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1st Time Sharing my Wife

My wife and I have been married for over 15 years. She is 44 I am 37 she’s a beautiful 5 foot Latina
with a perfect body 36 c breast and a perfect ass to match. I have always teased her about how she
continues to turn heads even at her age and after having 3 kids. We go out from time to time and I
always noticed men trying to sneak a peek at mybeautiful bride.

One night I was having an amazing dream of her with another man. I woke up and had to have my way with her. This went on for the next
month several times a week. My wife finally asked me what had gotten into me. I told her about my
dreams and I told her how turned on it made me to just think about her with another man. She
laughed it off but I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind. For the next 6 months I tried to bring it to
her attention and she would just laugh and tell me to keep using my hand. So finally One Summer
Night the kids were away at their grandparents house out of state and this is the first week we had
alone Together in a long time. Our life had been great with the usual ups and downs of marriage and
having a family together. Our sex life had gone South so finally we had a chance to make up for lost
time. I reminded her of my dreams and ask her if she would be interested in entertaining that idea.
She seemed hesitant at first but when I brought up awebsite full of single young good-looking men
she started to catch on. She asked me if I was serious I said yes. We put out an ad and it didn’t take
long for the responses to come flooding in. There was one in particular that caught our eye. He was
young single well built and had a successful job in the corporate world. He was handsome and as my
wife said had beautiful eyes. We contacted him and Arrangements were made to meet up the
following weekend. My wife was excited about her date with him. Saturday roll around and she wore a
fitted black dress hugged every curve of her body perfectly the neckline was low enough to show
some but not a lot just enough to entice the imagination. He knocked on the door and when I
answered was absolutely floored by his kind words demeanor. My wife said he look better in person
than in his pictures to that I had to agree. They embraced one another and she gave me a half fast
peck on the lips and off they went. I had no idea what to expect for that night. Around 1 a.m. the door
flung open they walk past me as if I wasn’t there so I followed in Pursuit as I approached our room the
gentleman look back at me and said do not come in you can stay and watch from the door. I’m going
to be the lover your wife is never had. They embraced one another he kissed her neck and she ran her hands over his perfect body down to his trousers where I saw her grab his shaft through his
pants. I could see in her eyes it was much bigger thenshe had anticipated. He slowly began to
undress her underneath her dress she was wearing a sheer black lace push-up bra and matching
thong. He stepped back and admired the beauty that was in front of him. He unbuttoned his shirt and

she kissed his chest. He slowly pushed her down to her knees. She looked over at me andthis is what
you wanted now you have to sit and watch. I was horrified at the sight of my wife in front of
thisstranger. I had pushed and pushed for this and now Iwas a mixed bag of emotions. The sight of
her caused me to feel a whole range of emotions from jealousy anger and lust all at the same time.
My penis began to harden has she got down on her knees and released his monster. She gave me a
grin as she started tostroke it and now she did she looked over at me and said I hope you enjoy this
this is your fantasy coming true. He grabbed her head and lined her mouth up with with his harding
penisand said suck it bitch you’re mine right now. Leaning back against the wall hethrusts his hips
towards her hungry mouth. He looked over at me and said you’re nothing but a little pussy you don’t
deserve a woman like this. I’m going to show your wife how a real man makes love to a woman. She
slurped and gagged on his shaft for what scene like an eternity. Eventually he brought her to her feet
andgently laid her down on her back and looked over at me and said this is how a real man treats a
woman he leaned over the top of her and began to kiss every inch of her body. She reached over and
stroked his shaft slowly as he made his way toher freshly waxed pussy. She held his head in between
her legs as he gently sucked and flicked and plunged his tongue inside her aching lips. Eventually he
worked his way back up to her breasts and kissed and nibbled on her perfectly your erect nipples. He
got to her neck and then her lips and where their tongues Tangled in a sloppy mess she said to him
get between my legs now. She grabbed his shaft and slowly guided it into her waiting vagina. I could
tell he was huge has she winced at every thrust. Little by little he was able to work his way all the way
inside her at which point they took a breather she looked at him in the eyes and said don’t stop until
you cuminside me. She looked at me as Istood in the doorway. Still feeling a plethora of emotions I
had started to stroke my penis. She looked at me again and said baby you wanted this and now I’m
going to enjoy it. He looked at me and called me a pitiful excuse for a man. He said I’m going to fuck
your wife so good she will never want you again. She’s my hore now. Their bodies danced in a
sweaty passionate mess for what seemed like forever. He put her in every position possible. He
finally bent her over and thrusted his penis deep inside her she moaned and screamed in ecstasy as
he announced he was ready to blow. She pleaded with him to cum deep inside her. He gave one
hard thrust thatcaused her to scream in pain has he unloaded what seemed like a gallon of his juice
inside her. They both looked at me and asked me if I enjoyed the show. I couldn’t believe what I had
let my wife my bride my everything do. I felt all sorts of emotions in that moment I knew things would
never be the same after this. I nodded my head in agreement she looked athim and ask him to stay
the night he agreed they threw a blanket and pillow on the floor at the foot of the bed and said I can
sleep there for the night. Over the course of the rest of the night I was woken up why the sounds of
slurping moaning grunting and screams as they made love to each other over and over. Now our
marriage is not the same anymore. He comes and goes as he wants when he does there are days he
lets me watch there are days he brings his friends and forces need to watch. What have I done? The
jealousy the rage is still there but is fulfilled by the lust and pleasure I get from sharing my beautiful

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