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Annittaas Riding

Kittens are very adorable animals, with their soft and fluffy fur, their cute little high-pitched meows. And of course they are so much fun to watch when at play.

Watching the fuzzy, clumsy things rolling and bounding across the carpet, Anitta found her resistance breaking down. Her friend Josie had been pushing Anitta to take one of the kittens.

“You don’t have *any* other pets, your apartment building allows cats, and they are real easy to take care of.” Josie was almost like an eager saleswoman at a department store, trying to convince a customer how easy it would be to buy just that one little item.

“I don’t know…” Anitta said, watching as one grayish kitten jumped up and down on a sibling in fiendish mock-battle. “The last cat I had was back when I was just a kid. He got hit by a car.” She looked a bit sad about this, but smiled when a black and white patterned kitten tumbled two of its siblings over in one swipe, then lost its balance and fell on its rump. “Then it’s been too long since you had a pussy cat,” Josie said with confidence.

“Yes,” Anitta said, reaching out to stroke one of the quieter kitten’s on the head, “it’s been too long.”

Chaos stalked the rubber mouse carefully, body hugged to the kitchen floor with his tail wagging in the air. Anitta watched from the counter, stifling an urge to laugh at the young cat’s seriousness. When she had chosen the black and white kitten, it had adjusted to her apartment rapidly, after a few days of meowing for its companions. To keep Chaos (who fast earned the name) happy, she had bought several cat toys and spent much of her free time playing with him.

Now the high speed kitten was a young cat, nearly a year old. The rubber mouse, unsuspecting of its fate, contemplated Anitta with eyes of black plastic.

Don’t look at me, Anitta thought, it’s not like you’re going to suffer. Chaos bounded across the short distance between him and the toy, which gave a wheezy squeak of surprise. After chewing and pulling at it for several minutes, Chaos determined that the enemy was defeated and the kitchen once again safe for Democracy. The mouse was slightly more chewed and looked like it might be considering a change of occupation.

Chaos ran suddenly from the kitchen to the apartment hallway, then walked reagally to Anitta’s chair and began to rub up against her legs, purring loudly. “Mrrroowww?”

“You had your supper,” Anitta said, “this is mine.” She used one stockinged foot to caress Chaos back, who flopped down onto his side and started to bat at it. “Hey, that’s my foot, not a toy!” Anitta poked Chaos so that he rolled onto his back. She noted that as usual he had an erection. The bright red tip of the penis peeked out from its short, furred sheath. She had not yet gotten around to getting him fixed, since she had no other cats and he was kept in the apartment all the time. This meant that Chaos tended to be in a regular state of excitement, especially after playing.

“Mrrrrrrph…” Chaos suddenly shifted as if a flea were itching him and started to lick his penis. Anitta felt strangely invasive watching him so she looked back at her plate.

“Me and you both, kid. At least you can lick your trouble spot.” Anitta sighed and pushed the plate away. No boyfriend for the last six months, and only two one-night stands. Her job at the bank and her studies at school were so demanding that sometimes she felt like just saying “fuck it!” Time for Mr. Vibrator, Anitta decided. It was Friday night, a time when many people were partying or playing. An absence of a party, Anitta thought, I might as well fuck myself silly.

She dumped the remains of her meal in the garbage, left the plate in the sink, and went to the bedroom. Chaos ignored his owner, continuing with his cleaning. “Mrrpth.”

Like A Virgin? Deep Throat II? Maybe a classic… Of course, Peter North has a yummy body and big, juicy balls… Anitta pulled the XXX-rated videotape out of its box and loaded it into the VCR. Usually it was fine to just fantasize, but tonight she wanted to fuck someone so bad that even watching a guy doing it to someone else would be a pleasure. As the tape started up, Anitta removed her clothes without any attempt to be graceful or neat. She unbuttoned her blouse, then tugged down the zipper in the back of her skirt, managing to fall back on the bed.

“Woops.” Eager bitch, aren’t you? she commented to herself. On the TV screen, the credits had already gone by against a background of slurping, moaning acters from the movie. Now Peter North as some idiot office worker was in bed with his wife and a hard-on, which poked the sheets up. The effect was somewhat silly looking.

Skirt removed and left on the floor, Anitta rubbed her crotch through her pantyhose. “Yeah,” she said in excitement, “that’s the ticket.” She continued to rub herself through the pantyhose, deliberately staining them. They were an old pair, so why not get a bit of extra use out of them before throwing them away?

