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Love Child

Love Child
Author: swat412

This is the story of loving sex between a mother and her son. If the topic of incest disturbs you read elsewhere. The story involves the mother becoming pregnant and the birth of a beautiful baby girl.

This was a dead Friday night for me, my mother had a date and my younger sister Katie was staying over at a friends house for the night. I didn’t have anything planned so I was watching an old movie on TV, it was pretty boring. I should probably explain a few things at this point, I was nineteen when this began and my sister was fourteen, my father deserted us shortly after my sister was born. My mother had a good job as a nurse at a local hospital, she had been working there as long as I could remember. She didn’t have many close friends and didn’t really start to date again until last year, mostly the relationships didn’t last long for her.

Although my mother (Ellen) was pushing forty she had always kept herself in good shape was always neat clean and pretty well dressed. At five feet six inches and about one hundred and thirty pounds with a very nice pair of breasts (accented by her nice butt and legs) a lot of my friends from school had commented how good looking she was for a ‘mother’. Yes, I had noticed and fantasized about sex with her…a lot! I should also mention that we were very close, there was always time for a hug or a kiss between us. Actually the three of us were pretty close, my little sister was a real card at times. The other thing that had me thinking about sex with my mother was the fact that she was a little ‘easy’ around the house, it was nothing to catch her in a towel on the way from the bathroom or excusing herself to pee while I was in the shower. I had caught my share of looks down the front of her blouse as well as up her skirt.

So…there I sat in the darkened living room with this old movie on when the kitchen door opened and my mother was home. As she walked through the kitchen and called ‘Hey Jim…anyone home?’ I sat up and replied that I was. She walked into the living room looked at the TV and said ‘I see your evening is about as exciting as mine was’ then flopped down on the couch beside me to sigh, head back breasts out her great looking legs stretched out in front of her.

I had to turn and look her over, the skirt was well up her thighs and even in the darkened room the glow of the TV showed the outline of her bra under the nice white blouse. She sat there with her head back and her eyes closed breathing nice and even as her breasts rose and fell slowly.

Suddenly she said ‘This is better than the date…this guy was a real jerk, at least you’re company is good and the movie isn’t too bad.’ When she said that we both laughed and she went on to tell me a few things this moron had come up with adding ‘How about I make some popcorn and get us both a beer?’ I agreed and she made for the kitchen as soon as a commercial came on. Once it was done and we had both had a little beer we sort of relaxed into the movie, during a few of the commercials she said some other things about the short date…it hadn’t been a lot of fun for her other than dinner. I tried to give some sympathy as she became more comfortable, kicking her shoes off and curling her stocking clad legs under herself, as she moved around my mother made no attempt to reposition the skirt. There was a twitch between my legs.

We chatted on as she voiced her question of why she couldn’t find a nice guy…I made a comment that she was certainly good looking enough…she thanked me then moved closer and put her head on my shoulder. There were a few more things said…a few more compliments from me and she said ‘why is it that the best guy I can find has to be my own son?’

As we watched more of the movie I put my arm around her shoulder, she snuggled closer and rested her hand on my thigh, she smelled great and it felt wonderful to feel her breathing against me. I reminded her that I loved her and that got her to move around a little and give me a kiss on the cheek, as she did that my hand slipped down her side and over her hip. She sat back and looked me in the eye for a moment then gave me another kiss, this time on the mouth, I squeezed her nice and hard until she broke the kiss. Under the material of the skirt I could feel her silky panties and the material of a garter belt, my cock was awake and paying attention now! Mother backed away to look at me again ‘not a bad kisser there’ we both chuckled at that remark.

She put her head back on my shoulder and placed her hand on my leg again, my arm went back around her shoulder. I was wearing a pair of sweat pants and my cock made the crotch look like a tent, nothing more was said until the next commercial, mother had looked down and her hand rubbed my thigh a little. ‘I guess I should move away or go to bed…I seem to be causing a problem here.’ I was nervous as hell and a little embarrassed but managed to get out ‘No, you don’t have to…look…it’s just so nice to be here with you like this…you smell and look so good…it just feels good to hold you like ‘this’ that’s all.’

I kept my arm around her shoulder as she said ‘Jim…I’m sitting beside my son…and…have obviously given him an erection…it’s not right…is it?’ I know my voice was shaking as I said ‘Yes…it’s not right…but…it feels pretty good…holding you like this.’ She moved around again with a long sigh and our lips met in a long wet kiss that had my balls contracting as my cock seemed to become even harder! Half way through the kiss her hand wandered to gently rub my cock through the pants, she moaned around the kiss I turned a little and brushed my hand across her breast. That got an even bigger moan as she broke the kiss and we both came up for air.

Her arms went around me as she slammed her head on my shoulder to breathe ‘My God…how you’ve grown!’

