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The meeting

This story is about me, A 39yr old pretty black female and the tall handsome white man I met on a chat line.
I’ve gotten that long awaited call. He wants me. We make it a date. we’re meeting for coffee….I think we both know where this date will end.
I pulled up at Starbucks, Ir’s a sunny day. He’s waiting for me outside, as he walks out to meet me my hearts skips a beat. Hi he says. I say hi. we both feel the pull to be together. He suggests a motel and I agree. I follow him in my car and know if I am to change my mind the time is now but the idea of being naked and hot with him in a few minutes drives all rational thoughts from my mind. As we arrive at the motel I decide that what I am about to do is the right kind of wrong. Entering the room brings a new case of nerves. We kiss trying to lessen the nerviness. A glass of wine more kisses, now I’m starting to feel passion. He’s hard I’m wet and we’ve both forgotten we ever had a doubt. My body thrills to his touch. where his hands touch my body it’s like a brand I know I’ll wear forever. My handsome Matthew, I love his hands they’re on my body warm, sure, possessive, hungry devouring my essence. He takes my breasts in his hands and sucks them wet erotic tongue sucking that sends me into a sexual frenzy. Trailing kisses of fire and passion down my stomach he reaches the heart my desire. I feel his breath on the inside of my thighs than I feel his tongue hot and wet on my pussy. So fast so soon my passion hurls out of control and I’m cuming so hard that I scream his name while my body stutters and I push my hot wet pussy into his mouth. Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness! What is he doing to me? I no sooner float down from one orgasm and try to catch my breath than he sends me soaring even higher into another, It’s as if he was a master musician and my body he instrument that he played with such fury and passion. Panting with sexual heat I didn’t know existed I reach down and run my hands through his hair pulling him to me feeding him my desire. Now I need more Taylor I say “I need to feel you inside me.” I have to have his hard beautiful cock in me. He kisses back up my stomach to my lips and I taste myself on his lips how erotic. As we share a kiss with his lips still wet from my passion. He slides his cock into my waiting wetness and I climax wildly more intense than the ones before. He fucks me slow sweet fucking, than he pulls out and I take him in my mouth the taste of our passions combined is intoxicating, I cum with him buried deep in the back of my throat. I have so much desire for him it’s as if I can’t get enough. I want to beg him to never stop. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve climaxed. I’m not tired I’m not sore I should be finished but all he has to do is caress me and I’m wet and ready for him again. We make love for hours and he’s hard the entire time. I’ve found a wonderful man. when he’s inside of me we fit as if we were made for each other. All to soon our time together has to end. I kiss him with an intense passion somehow trying to brand myself into his mind. The words of a song come to mind,(Just one wish) and mine would be that he doesn’t forget me and that this is not a one night stand. How often do we meet someone that we feel a perfect passion for. One night of passion but I feel as if I’ve been waiting for him forever. Maybe we were together in another life, Anthony and Clopetra Romeo and Juliet?

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