Naughty girl, Anitta thought. Ruining your underwear! Peter North had already bugged his porno wife into letting her fuck him, but the bitch didn’t seem too interested. She just laid there in her curlers as his long, smooth bone slid in plump, blonde cunt. She spent her time eating a banana and doing her nails while Mr. North grunted and exerted himself.


Anitta’s hand was a bit sticky with strained lubricants so she wiped it across the stocking along her thigh. Moving back on the bed so she could lean up against the walls and cushions behind her, she admired Mr. North’s large, bouncing testicles. Having seen the movie more than several times, Anitta was aware of how much semen would be pumped out of those hairy globes.

“Isn’t it good honey?” Peter asked his disinterested, fictional wife. “Oh yeah,” Anitta said. She had soaked her pantyhose enough so that she could wring out the juice if she wanted too. Somehow she had gotten very excited, more quickly than usual. Too long between fucks, she thought. She spread her legs wide and flat, straining her muscles against the elastic synthetic of the pantyhose. Her powder blue blouse was still on, open wide to let her breasts sit freely in the air. The pleasant fragrance of the perfume she had dabbed between them rose up to her nostrils. No one at the bank had seemed to take notice, though.

Peter North was groaning as he pumped his wife, laying on her back. He pulled out with a grunt and a gasp. Anitta shoved her right hand under the pantyhose to start frigging herself, timing it with Peter’s unloading of cum. Big, juicy streams of pearly white coated the porno wife’s stomach and chest, piling up into messy layers.

“Uuuhhmmmmmm,” Anitta moaned, her index and middle fingers stroking the inside of her vagina. She whimpered a bit at the soft paws of pleasure flickering in her tummy. Impatient for full access to her quim, Anitta peeled the pantyhose down to her knees and put her right hand back in her crotch as she wrestled the undergarment off with her right. For a moment she looked terribly silly. Then, with a content little sigh, she laid back and spread her legs. No ordinary little stir session was this going to be! Anitta wanted to pretend as much as possible that she was being fucked.

Peter North and several other studs were on screen now, stumbling through bad dialogue. Anitta flicked her right nipple with her left hand. The cone around it had already swelled with blood to form a brown, shiny base. Flicking her nipple made Anitta gasp, and wish her breasts were big enough so she could suck her own nipples. Her bust size was only 34, though. Phooey, Anitta thought.

On the screen, Christy Canyon was in the president’s office, apparently getting very turned on by thoughts of Corporate Power. Anitta fantasized about having breasts like Christy’s, big enough to suck her own nipples with ease. She had to content herself with twirling a moistened index finger around the nipples, making shivery shocks go through them and into her puffy quim. Inspired by Christy’s loud, whimpering moans, she rubbed her right hand’s thumb pad against her clit, leisurely building up the tension of a climax.


“Jesus,” Anitta exclaimed. She had forgotten entirely about Chaos. Now the cat had stalked into her bedroom, looking for her. The cat jumped onto her bed and made a small, inquisitive sound.

“Now now fella,” Anitta said. She swept the cat off the bed by sliding her right leg over. The young tom fell off the bed and glared at his owner for a moment before sniffing under the bed for dust bunnies.

Christy Canyon had been joined by a quiet, short-haired blonde, who was now enthusiastically tonguing Christy’s brown and pink pussy. Christy moaned loudly regularly, displaying real and great enjoyment of the licking she was getting. Anitta wasn’t bisexual and rarely fantasized about lesbianism, but Christy seemed to enjoy this treatment a great deal. Anitta fingred herself carefully, wishing she had a guy there to clean her cream out. She wasn’t fussy, any willing guy would due. But there was only Anitta and her fingers. Oh, and her vibrator.

“OH yes!!” Christy cried out, humping her crotch against the petite blonde’s mouth. “Ooohh uuuh uuuuh Uuuh UUUUUHH!” Her big, unenhanced titties bounced and jumped with her shudders of orgasm. The jiggles went unnoticed, since Anitta was retrieving her vibrator from underneath the pillow. Rather than a limited, battery powered type, Anitta had a full 110 volt, three speed, multi-head machine, the kind advertised as a “massage device”. As Christy Canyon gave little hiccuppy sigh-moans of contentment, Anitta attached the round bulb stimulator to her vibrator.