She was in a position that crushed one breast against my bare chest, her hand gently caressed my chest for a moment then slipped down…again…to encircle my cock. In a breathless voice she breathed in my ear ‘This is so wrong…God this is wrong.’ I was still suffering from the shock that went through my body when she gripped my cock but managed to answer ‘Then why does it feel so right…so right and so wonderful.’ Following another long moan from her we shared another nice kiss as her hand remained on my cock, I was becoming a little free with my hand as well working it around her stocking clad thigh. Mother asked me (as she gripped my throbbing cock even tighter) ‘Do you know how to use this beautiful thing?’ I told her that I did and would be glad to prove it, that got a little laugh from her and another kiss.

As we kissed she deftly undid the waist tie of the pants and slipped them down to expose my fully erect cock, I went to work on getting my hands up under her short skirt and tugging down her panties (she helped). After getting one leg out she kicked and they landed on the floor, our bodies came back together and my hand went back up between her soft warm thighs past the tops of the stockings and right to her waiting pussy. As my fingers slipped easily between her hot moist lips she gave a harder moan and I thought she was going to squeeze my cock off!

We stopped just long enough for her to almost rip the pants off of me then went right back into a hard embrace!

There was a lot more hard feeling as I began to work on the buttons of her blouse, finally getting most of it undone I slipped my hand in and cupped her breast hard through the soft bra. I was greeted by palming a large rock hard nipple which I ran my amazed fingers over, Ellen drew a long hard breath then let it out in a soft squeal ‘OOOOOOoooooooooAHHHhhhhhhhhh!’

I continued to fondle her until she moaned in my ear ‘Sweetheart…let’s go…to bed…please?’

In a minute we were stumbling up the stairs like a couple of kids, down the hall and into the bedroom (hers) to pull back the covers and dive into each others arms. I finished getting her blouse off and worked on the bra but got no further just then, as I kissed and nuzzled her beautiful lush breasts my mother opened her legs and almost begged ‘Oh Jim…please make love to me…please?’ while helping me get on top. Almost as one motion I rolled as she spread and lifted her legs in a wonderful invitation for sex, in seconds the head of my cock was being guided between the soaking wet lips of her pussy. As I slowly entered her she threw back her head and cried out in passion then gave a loud shriek as my eight inches hit bottom deep inside of her! Although she continued to shriek her legs went around me to grip me nice and tight. As she arched her back we put our arms around each other and we covered each other with kisses as we rocked hard together.

It didn’t take long the first time for either of us, aroused and horny as hell my mother reached her climax quickly. She became louder than ever as her legs threatened to snap me in half, she was also thrusting her hips very hard and her hands were all over the place until she finally pounded the bed with them and gave one hell of a shriek. Her muscles contracted around my cock and she went rigid under me as she came over and over! As the joy of her orgasm washed over both of us my balls contracted hard and I began to pump my load deep inside of her, as she felt this she held me tighter than ever and cooed in my ear.


It hadn’t been long but it was very intense, we were both bathed in sweat as we lay there puffing and panting. Mother kept her legs up for a while as we held each other nice and tight but finally said ‘Sweetheart you had better get off so I can breathe…and…I have to take care of something else…right now!’ I rolled off, got a couple of nice kisses then she jumped out of bed saying ‘I’ll be right back dear.’ She left the room holding one hand between her legs.

As I listened to her noise from the bathroom I sort of just lay there in a cloud of bliss, my cock was still erect and now a little sore, what had just happened was so much better than anything I had imagined in any of my fantasies. Sex with my mother had been intense and wonderful!

She returned to stand by the bed in the dim light and shed her stockings and garter belt, it was nice to watch her strip like that in front of me, she had a very nice body. Mother slipped back into bed and right back into my waiting arms as she pulled the covers around us so that we could cuddle for a while, her hand went down to cradle my balls and then to my cock. ‘My God…you’re still erect…I guess that means we did pretty good.’ I did some fondling of my own as we shared a few more nice kisses then said ‘We weren’t pretty good, you were hard to believe! You are one very hot woman…hot and sexy.’ We shared a kiss and a laugh as we held each other for a while, holding and fondling her was keeping me hard.

‘Jim’ she finally said ‘this was pretty fast and…I…didn’t think before we jumped into bed…we should have used ‘something’…I can still get pregnant dear.’ As the cold reality of that statement filled me she added ‘I am pretty sure that I took care of the problem, at least as sure as I can be. I’ll pick up some ‘things’ for us in the future, so we don’t have to worry…and…there are other ways to do it.’

Hmmmmmmmm…’other ways’ had me interested.

