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How I Became A Black Mans Bitch Part II


There I was laying on top in a 69, of some big black dude with his huge cock right in my face & my ass in his, feeling a hunger that I’ve never felt before. When I suddenly feel it happen, as his tounge swipes across the crack of my ass, sending chills all over my body & starts to drive me totally crazy too. Well after a minute or so, I feel drawn towards his huge dark shaft only inches away from my face & before I realizing what I’m doing, I have the head of it in my mouth.

It felt so smooth, as I couldn’t seem to get enough of it & within moments, I had more than a few inches of his big beautiful bare black cock in my mouth. I ran my lips up then down his long dark shaft & repeated it several times, as I felt it growing even bigger too. Now I never thought that I would love doing anything like this, but I did so much & didn’t want to stop at all too.

Well by now he was licking, lapping, eating & even kissing all on my ass crack, which felt so damn good too. That the more he ate it, the more I got into it & after just a few minutes, I was swallowing as much of his big beautiful bare black cock as I could. He ate away at my ass, as I sucked & swallowed his monster cock, feeling totally natural as I did it. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it tho & he seemed to be in seventh heaven, as he pushed me to a point that I wanted to do everything with him too.

Now I’ve had a lot of good sex with girls, but this was different & I felt so submissive with him, like this was what I was meant to do. He was so much bigger than me & he made me feel like a real girl, as he squeezed on my ass with his big strong hands. But what I couldn’t believe tho, was how quickly he had broke me down & had me willing to do anything he wanted me to do too. I don’t know how long we were in a 69 for, but by the time he finally starts to slow up & was about to say something to me,

“Oh My God, I Can’t Believe How Good That Feels, Oh My What Are You Doing To Me & How Did You Know That I’d Love This So Much Tho?”,

I just quickly say to him & then he stops eating my ass all out to tell me,

“See I Spent Many Years In Prison & I Had Me Several Sissy White Boys, That Were My Bitch, So After Having So Many I Can Just Tell One When I See One. Which You Totally Are A Sissy, But It’s Never Been Pushed Out Of You & Now That It Has, I Think You’re Going To Totally Love It Too!”

Suddenly he just starts eating me all out real good & driving me

Well I am a sexy white sub CD & I totally into Big Black Dom.,Cuz they're
the best in bed & are the biggest,

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