Fucked too hard

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My husband and I travel a lot and it had been a particular busy week.

I noticed he had been a bit moody lately and asked several times what was the matter with no answer, except “Nothing.” I suggested we go out for dinner and maybe a stroll in the local park to talk and look at the night sky. Of course I didn’t just want to look at a couple of stars. I was horny as hell and craving for his touch, his kiss, his cock, his seed. I thought this would probably cheer him up.

As we were walking through the park, I asked him if he had anything on his mind. “You’ve forgotten my birthday. Yesterday…”

He looked slightly hurt and disappointed in saying this. I apologized and reminded him of how hectic everything had been. He still looked quite solemn.

I held his hand and whispered to him, asking him… “Let me suck your cock. I want it right here, right now”

His face lit up and he gave me the same cheeky smile he gave me the first time we had met together right before fucking in his hotel room where his wife was just half an hour away. I led him to a quiet area, and pushed him against a tree. I was on my knees, I could see his cock bulging from his jeans. Eagerly I got his cock out, sucking and licking on the head. I tasted his pre-cum, warm and salty. I sucked harder, gagging as I tried to fit him deep in my throat. He held my head, feeding me his delicious cock by thrusting his hips towards my face. By now I was dripping wet as he stroked my hair and told me how much he loved me.

He pulled me up, turning me around against a tree. He pulled my skirt up, push my thong to one side and without warning plunged his rock hard cock deep within me. It sent shocks through my body, of pain and pleasure. I screamed as he told me to be quiet, there were people strolling, walking their dogs and jogging just several steps from where we were making passionate love. He fucked me in long slow stroked, and I felt all 8 inches as it traveled inside me. My pussy was dripping wet and as motion got easier he fucked me faster and harder.

He told me I was a slut, a whore, a dirty fucking whore… I loved it. He told me he was going to rip my pussy apart, and it felt like he was as he held my ass and my cunt open, he stared at his dick as it drove deep inside me. I was losing my mind reaching one orgasm after another after another. He felt so hard, harder than I have ever known him to be.

He moaned and spanked my ass several times before fucking me hard again. My pussy tightened over his cock, I felt him expand inside me and he came hard. I felt it. It was hot, not warm, hot. It gushed inside me, pouring into my depths. He continued to fuck me as I begged him to stop… He knew I didn’t mean it. I felt tears rolling down my face as my pussy tingled beyond heightened pleasure. He pounded into me even as his cum dripped down my thigh…

He stopped abruptly saying “sorry baby, I love you so much… I’m so sorry… Are you okay” I didn’t know what he was talking about until he had pulled out and I looked down to see a small trail of blood. He kissed my neck and gently massaged my pussy as he apologized for being so rough. I kissed him, reassuring him I was not hurting. I had given him bruises and cuts plenty of times in bed. He fucked me so hard I cut just a little but I loved the slight pain increasing my pleasure.

We hugged and played with each other before walking back to our hotel room in the dawn of sun rise.

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