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The Sanctuary

She sat across form him, staring thru him, her mind a thousand miles away. Another LOOOOng boring dinner, with boring conversation, food that was tasteless, atmosphere that was constricting and colorless. Why did she agree to yet another date her well meaning friends set her up for! Yes, she was single, and beautiful, and very successful in her career……….and somehow her friends and family did not understand why she was not with someone. Ahhh but she knew why, her desires ran in connected segments of lore, and unique sensual completion. She ached for the man that would find her, and enrapture and enslave her in his lavish mastery. One that with his exacting gaze would mesmerize and subdue her without saying a word. Bring her to that rare and secure domain, where only she existed for him. To do his bidding as instructed under his merciless and taunting care. To return to their unique sanctuary, that has belonged and awaited for the two of them for an eternity. Her thoughts were abruptly brought back to the present moment and the wearisome man sitting across from here, as he said “Hey, where are you, I just asked you a question? ” Oh, she was growing very tired of this, time to depart. What would it be tonight, a headache, a stomachache, or how about: “You are boring the shit out of me asshole!” She did not want to offend her friends, so she simply apologized with an “I am sorry, so very tired tonight.” And off she went, with saying to herself “Sure give me a call next week, I will be sure to not answer my phone!”
That was it………No more senseless blind dates! She was not going to find what her soul craved, in the realm of someone else’s idea of what was right for her So, she tucked her illusions of delight away again. On her way home she decided to stop and get gas instead of waiting until the morning and fighting rush hour. She pulled in quickly and abruptly, realizing that she was fighting off anger. She was well aware of the fact that she could be bitchy, impertinent, and very flippant and times. Tonight she just was not in the mood to keep it in check. She pulled up to the pump and as she was inserting her credit card into the slot, she felt someone staring at her. She looked up and saw that a very attractive man was standing on the other side pumping gas into his car. He was openly staring at her. How RUDE! Good looking or not, his blatant stare was unacceptable. Almost with stellar command he says in a deep penetrating voice “NICE ASS”…………….
Why you egotistical and presumptuous bastard…….. Words come flying out of her mouth before she can stop them: “FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!”

