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It was Friday after dinner, and we were finally alone! We would have the whole weekend, just the two of us! You had promised me a weekend full of fun! I thought that might mean going to the park or to Six-Flags! But no! You had a different idea of fun!

After dinner, we were doing our chores together. Cleaning up the table, and doing the dishes. I was 13 and just starting to get a little figure. My little breasts were just starting to form, and were tiny little tight mounds. Hormones were starting to course through my body and I was feeling things I didn’t know anything about! I had a small patch of down on my mound, so soft, so light, just little whispers of hair.

So, there we were, at the sink. You would nudge me, I’d hip you out of the way. Always finding a way to touch each other. Playfully. You’d poke me in the ribs to tickle me, and I’d splash water on you from the sink! We laughed, I giggled! A weekend full of fun ahead of us!

We finished the dishes, and the buzzer went off on the dryer. Your clothes were done. You told me to grab the clothes out of the dryer and take them to your room. Being your good little girl, I do as I’m told! Carrying the clothes upstairs, we again are playing around, kidding each other! I try to race you upstairs, blocking your way! Once upstairs, I started to fold your t-shirts from the dryer. Again, we did the chores together, pushing each other, nudging each other. Once the t-shirts were folded and put away, the wrestling began! We did this all the time! I’d put my little arms around you, trying to hold your arms down! Of course, with you so much bigger than I am, I was no match for you! You let me play like I was winning, but of course, you were always in control! I pushed you down on the bed, and straddled your belly. Leaning over, I tried to pin your hands down over your head. Trying to look like I was in control. My legs tightened around your midsection, and the look on your face changed. Your little girl was sitting on top of you, leaning over with my little titties almost in your face. Suddenly, you lifted me off of you, threw me down on the bed, and climbed on top. Now, you are laying on top of me, your legs on each side of mine, one of your hands holding both of mine up over my head.

At first, it’s still innocent fun. You start tickling my ribs a little, saying you’re winning! I am screaming with delight, enjoying our game! I am struggling to get out from under your grip, but you hold on tight. Something just doesn’t feel right this time to me. The look on your face is something I have never seen before. You are almost starting to scare me a little. You tell me you’ve won this game, and it’s time to claim your prize. Your left hand still holds both of my hands up over my head. Your right hand starts to take it’s prize. Your hand on my side, you run your hand up my side, over my t-shirt. I feel your hand gently cup my left breast. “DADDY” I scream! “It’s ok little girl…’s ok for Daddy to touch you….be a good girl now.” I am so afraid, but you know how much I love you, and I’m willing to do anything for you! But I know this just isn’t right. I am fighting against your strenght, but I am no match for you. You tell me over and over again to relax, and let Daddy touch me…it’s ok to let Daddy touch me. Daddy loves me very much. You hand cups my breast and you start squeezing. You feel for my hardened nipple under my t-shirt and start rolling it between your fingers. “Daddy, please stop. Please don’t do this!” Calm down, baby girl…it’s ok. Let Daddy make you feel good….let Daddy touch you….Daddy wants to see your little titties baby…I’m going to lift your t-shirt. Be a good girl and show Daddy your titties.” You know how afraid I am now. I am too afraid to move though. I feel your hand reach down to the hem of my t-shirt and you start to lift it up. Lifting it higher and higher, until you finally see them. I can feel you staring at me, and I am so embarrassed. Even so, my breathing starts to get heavier, my heart starts to race. Look at me, Daddy. See my nice little pert titties, my light brown nipples so very hard right now. You lift my t-shirt even higher, finally taking it over my head, and taking my arms out of it. I suddenly realize I am topless in front of you and start to fight again! You will have NONE of this! I am your baby girl, and I am all yours this weekend!

After you throw my t-shirt on the floor, you push me back onto the bed. Feeling all of your weight on me, I can barely breathe! I am still struggling with you, to get away! This just makes you laugh, and makes your cock grow even harder! I know nothing about the games you and Mommy like to play! And I never knew that you had ties already tied to the bed! As much as you enjoy this game you want to play more seriously with me! Lifting my left arm up high over my head to the bedpost, you grab the tie that is already there and tie my wrist to it. Taking my right hand, you do the same to the right bedpost. I am now tied to the bed, my arms up and out wide. Nothing I can do to stop you. You again tell me that I am your little girl and that you love me very much. However, I must do everything Daddy tells me to for the rest of the weekend. You are going to make me a woman, and I will enjoy it! Daddy will have his way with me any way he wants to, and there is nothing I can do to stop you!

I start to cry, and you ignore me. Not wanting to go too fast (remember, we DO have all weekend!) you lay back down next to me, and start to kiss my neck. Your right hand comes back up to my left breast and picks up where you left off earlier. I try to struggle a little, but the binds are too tight. I can’t do anything but lie there and let you touch me. I am sooo frightened. I close my eyes as the tears roll down my face.

