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curiousman first story here!

I am new to this so here goes! LOL I remember watching older sister from the stairs. She was very good looking 5’8″tall maybe 115lbs nice build. I use to watch tv from the stairs. She had her male friend over and they were watching tv. After the first show they started to kiss, then he took off her top and was sucking her tits. She had on a skirt and her underwear came off next. after 5-10 minuets he stood up and stripped. His dick was huge it looked like a long pop can. She told him it was not going into her pussy as it would hurt too bad. So she started to jack him off. Then she started to lick the end of it. It was not long and he started to moan and she was just licking the end of it. Then he starting to shoot this white stuff, I later learned was cum. He filled her mouth and then all over her face. He gave her a towel and she cleaned up her face. She told him it tasted good, and they needed to do it again. Then she said mom should be home soon so he needed to go. They got dressed then did the tong kiss. I got up and he saw me going up the stairs she came up after he left to my bedroom. Then wanted to know what I saw. I asked he what the white stuff was and if it tasted good? She was like Cum, and if it goes into her pussy she would get pregnant! Then she gave me the lecture of don’t tell mom. Yes sister I will not tell anyone! So this is the first time of telling anyone, LOL So keep it quiet! LOL

I lived in a old style home. I saw family having sex all the time, and became sexually when I was young. I have decided to wright about some of the things I have scene over the years. I hope that you like my stories, as they are true, but I will change the names so no one knows who they are! Most of the stories I will post will be about me. I hold no grudges against some of the people I will wright about! So with that said I hope you like them!

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