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its about 2:00

…Its about 2:30 a.m. I’m tired ,driving down the interstate. Just totally worn out. I’ve just came back from a job that I had to bid on in Georgia ,so I decided to drive . Not one on flying, I can make it to Atlanta and back overnight , no sweat .Thirty miles after crossing the state line , there was a young girl , stranded on the side of the road. So , I pulled over. I pulled in behind her car and got out. She looked kind of startled , somebody pulling over at night, no lights on around the area. She looked kind of scared .I stepped out of the truck and walked over to her .She was standing by her car, and I noticed she had a blowout on her right rear tire. I introduced myself and tried to ease the tension ,but that didn’t help ,because next came the tears .She was upset she was on her way to Fort Lauderdale for spring break , and really hasn’t had her car out of state and this happens now ,after her and her boyfriend just broke up. She says,” I feel .I don’t care how hard I try, nothing seems to go right.” Wow ,if she only knew, I was in the same boat too. I asked her if she had a jack and spare. I’ll change it. So she cracked a smile and opened up the trunk. Time I got the spare and jack out .I was dripping wet , it was so humid . I said excuse me , off came the shirt , I was melting . I jacked up the car , removed the old tire and grabbed the spare. I kept messing with it, and messing with it, the spare would not fit. The holes wouldn’t even line up. She’s like, what’s wrong. I saw that face ,I didn’t have the heart to tell her ,but I did. She freaked. Apparently her boyfriend blew a tire on his car and had to spare and used hers. Well when she left ,she told him where she was going , I guess out of spite, and he just thru a spare tire in there without checking if it would fit her car. Well I gave her a few options, and she apologized and asked what would I do. I told her there is a Firestone tire shop ,two exits up. We should grab her blown wheel .There should be a motel near there .She could stay there and get up in the morning ,get the tire fixed and have someone , bring you back here, have them put it on, and you’ll be on your way. She’s like your so sweet, and gave me hug. I’m like okay .I threw the tire in the truck. Meanwhile she locked up the car, and grabbed her belongings. We jumped in the truck , the ac came on , it was heaven. I noticed in the corner of my eye she was noticing how hard my nipples got right then, I started down the road . Driving down the highway , she introduced herself as Amanda, and thanked me for being so kind. I told her growing up. I was always taught to help a lady, if it was a guy, he’d better know how to change a tire. She said she would of done it, but it just happened ,then I pulled up. She was glad I did, and when she gets back her older brothers will kill her old boyfriend.I laughed ,we talked for a few minutes, I told her a little about me, and the business, and she bent over and grabbed something out of her purse, which was by her feet. When she bent over, I looked right into her blouse, It wasn’t on purpose, but those nice firm, tits, Oh, I was fired up. All of the sudden in the middle of my sentence I stopped ,she looked up and saw what I was looking at, and smiled. Boy was I turning red I was so embarrassed. We got to the second exit by now ,not really been paying attention on my driving .I pulled of the interstate. I showed her were the tire place was and less than a block was a motel. We got out at the motel , with wheel in hand we went to the night window. The man gave her a good price on a room but his credit card machine was down. She had five dollars to her name. Before she got upset again ,I grabbed my wallet and paid for the room. She grabbed me , and kissed me right dead on the lips. I’m like okay. She was so happy , I was like it was no big deal, I then picked up the wheel and took it to her room. She opened the door. She put her things on the bed, and I set the wheel off to the side and I started walking out the door. She rushed passed me and slammed the door, and covered the door with her body. She’s like ..” Michael ,I haven’t thanked you yet, and she opened her blouse .Those perky boobs came out, fully erected , and pointing right at me. I was like,” wait a minute. “She walked towards me and I tripped and fell on the bed. She climbed right on top me and said, “I watched you with the car, throwing the tire things around. You got me so hot. When we jumped into your truck, I saw your nipples, I wanted to suck them so bad.” Then she licked, sucked and gnawed them . Then she moved her head up and kissed me passionately. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Then she stuck her tongue in my ear and wiggled it around. She then whispered. ,”I saw you looking at my boobs, take them, I want you to suck them, you know you want too. “She arched her back, and gave me to great big handfuls of luscious melons . I was licking them ,when I bit down .She went into overdrive. She dug her nails into my back, that sent me over the edge . I laid her down on the bed, I thought I might have ripped her jeans ,by just jerking them off of her. She didn’t care, neither did I .Time the jeans hit the floor , she slid her panties off and they were flying in the air. I positioned her legs just right and got myself right between her thighs. My nose inches away from her clit, I began eating away at her already wet pussy. I began licking and sucking ,writing words like on a piece of paper with my tongue. She dug her nails in my head forcing me deep in her..I couldn’t stop eating, It was taste that I could eat forever. All of the sudden she pulls my head up, her eyes half rolled in the back of her head, She grabs my face and kissed me deeply again, tasting her own juices, which are still speared all over my face .She kissed me for, it seemed like eternity ,she then stops, and says,” Fuck me Michael.” When she said that, I nearly filled my pants with cum .I stood up from the bed, she came over to the edge of the bed and started right at my crotch. I pulled of my jeans and dropped my BVD’s she saw my cock and jammed it right in her mouth. I was like DAMN!!! She was sucking up and down my shaft, faster and faster, she was moaning louder than I was. She was going so deep ,it seemed farther and farther each time, I know I felt her tonsils.I was going to explode. She felt me tense up, and she stopped at the end of the head, and said,” Oh no you don’t. My pussy gets a work out first. “She laid on back and spread really wide for me. Walking over to the other side of the bed, she says,” I want you to fuck me hard.” I got right in between her nice sexy legs again, put her feet on my shoulders and proceeded to go in. But first , I took the head of my cock and rubbed it around her ,nice blonde strip. Teasingly, I moved it down to her swollen lips, just playing on the outside It drove her crazy .She sat up, grabbed the back of my head with her hand and pulled me up to her, she kissed me .I stuck my cock deep inside her, she blew. I knew she did she stopped kissing and exited my mouth by biting my lower lip .I felt a warm rush, of her juices engulf me cock .I began, moving at a slow pace ,getting deeper by each stroke .I was on fire, I was in such a rhythm .But I felt something ,stir deep inside me, I was gone to go. She grabbed my hips, and drew me close to her. She moaning like crazy. I couldn’t see nothing but the whites of her eyes. I kept pounding and pounding. She felt me tense up and told me to go. ,faster and faster, We kept moving. I was just about to go she screamed she started to cream again, that warm juice ,I blew my load deep in her . Exhausted, I fell right beside her on the bed .She laid there and giggled. She asked how long a drive I had to get to the house .I said about two hours. She got up, with a sheet covering her. She says,” you’ll be staying here tonight. We’ll get the tire fixed in the morning. On the way back up to the car .I want you to thank you for putting my tire back on.” She smiled and went into the bathroom and closed the door. My mind
s racing,” Does she think she can top this?” Maybe…..J

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