Ignored and rebuffed, Chaos had gone sniffing for something to play with. The floor under the bed was distressingly free of dust bunnies (a dead bug proved only slightly amusing when batted with a paw), so the tom had looked for any new thing in his owner’s room. He had discovered the discarded clothes quickly enough. The skirt was familiar but the pantyhose weren’t. Chaos was drawn to the pair by a strong, musky odor. He touched his nose to the stretchy fabric and smelled the female musk of sexual excitement. He started purring, buried his face further into the damp material, and kneaded it eagerly with his paws.

“Well hello there,” Christy Canyon said to the company vice-president who had just appeared on the screen, right after Christy had finished licking off her blonde friend. Anitta had been ignoring the screen, letting the moans and guttural cries stimulate her imagination as the vibrating bulb slid up and down inside her pussy lips. Lubricant shined on the plastic head and the lips that clung to it. Her first climax was getting close, blood pumping into a tight hooded bud of flesh. She watched as the new porno stud, Paul something?, was stripped by Christy and her friend. His cock was not quite as thick as Peter’s but it was longer and still plenty meaty with nice veins and it bobbed around as he moved and Christy started masaging it and Anitta placed the bulb against her clit to make the come really blow.

“AUUHHH! AAAHHHH! AAAh Aaahhh,” she cried, clenching her thighs together, the pulsations of her pussy feeling like soft fingers kneading her crotch on the inside. “Aaaaah… ahhhh… aahhhh that’s nice…” She had stuck the fizzing bulb of the device back in her crevice to draw out her climax in an almost painful manner. Now she clicked it off and let it lay on the bed between her legs. Christy Canyon was currently sucking on her boss’s wagging cock, an eager expression on her face as she “mmmmmph”ed and “Hmmmmm!”ed in pleasure.

A little quick on the trigger, Anitta thought. God I needed it so bad… Loud purrings attracted Anitta’s attention. She leaned forward and saw Chaos kneading her pantyhose into clumps, his whole face stuffed into the crotch, eyes closed. She was puzzled for a moment, then realization struck. Anitta felt embarrassed that her pussy oils were obviously exciting the young tom.

“Hey Chaos, come here boy. Here kitty, kitty, kitty…” Anitta made smacking noises with her mouth to attract the cat’s attention. His ears pricked up at her and his eyes opened a bit, but he didn’t stop purring or kneading. Feeling odd, Anitta reached out and snagged the pantyhose, now badly torn. “Jeez…” she said. The odd feeling was really churning in her now, and something was nipping at the edges of her mind. Chaos had plopped himself down after being separated from the undergarment. Now, rear legs supporting himself and front paws splayed to the sides, Chaos had started licking his little red cock. Anitta was watching.

Christy Canyon was pretending to be really getting off on a tit fuck, but Anitta was feeling suddenly very nasty and wicked. She watched Chaos carefully, starting to stroke her crotch with one hand. His pink, round-ended tongue was making a muffled lapping noise as he licked his genitals. A bag of black fur and flesh hung just under the sheath of the penis. Anitta figured that proportionally, the balls were bigger than Mr. North’s. This is sick, Anitta thought, getting turned on by a tom cat. Sick and nasty.

Memories tumbled into her mind, memories of when she had been 13 years old and had been given a cat for a present. Named it Fluffy. Slept almost every night with Fluffy by her head on the pillow. Until several years later he had wandered too far into the street.


But unburied by sharp sensory reminders were the memories of when she had woke up one night with Fluffy curled up between her legs, his warm and furry bulk pressing through the thin bed sheet. Her nightshirt. Against her panties and her private place. At 13, she had only her parent’s somewhat vague explanation of sex, but this weight against her privates felt good. She stroked Fluffy and he responded with a contented rumbling. Pushing his bulk against her crotch, the little girl Anitta discovered warm and wonderful feelings in her tummy and privates. She didn’t know she was lubricating until Fluffy yawned, stretched, and then sniffed. He snuffled at her crotch, making the little Anitta thrilled and scared and confused.

A full grown and experienced Anitta was breathing hard at the memory which she had buried from shame and grief. She remembered how she had just laid there that night with Fluffy sniffing at her completely virginal and tender cunny. She had never even played with herself back then, so the sensations were quite unique to her.

