might and I have nothing else to do. Wait, that’s not right, I could call Steven, I bet he would treat me nice. Oh my gosh!, look at the time, I better hurry.
 I quickly showered and shaved and put on a dress and blouse I knew he liked. I went ahead and put on panties. I jumped in my car and drove over there fast trying to get there before 7:30.
 “Why am I doing this,” I thought over and over again. Then I remembered about the last time I was late, I did not want to be late again.
When I opened the door to his house, he was sitting in the dark with only the light of the TV to let me see where he was. He was watching some music video, but the only thing I noticed was he was not wearing his belt. I looked around to see where it was, I hoped he was not planning on using it.
I walked in the door and over to the sofa where he as sitting. He had a couple days growth on his beard and he looked like a real bad ass. The dark black of his hair and beard made his white skin look even whiter and it made those cold blue eyes of his look like cold steel balls.
 “Your late,” he said after a minute or two.
 “No I’m not” I said quickly. ‘ I drove as fast as I could I was…”
 “Hush,” he said, and I immediately closed my mouth.
 After another couple of minutes of silence, he said “I like that dress.”.
 He then reached out his hand and slowly caressed the side of my face and the back of my head and ran his fingers through my hair. Each time his hand went past my month I could smell him. He smelled good. His hand was so large and strong, yet his touch was so soft, at least for now.
 Slowly he caressed more and more of my face until he stared to work his way down the front of my blouse. He did not touch me, he only moved like he was going to. He was intentionally getting me excited and keeping me on edge. What would he do next? When would he get mean. What was he going to do? Where was his belt? I still couldn’t see it.
 As he caressed me I sat up straight and said nothing. He could tell I was tense, and he liked to keep me guessing. No small talk, no pleasantries, just me sitting on his leather couch waiting for him to do something. I looked around at all of this things. Everything was so male, dark colors, deep brown hardwood floors, black leather furniture, all so dark.
He slowly but firmly started to pass his hand closer and closer to be breasts. It was so obvious what he was doing, trying to get me excited. I should know better, why was I even over here? I kept thinking about all the reasons I should leave just as he started to rub my left nipple. He rubbed it softly at first then a little firmer, then he unbuttoned the top button on my blouse, just enough so he could reach his hand into my bra and put my nipple in between his thumb and index finger. He twisted it slightly then pulled me a little then he pinched me just a little, just enough to let me know what was coming. Then as he was rubbing my nipple, he asked me if I like liked the music. I hadn’t even noticed what was playing, so his question was just enough to distract me. My eyes flashed quickly at the big TV to see a band I really liked and just as I was about to say something, he did it, he pinched my nipple really hard, so hard, I gasped out a little.
 “Was that too hard,” he said and looked me in the eye, before I could say anything he kissed me really hard on the lips and pressed his mouth to me with force and kissed me over and over again all the time rubbing my nipple and slowly unbuttoning my blouse. As he unbuttoned my blouse he unhooked my bra my breasts slide out into his hands. Both of my nipples were hard and getting harder. He looked into my eyes to see how I was and he knew right away I was hot and getting hotter. He slowly worked his way done my neck with his tongue until he reached the area between my breasts, He licked me up and down until my chest was wet and then he moved his mouth over to my right nipple and started to slowly suck. As he sucked on one he pinched the other back and forth over an over again every so often coming up to kiss me and look into my eyes. I knew not to speak unless he said something first. There was nothing to say.
 The he stood up and I could see he was hard. He pulled off my top like I had no business even having a blouse on and then he went for the dress. Not to slow this time, he just pulled it off but left my panties on. He told me to hold up my breasts. I held them up and closed my eyes, and he stared to gently slap me. He lightly slapped all over my breasts. He saved the hard slaps for my nipples. When I stared to gasp to much he knew it was time to move on to something else. He put his hand between my legs and began to rub in just the right place. I was soaking wet. I had been ever since I heard his voice on the machine.
“A little pain with your pleasure” he said, “that’s what this girl likes.”
“Stand over again the wall and stick out your ass”, he told me all the while continuing to rub between my legs. I did as he said, because I knew better than to disobey.
 Stick it out” he commanded, and I did stick it out as far as I could, then he whispered in my ear “Don’t you dare come, it is not time” Whap! He slapped my ass really hard then another then another and he kept spanking me and talking dirty in my ear and rubbing me. After only a few minutes, it was all I could stand. I started to come, I could not help myself.
“Wait!” he said as he pulled my hair back, “not yet.”
He put his fingers around my throat and told me to get down on my knees. I did as he said. He came in behind me and pulled off my panties with such force I thought they would rip. He slapped me and rubbed me and just as I was about to come, he rammed himself into me. Oh, what a powerful man he was! He started ramming in and out of me all the while slapping and rubbing and talking dirty to me. I was so tight and I filled with such force, I couldn’t keep it in any longer and I started to yell and he said “Okay, baby; let it go!” I did, I came, oh how I came and it lasted for what seemed like forever.
While I was coming he slowly and gently rubbed my back and my butt where it was all red. After I was fully spent, he rolled me over and spread me and went to work on his on needs. I wrapped my arms around him and helped him. He was so strong and he was really hard. It took him a long, long  time to come, but he finally did. It seemed more like a relief than pleasure. I was sure it was no where near the power of mine.
 After we laid there for a while, he finally told me to get up and we went to take a shower. He was so gentle and warm in the shower. He made me bend over so he could check to see if he had been to rough.
“No bruises,” he said. ‘Just a little pink. Does it still hurt?”
“No, its okay,” I said. Did he really care, I wondered. Yes, I think he did.
After we finished, we both dressed. He put on jeans and a pull over shirt. It was all he needed. He looked around for something. He went into the living room and reached down to pick something up that was laying just by the sofa. I could see him put on his thick leather belt. He saw me watching him put on that belt. He came over and kissed me with passion and force.
 “I wonder if I will need this belt later,” he said.
“No.” I said quickly without thinking.
Then he really surprised me and took my out for a nice dinner. He seemed so much more relaxed and even clever. At least he did for a while until that tension built back up in him.
It was then, listening to him talk about nothing at all, I remember what I was about him I liked.

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