His whole persona changes as the words reach him. He breathes very deeply and secures her eyes to him with piercing deduction; try as she might she finds that she can not look away. It is as if he has bewitched her, enthralled her in a seductive spell. She notices how polished and silken his face is. The handsome angels on his face casting velvety shadows that begin to captivate and mesmerize her. She struggles to look away, but can not. Suddenly the air has turned heavy, and very slowly a mist begins to descend, an effervescent gossamer veil begins to float down and totally encases them. There is now no one else present just him and her and his unyielding, vehement reprimand. He slowly replaces the gas nozzle and returns the cap to the gas tank, all the while holding her captive in his eyes. As he begins to saunter over to her, she senses his fervid power, and try as she might she can not move. Her heart begins to beat rapidly, fluttering in her chest. It feels is as if she is in a bad dream and can not wake up. As he approaches her he stands just close enough to not quite touch her body with his, he then leans his face close to hers, as his hand comes up to stroke her face. He takes his other hand and removes the nozzle from her car, replacing it in its cradle, he then screws back on the cap to the gas tank, all the while holding her prisoner with his glare. She can smell him, an erotic elixir emanates from him, draping over her like a heavy cloak. His touch is like fire, she feels her skin burn, where his fingers leave a trail of fire as he moves his hand to the back of her neck. With playful relish his entwines his fingers in her hair and pulls back “HARD”…….. ……… Jerking her head back, exposing her neck where he can lean in ever so slowly, and he methodically begins to kiss and bite her. His other hand comes up and finds her breast thru the thin material, he firmly rolls her nipple around, her nipple betrays her and begins to harden and become erect. He pinches it with unrelenting pressure, bringing forth a deep sigh from her. His mouth moves up to her ear, as he hand tortures her other breast; and he whispers in a decisive voice: “You conceited, pristine little bitch, did you think you could tell me FUCK YOU without any repercussions?” His deep voice penetrates and shatters her inside; she explodes into tiny luminous fragments, and begins to whimper. He abruptly and quickly turns her around, forcing her to lie across the back of the car. One hand holds her firmly down, procuring her, while the other goes to his belt. He deftly unbuckles it and pulls it free. With one fluid motion he doubles it in two. He lays it on her back, and swirls it around……..teasing and taunting her. He then tenderly places it by her face and orders her to smell the leather, which will shortly lash her bottom. His hand of fire runs under the back of her sun dress, branding her as he reaches under and finds her thigh, stroking and fondling it! She finds her body betraying her again, and she begins to writhe and moan with unabashed passion. He moves up further to her ass, where he discovers she is wearing thongs. As he squeezes her buttocks he bends over her and whispers in her ear: “Only undisciplined, brazen women leave their ass exposed. For being so adversely provocative, I am going to give you what you are begging for and so rightly deserve!” “You will not flinch, you will not struggle, and you will succumb to my administrations” “I am going to savor in making you ache and burn as I chastise you” “I am going to lay my belt across your ass and apply stern, rigorous, and steady swats until you are tender and red and begging me to stop” “Then I am going to take you from behind, and teach you what FUCK YOU means : I will show you ~FUCK YOU~, and penetrate you to the very depths of your soul!”
He straightened up and in one swift and agile movement he grabbed the belt, pulled her dress up to reveal her upturned bottom and layed into her ass with sudden and rapid vigor. She yelped out in the sudden pain, and screamed out NOOOOO “Please” stop, you are hurting me. Her cries went unheeded; and his arm extended out and brought down the belt even harder. With precise placement, he missed not one spot on her unyielding supple red tortured bottom. She was writhing and moaning, the pain was so deep and enduring. She felt herself begin to resign and was astounded as she became aware of the wetness between her thighs. With unwavering intensity the belt came down, burning and biting into her tender flesh. He was relentless in his profuse and extravagant delivery of punishment. She was openly crying now, the tears falling unashamedly down her face, begging him to please stop. Telling him in-between sobs how sorry she was, and promising to never, ever be so disrespectful and vulgar again. Her ass was on fire, the cool mist falling on it making it slick and damp, intensifying the punishing blows. His other hand came down from where it was holding her hostage, and begins to caress her soreness, running his cool hands over the welts and soothing them. His hand slides under her from behind and finds the silken folds of her essence. She is moist with delirious craving and hunger. His fingers find and begin to stroke her nub, now engorged with desire. She involuntarily raises her hips high to give him more accsess.He inserts two
strong fingers inside of her, and begins a in and out rhythm. She pushes back onto him surrendering herself and pleading for more; UNECPECTANTLY the belt sears her raw ass again, startling her and bringing forth a low guttural moan from her very depths. He continues the torture with one hand under her, rubbing and rolling fingers rhythmaticaly dance in and out. The other hand applying the belt in perfect unison. The thwack of the belt on her burning ass causes her to slam down onto his hand with potent force, unadulterated hips rise in wanton desire, lifting and exposing her supple ass higher, begging for release. He hastily pulls his jeans down and grabs her around her hips sliding her to the edge of the car. He grabs hold of her perfectly punished red derriere, and spreads her ass cheeks apart .Massaging and squeezing the tender and sore flesh. She feels completely exposed, and begins to shudder knowing she must be glistening with burning lust. He plunges into her with unassailable force, filling her completely with one forceful stroke. She screams at the onslaught, and he delights in her atonement. He fucks his impudent slut with resolute fierceness. Pumping his ridged noble cock deep into her with abandonment and flourish. Pummeling her with formidable and ruthless strokes, empting his promise deep inside her. As she feels his carnal surge fill her, she erupts into a summit of orgasmic fulfillment.

The gossamer veil is very slowly lifting, revealing behind it two souls connected, and once again eternally bonded in their sanctuary.

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