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My wife is 44 and she thinks she is not fit for her age. It has taken some coaxing but she has started to change her mind in this and has become a big tease showing her body in public as much as possible.

Last week we were going on our normal weekend shopping trip and we normally drive on the turnpike, so this leads to some interesting playtime. This particular trip she decided to flash all of the cars passing us. When she told me this I thought she was full of it but she called my bluff and began to strip, right there in the front seat of our car. As she was doing this I noticed a van full of ladies running right beside us and to see if they were looking I started to speed up and they stayed right beside me for awhile. This really excited my wife to see that women were looking at her. She has always been bi-curious but has never tried it. She was giving them a good show, as we kept driving the van next to us kept motioning to her to take it all off. She just looked at me and I said what the hell, go for it. She now had all of her close off and was so turned on by this she was playing with her pussy and this was really getting to her audience. The driver rolled down her window and asked us to pull over at the next rest stop. We did just that and when we went over to the van, all of the ladies were naked and in different stages of pleasuring them selves or each other. My wife went in and I followed and we were consumed by eager mouths, tongues and hands. My wife was being eaten and fucked in the ass and pussy by several different size dildos and I was getting the best blowjob I have ever had and this was by two women at once. When they were done with us, they said it was our turn to give them a show. Well what the hell, we went out to the closest table and fucked our brains out, not noticing that we had an audience that had grown from the van passengers to several passersby. Before you knew it there were tits and Asses being serviced all around the rest stop. For individual messages emial dartsman15068@yahoo.com

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