Your touch though is very gentle and very loving. You fondle me so sweetly and so lovingly. As terrified as I am, and as angry as I am with you doing this to me, I can’t deny that it feels GOOD! As your right hand feels my left breast, suddenly your lips come down to my right nipple. Little kisses at first. Then I feel your tongue going all around the nipple, getting it nice and wet. “So nice baby….such a good girl…..letting daddy taste your tittie.” I feel you start to nibble on it. Your teeth really driving me crazy as you take little bites on it. When you finally take my nipple IN your mouth and start to suck it, I GASP!! I can’t believe how GOOD that feels!!! You know I’m being your dirty little girl and loving what you’re doing to me! It’s hard to believe, but it’s making your cock grow even harder! I feel it as you start to grind you cock on my right thigh. “tell daddy you like him sucking your tittie…tell daddy it feels good…it’s ok to tell daddy….tell daddy you like it baby girl….” I can’t deny it. “oh daddy…..that feels good…”. “What feels good baby girl, tell daddy.” Whimpering, not wanting to admit it….”you sucking my nipple feels good, daddy…” That’s what you wanted to hear! You know I’m now yours!

You get off of me, and kneel between my little legs. Your hands come up and undo my shorts. Your touches are getting a little rougher now. You rip the button open and the zipper down. Roughly, you tug my shorts down over my little hips. “DADDY!!! NO PLEASE!!!!!!” I scream! This just makes you laugh! “don’t worry baby….you know how it feels good to have daddy touching you! It felt good to have Daddy suck your tittie, didn’t it?? Well, THIS will feel even better!!” Yes, it did feel good what you were doing, but I was soooo frightened! I know this is wrong! I can’t imagine what you’re going to do next! I can’t imagine it feeling any better than it does already! You finally manage to man-handle my shorts and my panties off.

Kneeling between my legs, you had a full view of everything. You can see the moisture starting to form between the lips of my pussy. There is no denying how much I am enjoying you touching me, enjoying being tied down so that you can have your way with me. I still try to struggle from time to time, but I am resigned to what will be, will be.

Your hands start to trace up the outside of my legs. So soft, barely touching the skin. Without knowing it, I start to lift my hips, to make your touch stronger. You laugh, knowing what your touching me is doing to me. Making your little girl so horny! Finally, I feel the back of your fingers against my pussy lips. Gently pushing the lips against my hardening clit. I start to moan out loud, trying to spread my legs even farther apart for you. “oh daddy…..” “I know baby girl…that feels good, doesn’t it! Now let daddy make it feel even better!” You lay on top of me, your lips going back to my nipples. Licking, biting, nibbling, sucking. All the while, your hand starts to explore my virgin pussy. I feel you spreading my lips, your fingers barely dipping in the well….feel how wet I am daddy….feel my legs start to spread farther for you. Touch me daddy……make me feel good…..

My breathing is coming even faster now. You can feel the wetness dripping out of my pussy and down towards my ass. You want to taste me! I feel your mouth start to move downwards. Kissing my belly, your tongue dipping into my belly button. I am so ashamed, I start to try to struggle again, but it doesn’t stop your mouth from moving down….kissing the top of my mound. I can’t believe you have your mouth THERE!!! I don’t know what you’re going to do! I am so scared and so turned on at the same time! I can’t even explain what feelings are coursing through my body! I feel your thumbs pulling my pussy lips back, opening me up for you. I feel you just looking at the budding flower before you. Afraid to move, I am holding my breath! Then I feel it! I feel your tongue softly licking over the hood of my clit. Moving it back until I am totally exposed to you. OMG!!!!!! I can’t believe what I’m feeling!!! “Give it to daddy little girl….give your pussy to daddy” I spread my legs as far as I can, and lift my hips to you. Finally, your lips go to my hardened little clit as you take it into your mouth!! “OH YES!!!!!!!!” I scream! Hearing me scream just drives you nuts! Your thumb slips into my sopping wet pussy as you suck on my clit. I start humping my pelvis against your face, losing myself in the feeling of what you’re doing! I can’t BELIEVE something could feel this good!!!!! The feelings are building up in me, and I don’t know what’s happening. Your thumb going in and out of me, faster and harder, as you suck and lick my clit. Finally, I have my first orgasm with you! I SCREAM out your name, wrapping my legs around your head to hold you close to me! OMG!! I just CAN’T believe it!!

When you feel the spasms start to subside, you lift your face away from me, and take your thumb out of me. “Good girl!!! I told you I’m going to make you a woman tonight! A woman makes her man feel good! Daddy made you feel good, and now it’s daddy’s turn baby girl!!!”

Part 2 to follow!! Stay tuned!

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