We lay there in post sex bliss for a while holding each other and exploring our bodies, I had no problem exploring hers and her little moans of pleasure told me that she was enjoying it too. There were some long steamy kisses that kept me hard, my hand moved down between her thighs and mother’s legs opened for me again with a long moan. My probing fingers found the moist lips of her pussy then the little button of her clit, as I began to rub and stroke she lurched against me and closed her legs to trap my hand there as she gave another nice long moan. Her hand encircled my cock again to squeeze and stroke it gently before she said ‘My turn dear.’ Right before she rolled us so that she could mount me and skewer herself with my cock.

I have no idea how long this session of pure bliss lasted but it was bliss! Unlike the first time it was slow easy and very loving sex as she rode my cock hard, slow, fast, easy and every other way she could. Up and down, back and forth as I watched the beautiful expression on her face played with those great breasts, sucked her nipples and just enjoyed her body. Most of the time she sat up straight with her head thrown back rocking on my cock gently while she moaned and shrieked with pleasure as her breasts bounced over me. There were a few times that I thought she was right on the edge of cumming but then she would change position and ride me easily for a while.

When I finally unloaded in her hot wet pussy again she gave a long moan of pleasure and fell on top of me to begin to grind on my shaft nice and hard. Very soon, with a shudder that ran through her entire body, my mother gave a loud shriek and had her own hard climax…we held each other tight as she wiggled and moaned. I was again treated to the feeling of her vaginal muscles gripping and releasing my shaft as she had her orgasm.

She lay there collapsed on top of me for a while until everything inside of her began to leak out around my cock, then there was another quick trip to the bathroom. I couldn’t and didn’t want to move, this night had been terrific for me! She returned to jump right back into bed, we held each other as we drifted off to sleep.

‘HELLO anybody home…mom, Jim…where are you guys?’

I awoke in cold shock! Katie was home and coming up the steps, the body beside me uttered an ‘AWSHIT!’ then added ‘Quick…get behind me and cover up!’ In a flash I moved as Ellen threw the covers over me and rolled to her side to face the bedroom door…just as Katie appeared in the doorway ‘Oh, hi Mom, boy are you in bed late…must have been a good night.’ She didn’t come into the room but I thought she’d never stop talking and go away! She did finally announce that she was going to get herself some cereal and walked back downstairs. We held our breath until the sound of her closing a cabinet door told us that she was indeed in the kitchen then moved. Mother leaped out of bed to grab a robe while I tiptoed to my room to mess up the bed and slip into a pair of jeans.

We had a nice breakfast that was filled with Katie’s chatter of the night at her girlfriends house, we didn’t mind that because there was nothing else we wanted to talk about. My mother announced that she was going to get herself ready and had to do a little shopping, Katie offered to go along but the offer was declined with a cheery smile. As she made a little list then quickly dressed and left we set about cleaning up the kitchen.

‘Boy…you guys must have had ‘fun’ last night.’ Katie announced as soon as the door closed. My mind began to race trying to figure out what to say (we hadn’t had time to agree on a story) and I didn’t want us to get caught in a lie to my sister! ‘Nah’ I finally said ‘it was pretty boring…mom had a date and I just watched an old movie then went to bed…not much.’ There was silence for a while until she said ‘Right…boring…that’s why mom’s panties and shoes, along with your sweat pants are on the floor in the living room…huh?’

I went cold all over.

With a laugh Katie said ‘And, dear brother, you didn’t sleep in your bed last night…and…the rest of her clothes are laying on the floor in the bedroom.’ As I tried to think fast she patted me on the shoulder and added ‘Don’t worry brother dear, your secret is safe with me. Look, I just saw her happier than she’s been in years, if the two of you are enjoying each other that’s great.’

We faced each other then she moved and gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek, we hugged for a minute and I said ‘Please, you’ve ‘gotta keep quiet about this?’ Katie pushed away and smiled up at me ‘I will…I promise. Really, she looked like she was glowing this morning and I love both of you to death, I would never do anything to hurt either of you…ever.’ Her eyes began to mist up as she added ‘She works so hard and has tried to find someone to enjoy life with, if it has to be you then what the hell, you love her anyway.’

We were sitting at the table on the patio when my mother came home from her short trip, the way we were positioned she walked up behind Katie. As she got closer she said ‘What’s up guys…this looks serious?’

As I smiled up at her my smart assed sister blurted out ‘Hope you got some ‘protection’ mom, looks like you’re gonna need it.’ My mother went white before I could explain ‘She knows…James Bond here figured it out from the mess we left behind in the living room.’

We had a little privacy that afternoon and confessed to each other that we were both sore, it had been years since my mother had sex and she was very tight. She was a little raw on the inside and my cock was sore on the outside. Yes, she had picked up a supply of condoms and some lube for us, we spent the time alone making good use of them.

Two weeks later she took me aside quietly, we sat on the same couch where it had begun and said ‘Jim…there is…only one way to…say this…I love you…and…I’m…I’m…preg…nant.’

Part One
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