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Wanting him forever

I come around the corner and see you standing by the window and think how sexy you look in your uniform. I hadn’t really thought about it until now, how your shirt fits just right and how your pants make your ass look, I can’t help but look a little longer. You turn around and catch me staring at you and my face turns red, you wasn’t suppose to see me watching, but I find myself throughout the night looking when you’re not looking. We work together all night, each one of us sneaking a peek at the other when we’re not suppose to, and thinking about what is under the clothing. For some reason you look more sexy tonight than usual and I think to myself, “damn I’d like to get those clothes off of him just once” I find myself thinking about you more and more as the night goes on, how sexy you look, those tight pants and how I’d like to feel your bug cock tearing through my wet pussy. I have always been attracted to you since you started work here, but would never dream of showing you how much, I don’t know about tonight though, things just seem different tonight. Finally the place closes down for the night and no one is here but us, I can smell the combination of your cologne and sweat and find myself sitting a little closer than I should, and looking at the bulge under your pants. You finally turn to me and say, “What have I done, You’ve been staring at me all night!” Suddenly my face turns red again, as I stammer, “I’m sorry, you haven’t done anything, I was just thinking about how hot you look tonight” There, I said it, it’s out in the open, now you know what I think. You smile and tell me, “I know you want my body, I know you want to fuck my brains out, I was just waiting for you to say something” I slap you on the arm and you grab my hand before I can do it again, then you grab my other hand and hold them behind my back. youe are just a little too close to me for I start getting light-headed as we stand there, you loosen your grip on my hands and kiss me hard on the mouth, I don’t know what to do at first, so I struggle to get away. I can feel the moistness in my crotch getting even wetter as I feel your hands move up to my breasts, pinching and squeezing them as you move down to bite and kiss my neck, Oh Baby, nop one has made me feel like this in such a long time, I feel like I am melting in your arms. I reach down a feel the huge bulge in your pants and whisper, “Yes I want your body, and yes I want you to fuck my hot, wet pussy!” I fall to my knees and quickly unfasten your pants before you get a chance to say anything, I know you want me, if you didn’t, your cock wouldn’t be getting so big. I let your pants fall to the floor and your cock is straining to get out of your underpants, as I pull them down, your cock sways gently before my eyes. I lick the underside of your cock then the top, swirling my tongue all around it then licking and sucking on your balls, putting them both in my mouth. You grab my hair and pull my head closer to your crotch, you want me to take all your cock into my mouth. I lick the very tip knowing this is the most sensitive part, then I take inch by inch of your cock in my mouth and it tastes soo sweet, I can’t help but gobble it up. You push me back and say, “I’m about to come, what do you want me to do?” I gently push you back in your chair and start working on your cock again, I want to taste your cum on my tongue baby, I’m not quite ready to fuck just yet. Up and down I work my mouth over your rock hard cock and I know any minute you are going to come down my throat. It doesn’t take much more and you jerk and shoot your wad, I readily drink all that you have to offer, but even after this, your cock is just as hard as it was in the beginning. You pull me close to you and give me a big squeeze and whisper in my ear, “I want to fuck your wet pussy” and it is, I think if you touched it, I would come right there. I pull my pants down and you pull my panties down to my ankles. I bend over the desk and you brace yourself behind me and ram your cock deep into my hot, wet pussy, all the while you are slapping my ass cheeks and making me like it, and I do, I love the way your cock feel in my pussy, stretching it out and shoving as hard as you can, I wonder at one point if we are going to break the desk, but at that moment I can feel myself getting ready to explode in orgasm, then just a few seconds, you do too. We hurriedly get dressed to go home but not before you kiss me again and say, “I’ll see you next time I work with you” and you smile at me and I think, “I can hardly wait”

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