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First time in a motel with BBC

I had got some very good party supplies in Houston. So I got a motel room at Motel 8 Suites, room 202, 2nd floor at far back side. When parting I would get urges to dress in womens clothes, and wanted to try being with a guy.

I had some womens clothes with me but nothing sexy, and I totally planned on being with a guy that weekend. I get very high and shower shaving off body hair. I decide to go shopping, and seeing how nobody in Houston knew me I would dress in womens clothes, deciding a skirt or dress be to much. I put on my blk bra and panty set, with my red and blk square print capris that zip in back with my white short sleeve button front blouse. I could just see my blk bra thru blouse. I then put on light mascara and pink lipstick. Last I slip on blk flats. I grab money, party more then drive to a mall at 2pm on thur.

Nervious, I park my car, I had never been in public this dressed up. I slip my monen in front pocket of my capris and go into the mall, It wasn’t very busy, but I did get a lot of looks.

I find a lingerie shop, the Asian woman working there had no problem selling to anyone. I look at bustiers with garter straps, garter belts, bra and panty sets. I pick out a blk and pink bustier, blue bra, panty and garter belt set. She shows me 4 prs of stockings I buy, and last she talks me into a cami and tap pant set in yellow and white. I pay for all and leave. At shoe store I buy 4″ heeled blk ankle strap pumps. Then at a Debs, I buy a short pink and blk floral print fit and flare dress. I go back to motel room.

I smoke a lot more. Taking off capris and blouse, then putting on a blue t-shirt dress and blue sling back wedges, 4″ heels. It was now 6pm, just getting dark out. I was thirsty and in dress I get sodas at mid way machine.

I take a shower, dry off, my short hair in towel. I put on the blue lingerie set I had bought with blk stockings. I sit putting on makeup, blue eye liner, mascara, blue eye shadow and red lipstick. Hair down I part in middle combing it out, it falls to my shoulders, I party more looking at it, finally deciding I needed bangs, I loved bangs, combing them out over my face I cut them mid eye length. I then blow dry my hair. Next came long earrings, necklace and bracelets. I then put on the new dress, its hem 4″ above my knees and zip it in back. Last was the blk pumps and I hook the ankle straps. I didn’t look half bad.

I call a local phone chat number, on the womens side I put my greeting on as a wht bi crossdressing bottom looking for first time sex with a guy preferably a blk guy 8″ or more and say what I had on. Shortly I get a message from a blk guy 9″ that’s into sissy wht guys, wanting to talk. I go to live talk, he says he likes humiliating guys like me. He didn’t have a car so I would have to drive 30 mi to pick him up then back to motel, and I had to be dressed up when I did. we exchange numbers. He calls telling me how to get to him. I party more, then purse loade with needed things wearing what I had on I drive to get him.

He was at a bar, I was to call when there and he come out to join me. I park in back of lot calling him. He answers and is playing pool for money and I was to come in, he was on last table, Josh, 6’3″ 230lbs. I freak out hadn’t planned on being seen in public, if I didn’t come in he wouldn’t go with me. I hit pipe, purse in hand I walk into the busy bar, mostly blk guys there all staring at me as I go to last table and to his side. Hi amber, he says giving me a peck on lips. “hi baby” I say. “get me a bud and u a drink, im almost done here” he says. I go oto bar ordering his beer and me a coke and return sitting at the table he points out.

I watch him miss a shot, he comes sitting by me turning to me he leans and we kiss, a hotter kiss. We watch the guy he played win game. “ok amber lets finish drinks then go” josh says turning chair to me. He looks me over, brushes my hair aside kissing me again, his big hand on my knee, “damn u look hot, sexy even”, I blush. We chat some drinks gone, holding hands we leave. Josh drives us to motel we talk on way.

We go into my room sitting on sofa together we party, watching porn. Josh turns us towards each other my legs over his, we kiss as we party. He slides a hand up my dress rubbing my legs. Other hand undoes his pants. “go on amber pull my big cock out” he smiles as I reach in pulling out his hard, fat 9″ long blk cock, I stroke him as we kiss. “ok mmm, stand up” he tells me, helping me, turning me to stand in front of him, as he stands up pushing down his pants as he does. he pulls me to him we kiss again, his big hands islide behind me then up my dress to my pantied ass rubbing it. I grab his hard cock between us. Kiss over, he unzips my dress in back and sit back on sofa. “take ur dress off, but leave lingerie and heels on” he says. I wiggle out of dress putting on chair, standing in front of him in lingerie and heels. “mmm yea sissy boy on ur knees and suck my big blk cock”. I go to my knees grabbing his cock again I lean forward and start sucking it.


I slide it up and down my ass a cpl times then humping my ass up I guide his huge cock into my hole. Its head pops in me, “omg, mmmm. oh wow Josh” I moan as I slowly sit on his cock all 9″ in me. I sit there wiggling my ass around. “mmm yes u little sissy wht faggot wiggle that ass on my blk cock” he says as I moan. We slowly hump our bodies together working his cock in and out of me speeding up as we go. He stops us has me turn around riding him that way a while. I was moaning telling him how good it felt in me saying I loved being his bitch. He stops us pushing me up standing as we did, takes my hand leading me to the bed. “panties off” he says and I take them off.

He has me lie on my back on bed, legs spread he gets between them, pushing up and around him he lays over me, I reach between us grabbing his hard cock guiding him into me again. He slowly fucks me at first as I moan. then goes faster, “omg yes Josh yes baby fuck me with ur big blk cock, mmm yes please cum in baby please!!” I cry out as I cum and not even touched. Josh slams into me holding all in me, I feel his big cock jerking inside me as he shoots his cum deep into me!!

We party and play all night, and shower together next day. Dressing in cami and tap pants with blk pantyhose under it, I put on my blk with wht polka dots flared leg shorts, back zip and white bell sleeved top with blk heels, makeup and all taking him home next day in day light.

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