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Greasekeeper, the little restaraunt that could.

April 24, 1976–I was born.
April 24, 2003–I was amazed.

This story revolves arround my place of work. It is a small privately owned restaraunt, that we like to call (jokingly) the GREASEKEEPER. I have worked here for so long, it truly is my home away from home. The restaraunt itself isnt exciting, but the people there are. The Greasekeeper is filled with the most odd assortment of people, and everyones favorite topic to talk about is SEX! We talk about how much we are getting, or not getting. We talk about whos getting it and where they are gettting it. Some of us, a select little group, even talk about our fantasies. Our group consists of, (me) John Cook, Gina Lash, and Christine Handson. We tell each other things, that I would never tell my wife, Gina would never tell her fiancea, and Christine, would never tell- well- whoever. Now that you have a little background on our little group of perverted minds, back to the main story. It was April 24 2003, my b-day. Gina and I were the closing cooks, and Christine was the closing busser. Christine had gotten way behind on her dishes, so Gina went over to help her. I worked on cleaning up the cooks line, and got done before them, but had to stay, cause i had the key. I went downstairs to the brake table, clocked out, then sat there enjoying an afterwork cigar. Then the lights went out. At first I thought they were playing a joke on me, I couldnt see a thing. I knew different when I felt the rope go around my chest and be tightened to the chair. Next a gag was placed in my mouth. I could hear someone come down the stairs. Whoever it was took my cigar, they just stood there smoking MY cigar. Soon the lights came back on, and it was Gina standing in front of me, she was wearing a white mens dress shirt, unbuttoned to about the middle, a pair of black leather knee high boots, dark red lipstick, and a long bright pink, realistic looking strapon. In one hand was my cigar and in the other was a whip. Christine came down the steps, she must of been the one to turn the lights back on, she was wearing a matching purple bra and pantie set. She walked up and stood next to Gina, then stuck her hand down her panties, and gave me a wink. I was told that they would untie me if I followed there every command, I wasnt allowed to talk, and definatly no complaining. I nodded my head yes, and was untied. I was then ordored to take off all my clothes, i did without hesitation. Next I was made to sit on the edge of the table. Gina and Christine both got cans of whip creame. Gina filled her mouth with whip and gave Christine a passionate whip creame kiss. Christine in turn creamed Ginas large breasts and sucked on them. My dick was aching with desire when Gina whip creamed my cock and pointed Christines face towards it. Christine slid her lips over my cock and sucked the creame off. I could feel her pierced tongue running arround my cock, it was great. I could see Gina slip the nozzel of the whip cream can up Christins pussy and fill her whith the sweet treat. She then went to work, retreaving her delight. Things became more carnal and desires rose. I was pulled up on to the table and laid down. Christine slid herself upon my throbbing cock, while Gina moved the strapon over to the side so she could sit on my face and get her pussy eaten. I ate at her like a ravenous dog. Her juices almost drowning me. After several orgasms she got off of my face. She told us it was time to bring things up to an end, I didnt know that what she meant was quite so literal. Christine bent over the table while Gina went to the store room and got a can of Crisco (butter flavored). Gina grabbed a handfull and rubbed it onto Christines ass. Christine just giggled and wiggled her ass at us. Gina slipped in one, then two fingers into her friends ass. Slowly she loosened her up, then she grabbed my dick and guided me in. It was slow shallow strokes at first. I reached arround and petted her clit to help her loosen up. Gina stood there watching, then asked if I liked butt fucking her friend, I said yes, she said good, now its your turn, and I felt the cold Crisco hit my ass. Gina slapped my ass telling me to loosen up as she worked the second finger into my ass. Eventully she was satisfied and I felt the full feeling of the pink rubber cock slide into my ass. It felt so big, I could feel every inch of it as she slowly entered my back door. The Crisco did its job well as she picked up the pace, faster and faster the strokes came. I had picked up the pace as well on Christine, both my hand and cock were moveing faster. From her moans she was getting close to another orgasm. It all felt so good, mostly I think because it was so bad of us to be doing. Christines moans of excitement pushed me over the edge and I left a sticky trail in her ass. Gina pulled out of my ass and shoved me over, just in time to catch the first drops of my cum starting to fall out of Christines ass. I was all but forgoten about until Gina had her fill of Christines ass juice. We all showered together in the employee shower, which seemed barly big enough to fit one, but we managed. We cleaned up our mess and made sure no traces of our acts were left behind for the others to find. We locked up and went home. On my way home I lit up a cigar and just couldnt help but think about the night. What a Happy Birthday!!
This story was requested by Gina Lash. Just remember when you told me to write it that you said “anything goes”. Although it was written for her, I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it. Happy typing

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