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Alpha Best Friend Strikes Again: Trip to Venice, Italy Part 1

To this day, I’ve only been cuckolded by JT three times: the first time my Freshman year of college as I mentioned in the first thread I wrote, the second time when some people from my College accompanied the football team an international trip to Venice Italy, and a third time more recently I’ll probably write about later. The second occurrence was just as bad and humiliating as the first incident but equally erotic and hot. Here goes.

It’s second semester of our junior year of college now. JT and I are both 21 and crave pussy as much as ever. JT decided his sophomore year to join the football team and became essentially as popular in college as he was in High School compared to me. After the cuckolding experience of our Freshman year, I had really given up on trying to actually score with women. I desperately wanted them of course but I had been so cucked, so dominated by JT being a bull and stealing girls in front of me that I was like a submissive beta 24/7, 365. JT enjoyed the previous two years being able to lord it over me how successful he was with women and how jealous and angry he knew I was.

In the spring of 2017, I’m not sure on the exact details but our school’s football team was invited for the trip to Italy in which upperclassmen could come along as guests if they paid their own way. I had a passport, enough money, and though Italy was fucking awesome. Hotel location and transportation had already been arranged and I believe it was the coach of the defense who was like fluent in Italian which gave us all more security. Anyways, despite what usually happens when I spend too much time around JT with other people, I took the chance to join them for the trip. After all, if I was paying my own way, nothing was saying I had to strictly remain by the side of the football team the whole time.

So less important details aside to speed up the narrative to the cuckolding, I hopped on a plane with them and some other guests. I spent the first week out of the two visiting places and being touristy as I had planned. Beaches were beautiful but still kind of chilly for late March. Friday night of the first week, I was in a really good mood from the relaxing trip vacation thus far and decided to join JT and the football team for a dinner party they were going to. I joined and paid for my own meal. The place was called Ristorante Alle Corone. If you’ve been to Venice, you might recognize the name. Food and inside of the building was sick.

While everyone else was finishing up their meals, I left to use the restroom. On my way back after taking a piss, I spotted one of the HOTTEST women I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She was sitting at a table with a gray haired man and what looked to be his wife and two children who I believe were the brother and sister of the Beautiful Italian Dame. I was extremely fortunate to find pictures of a professional model online who looks EXACTLY like how Adelaisa looked, and I mean exactly – to an uncanny degree. I had never encountered a woman in person who looked like her.


She was wearing a white dress similar to the second pic but her hair also looked like the first picture. Same big juicy lips, same glowing olive skin, same perfect cheekbones and sharp jawline. Her hair was possibly her best feature, I remember it clearly in my mind. Thick, shiny locks of dark hair in big sexy curls flowing down the sides of her face down to just below her wide, protruding breasts. In a matter of seconds, beholding her beauty, I became so infatuated – God she was HOT! I quickly sped past the passageway of tables where her family was seated and met up with the rest of the football squad still sitting at our table. I was almost panting I was so exhilarated by what I saw. Seeing some of the coaches were still talking and having desert, I asked a younger player where the majority of his teammates had gone. He pointed to a hallway perpendicular to the one I had just come from. I ran up to JT as he was trailing some seniors with two other Juniors. I asked him where they were headed out to. He told me they were going to a place called Club TwentyOne between the Duomo and Piazza Della Signoria. Even more ecstatic that JT, the man who historically cuckolded me was leaving for the night from this place, I felt an opportunity had opened up for me. With a huge grin of excitement, I told him about what I had just seen, how hot this girl was. He smiled and said, “Oh yeah?” With a smirk I replied, “Yeah. It too bad though – you’re leaving with the guys so you probably won’t get a chance to see her.” Just then, to my absolute dread and devastation, the girl and her family came walking through the same narrow hallway we were talking in.

At the front of her train of family members, the sexy green-eyed Italian woman slowly walked passed us, giving JT a smile of interest. I watched in horror as a 2-second, nonverbal interaction took place between her and him. As they passed into the next room, JT looked down at me with that crazy, riled-up look in his eyes and said, “Oh….It’s on!”

On the inside, I basically pissed myself and panicked like I always do when JT tries to go for the same woman as I do. JT began to walk after her as, to my immense relief, one of his coaches hollered for him to come back to the table for a moment. I remember feeling really lucky in that moment. Sure my confidence had been diminished for the last 2 years but I rationalized to myself that this was different. This was Italy, a completely different place far from home where nobody knew me and I was leaving in 9 days anyway.

I rushed down to the stone street areas surrounded by water and boardwalks. I saw the woman walking separate ways from her family except her younger sister who was already about 60 feet ahead of her down the same path. I ran up to her, sort of panting, said Hello, and asked if she spoke English?


She was caught off guard by the abrupt greeting from foreign stranger. “Mi scusi?” (pardon me) she asked. I tried my best to talk to her in a manner which she could understand. She let me know she could speak English and asked me what I wanted. I could tell she was upper class. Nervous, I spoke kind of fast but said something like, “I am an American Football player from the United States. I am in Venice for another week and want to ask you out on a date. I’ll leave to go back to my own country in a matter of days so you’re really not taking any risk. Please, just let me take you out on one date?” She looked down on my desperate face with a pompous look of sexy self-importance. She inquired, “You do not look like a football player.” Lying, I reiterated that I was. In a queen-like stuck up manner, she looked down her nose and agreed to meet tomorrow at the same place for dinner but I had to pay for the meal. Partially holding in my excitement in, I bid her goodnight and couldn’t believe she said yes. No interference from JT, no expectations, no complications. I was psyched. Watching her walk away was amazing (yes she had a hypnotizing bubble butt.)

Just to give a better picture of what her sexy mannerisms looked like, here is a gif below:

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