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A Mother Daughter Reunion

My husband walked out on me and my daughter 4 years ago. I thought what we had was special but one day he just walked out of our lives forever.
My daughter blamed me for his leaving. She said that if I wouldve been a better mom and kept him happy he would’ve stayed. I retalated by punishing her for long periods of time. This worked for a while.
Then one day last year we really had it out. She had just graduated and everything was going fine until we got back home. She was looking at some of her dads old pictures in her room, and she was crying. I came and told her ther was no reason to cry and it wasnt her fault. She flipped on me!! She lashed back to me that it was my fault, and that I wasnt a good mom. I was hurt and furious with her so i slapped her hard! She stood still for a while then suddenly she threw me on the ground. We wrestled and she called me names like Bitch and Cow, and i called her names like Slut and Hoar. Sje got me pinned to the ground and thought she had won until I bit her breast hard!I know that hurt really bad, but in my own little sick way I enjoyed it. I grabbed her by her crotch and what i found out was shocking. She was actually hot!!!! She was enjoying this too. I ignored this fact though and we fought a little more and ended it in about an hour.
After the fight we didnt talk for a year. She moved on to college and went on with her life. I didnt want to admit it, but I was crazy about this girl. When I masturbated at night, all I could think of was her. I finally built up enough courage to call her and apologize. She also apologized and we made plans to reconcile over dinner. I went out and brought an extremly tight cocktail dress that squeezed my 40DD chest perfectly.I had a plan to make her mine and this dress would help me along the way.
She showed up in a rather sexy 2 peice skirt set with her stomach exposed. I was got so horny that I had to go to the ladies room to throw away my soiled panties. when I got back we laughed and talked like old times. I really didnt want the night to end but at 12 I said we should be getting back to my place because I wanted us to watch movies and have popcorn. I drove home thinking about her the whole time it took all of my restraints not to suck on her perfectly round tits in the car, but i had a plan and was sticking to it.
When we got back to my house we watched the movie. After it was over we sat and talked. I brought up the fight and she just laughed it off. I also brought up biting her breast. And in my best loving mother voice I said “awwww, did mommy hurt the poor babys booby, Im sorry poor baby”. Whike I was saying this I started to stroke her breast, she was running her hand up and down my arm and the harder i stroked the deeper her breathing got. I built up my courage and opened her blouse up and exposed her satin bra. I was still rubbing her breast, and she was still breathing harder and harder. I went for broke and said “awwww let mommy kiss it and make it all better” and I started to suck on my daughters breast. She started moaning and at that point i knew she was mine. I asked her if she liked what mommy was doing and she said yes mommy yes!I took off her bra and her top and started to fondle and lick her breasts harder and harder. Then I kissed her, not a mother daughter kiss, but a tender passionate kiss exchanged between lovers. I loved the feel of her tongue in my mouth and I just couldnt wait to taste her sweet juices. I licked her down to her stomach and then her clit. She bucked and moaned to the touch. I then removed her thong, and said your thong is messy ill punish you for that later. I gently teased her hole with my tongue while playing with her clit. She started screaming YES MOMMY!!! YES!!!!!!I then stuck 2 fingers inside of her and inserted my tongue in her pussy. I roughly moved my tongue in and out of her pussy. She started bucking more and then she started screaming louder than i ever heard her scream before. I knew what was about to happen i was ready. Her body let go and her cum filled my mouth I was hungrily eating every last bit of ot. I moved up on her kissed her tenderly again. She then went down on me. I loved the feel of her warm tongue licking my pussy. I came twice in 5 minutes and my daughter licked it all up. We kissed again and I tasted myself on her tongue. Our first 69 was great. We came simultaniously for 20 minutes Ive never came that much in my life. After that I squeezed her close and fell asleep. When I awoke I was laying on her leg and dry cum was covering my face. I licked her leg and woke her. She said she wanted this for so long but was afraid to act on her feelings. I knew that we could do this as much as we wanted, whenever we wanted. And that both of our lives would never be the same.

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