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My First Time

It started off like any other night. A couple of friends and I had spent the night at the bar, catching up on old times. It was getting late and the bar was closing so we decided to head over to my friend Jim’s place and have a couple more drinks. It got later and the group thinned out, until all that was left was Jim, his girlfriend Liz and myself. I had always been attracted to both Liz and Jim and secretly I had always hoped something would happen with the three of us. That night I got my wish. It started off pretty harmless, just watching a porno tape with a couple of friends. A scene came on with two girls fucking and I started to get really hot. Almost as if Liz had read my mind, she leaned over to me and started kissing me, forcing her tongue along my lips and into my mouth. I kissed her back deeply and ran my hands over her large tits. We both knew Jim was watching, so I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and moved my hands down into her wet pussy. She moaned slightly and began moving with the motion of my hand, fucking my fingers. “Fuck my pussy”, she whispered as she lifted her shirt and forced her hard nipple into my mouth. “Your such a good girl, suck on my hard nipple, you like that don’t you”. Her dirty talking drove me insane as I forced a third finger into her dripping wet twat and sucked her nipples. Jim took off our shirts and our pants and sat watching us as he stroked his hard cock. I sucked her big nipples and she fucked me with her fingers. “Your pussy is dripping wet”, she said. “Liz, I want you to eat her pussy,” Jim commanded. Without hesitation Liz moved down to my swollen clit and began licking my pussy. I moaned loudly, until Jim put his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock until he came, his hot cum spouting into my mouth. Liz didn’t want me to enjoy all his cum by myself so she kissed me, tasting Jim’s cum as I tasted my pussy. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad, so we moved into the 69 position, both licking and fucking each other until I thought I was going to explode. We came together, tasting her hot cum made me want to make her cum over and over again. Jim’s cock was hard again, so he rolled Liz over and started fucking her tight asshole. I slid underneath of her, licking her clit and he fucked her until they came together. Liz and I enjoyed some more of each other’s pussy before Jim was ready to fuck me. I laid on my back as he slid his hard cock deep inside of me. Liz watched, touching her dripping wet pussy. I watched her finger herself until I couldn’t stand it anymore. She sat on my face and I tasted her dripping wet pussy for the 4th time that night. I sucked her clit until I made her buck, grinding her twat on my face. Soon all I wanted was to have her eating my pussy, and so I pushed Jim away, and Liz didn’t hesitate to dive into my dripping wet cunt. We both came together as Jim jerked off. It was an amazing night, and Liz stayed at my place after our fun was over. But all the fun wasn’t really over . . . . .

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