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Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

Often he would hint about his desire to be served breakfast in bed, this morning his Queen would turn that desire into reality.

Coming to terms with his desire to be fed first thing in the morning his Queen rose early one morning while he slept silently like a baby. Knowing in her mind that he would be delighted to finally see this desire become a reality, she was filled a new passion. Never again would he complain about not being fed in bed she thought.

Quietly she dressed as he slept and slipped out the door to the store to grab a meal fit for a King. Walking up and down the aisles of the HEB she pondered what would be a meal fitting for my King. Not one item she picked up and placed in the shopping cart peak her interest. Yet, she continued shopping because shopping was her second nature. Looking down at her watch she realized that she had been in the store for 25 minutes and figured it was time to wrap up her shopping and head home. Pushing the shopping cart to the register she spotted the fresh fruit that the produce worker was putting out. A delightfully repulsive thought came to her mind that made her snicker; she walked up to the produce worker and asked, “Do u have any fresh prunes”.
“Sure do u want the prepackage ones or would you prefer to fill a bag your self with the ones I am putting out”, he answered.

She passed the shopping cart off to the produce worker so he could replace the items then grab a baggy from the roll and began filling it with fresh sweet prunes. On her way to register, she popped two in her mouth and smiled. Relishing the thought she had in store for her King this morning.

After ringing out she headed to her car still eating the prunes with a plan to finish each and every last one and the bottle of tea she also purchased before she pulled in the driveway of their home.

Turning on the street that led into her neighborhood she felt an unusually feeling in the pit of her stomach that forced a devilish smile a cross her face. As the feeling persisted she accelerated the automobile, speeding away to a morning her King would never forget.

Out the car and into the house she rushed no bags in hand but a definite plan to ensure that he would never forget this morning. She entered the kitchen and began opening cabinet doors. First grabbing a beautiful glass salad bowl that was given to them as a wedding gift and then a champagne glass they tossed their first anniversary to and lastly a large gold spoon. On her way out of the kitchen she grabbed a serving tray. With her tools in hand she quietly entered the room and walked past her sleeping King with a giddy smile on her face and into the bathroom.

Sitting her tools down on the lid of the toilet she began to remove her clothing while wrestling with the jolts of pain in her stomach that drove her excitement. Completely undressed she turned on the shower to allow the steam to remove the chill from the bath room and mask the sounds her body were about to make. Grabbing the champagne glass in her left hand, placing one foot on the edge of the tub she gently stoked her throbbing clit then released a long stream of golden nectar that filled the glass to its gold rim. Sitting the glass on the floor she began to eye the salad bowl sitting on the lid of the toilet and couldn’t believe she was actually getting ready to do the unthinking able.

As she turned and position the bowl underneath her butt a few thoughts flooded her mind. The first, what if he rejected her gift? How could she rebound from the rejection? Would he think I have gone crazy? But, a smile creep a crossed her face when she thought about the numerous times he walked in the bathroom why she was relieving herself and he would take a deep breath and say, smells good enough to eat. That final thought combined with the jolting pains was enough conformation for her to spread her cheeks and release the light brown lumpy sustains into the bowl. It flowed smoothly out of her anus and looked liked hand whipped cake batter being poured into a pan. When she stood up right and look at the bowl her stomach quivered letting her know there was more to come. After squatting over the bowl a second time to finish what she started she realized the bowl was filled to the top. Man is he going to be surprised she thought. She neatly arranged his breakfast on the serving tray then jump in the shower to quickly wash up. Drying off after her quick shower she ran her hand a cross the top of the bowl and smiled, thinking good it is still warm.

Butt naked with tray in hand she strode out the bathroom and over to the bed. Sat the tray on his night stand rolled him over and began stroking it morning rock hard penis. As he slipped from the land of Morphous into her world she straddled is body and slowly slid his hard penis into her wet throbbing cannel. He smiled with his eyes closed and grabbed her butt as she reach over to night stand to retrieve the tray.
“What are you doing” he asked.
“Grabbing your breakfast so be still I don’t want to spill it I worked hard on this meal” she replied.
Grabbing the tray she sat upright on his penis and began to tighten her love cannel to hold back the impending rapture her body was feeling. She sat the tray on his chest and instructed him, ‘keep your eyes close mama is going to feed you”.
“What’s for breakfast” he asked as the first spoonful went it to his mouth.
“The fruits of my body”, she replied as he open his eyes realizing that the smell coupled with the unusually taste was not natural.
“How is it? You always said it smelt good enough to eat” she asked as she peered down on him, looking regal in his eyes.
Before he could reply she put the spoon to his lips and said “swallow I worked hard on this meal”
The commanding look in her eyes was one he had seldom seen but when ever it crossed him he knew it was his time to submit to her will. Gulp! The first spoonful went down and with it the rapture that she fiercely tried to hold back also came down. As the fruit settled into the pit of his empty stomach he was surprised that it didn’t come back up. So he open his mouth again like a baby asking for more. As the spasms in her body subsided she grabbed the glass and said “let me wash that down for you”, then poured a quarter of its contents into his mouth.

The mixture of the golden nectar with the fruit stuck to the roof of his mouth excited his taste buds for more, while swallowing he thought damn that was sweet and reopen his mouth. She began to stir the contents of the bowl wondering if he could finish it all, then shoved a huge spoonful into his mouth.
“Take your time, savor the taste”, she said as he let it slowly side down his throat. After two more spoonfuls each larger then the last she grab the glass and poured more of the nectar into his mouth. Then she began to rotate her hips back and forward allowing his penis to touch the inter spots that would make her body explode once more.

As the speed of her motion increase he grabbed the glass from her hand so she would not spill his drink and began thrusting upwards to help her ascend to ecstasy. When she came he notice this explosion of hers was the hardest he had ever felt and as she descended and regain control of her faculties he was glad to know she was preparing him another spoonful. “Open up”, she said then fed him three more huge spoonfuls of her fruit and smiled as he swallowed. “Last one” was the statement she made that let him know breakfast was over. He took it with a smile on his face. She held up the bowl and grin saying, “all gone and let’s finish your drink”. Then poured the remaindered of the nectar down his throat sat the tray to the side and began to ride his penis like it was a prize winning stallion.

Bouncing up and down on his penis she repeatedly asked, “How was breakfast”. Finally unable to withstand what she was doing to his body, the look her eyes and the repeated questioning.
“How was breakfast?”
“How was breakfast?”
He screamed out “GREAT!!!!!”, and exploded deep inside her cannel. Satisfied with the fact he would never forget this morning she climbed off pulsating penis stood next to him as he lay in bed. Smiled covered him up as he drifted off to sleep, cleaned up grab his wallet and headed out the door for a well deserve shopping spree, one that she knew he would mind would not complain about.


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