“Oh God,” Anitta moaned. She fell back on the bed and slid three fingers into her pussy, finding it loose and sloppy. Her mouth was dry with excitement, forbidden thoughts and memories swirling in her head. “Ooooooh…” Trembling fingers plucked soft, spongy tissue, stirring Anitta’s cunny cream into a froth and making sticky slurpy noises. “Uuummm it’s so good… I was such a nasty little uuummmm girl…” Anitta stretched her outer pussy lips out and back to make her clit stick out like a piece of glossy red candy. Extended, her pinky nail slid under the cap of flesh and scratched the bud underneath. Anitta whimpered at the sharp pleasure. In her mind’s eye, she envisioned the little girl she had been, short curly blonde hair topping a fair skinned face of simple prettyness. Her bedroom had been small, with pink stripes and flowers alternating on the wall paper. Lace had edged her bed sheets and pillow cases, her curtains and nightshirts. Posters of unicorns and horses had been taped neatly to the walls, along with one of David Cassidy. The room had held a faint smell of lilacs and honeysuckle.

The 13 year-old Anitta had been pleased and confused after that first night. The next time she woke up with Fluffy laying against her crotch, several nights later, she laid still for over ten minutes. Her flower printed bed sheets had been crumpled to one side sometime during the night, so the cat had been resting on just her nightshirt. The warmth and softness of his body was very noticeable through the two thin layers of cloth that hid the young girl’s cunniken. Cautiously, so as not to disturb Fluffy, she pulled at her nightshirt to slide it out from under the cat. The soft fabric made a faint ssshing noise, the only accompaniment to her nervousness and excitement. Then the hem of her nightgown was around her tummy and Fluffy was laying on his side against the slope between little Anitta’s thighs. These same thighs were spreading automatically, just to accompany the cat. White cotton was the only barrier between Fluffy’s body and the innocent girl’s cunny.

As an adult, Anitta had fucked many men, some good and some bad and some that were so nice that she didn’t care what their performance was like. But none of them, and no fantasizing, had had the effect on her that this simple memory was. She was teasing herself unmercifully, nudging her fattened clitoris with one finger or the other as the rest explored her slick cunt. Musky oils and lubricants had flowed out to run into the crack of her ass, tickling her anal rosebud. Panting like a marathon runner, she clenched her bed sheet with one hand and arched her hips high up in the air. She felt like a bitch in heat, just waiting for a prick to stuff its way in her caveronous cunt and rip her inside out. The emptiness of it almost made her cry.

Snuggled in her comfy warm bed, little Anitta lay breathing as quietly as possible, which was very difficult. All the oxygen seemed to have rushed out of the air and her mouth was sticky-dry. She was also aware of something between her legs. Mom had explained about periods, but this didn’t seem to be what she had talked about. The little maiden wondered if she had weed herself. It was feeling wet down there, and there was a sort of tingle too. She couldn’t help shifting her bottom around, because of the itching. This caused Fluffy to wake up and move. Little Anitta felt an immediate pang of regret, though she didn’t understand what was going on.

Fluffy stood up and stretched in that back-arching manner that cats do. He nestled back down on the cushiony mattress, then caught the odor of the child’s cunny. The moisture had crept through the cotton panties slowly and impregnated them with just a faint scent of her developing womanhood. Fluffy sniffed closer, and then thrilled little Anitta by rasping his tongue against the smooth fabric.

“Oh, good kitty!” little Anitta had exclaimed softly. She didn’t know why, it just seemed like Fluffy deserved the praise. More licks followed, the scratchy sound of the cat’s tongue faint but clear in the room’s stillness. poster of David Cassidey on her wall and wondered why it always made her feel giddy to think about kissing him. But not as giddy as she felt now.

Ignored, the VCR dutifully decoded magnetic imprints into an image of Peter North sliding his cock into a boisterous Christy Canyon. “Oh Gaaaawhhd! Oh caaa-caaan you feel me come?!! Caaaa… caan you fffeel me coming all over your COCK?!”

Anitta’s body was tensed up like a revving motorcycle. Sweat glistened on her white skin, soaking the sheets under her ass and back. Every time she shifted, the sheets stuck to her. The discomfort was amplified by her sensitivity, making it just another part of the tremendous thump she was building. Humming with authority, her vibrator was torturing its way across her body. She had used the flat, wide head on her breasts until she thought the nipples would spurt like little cocks. They were, in fact, seeping a tiny bit of fluid, ooze from glands tortured to produce something not available. Attached now to the metal peg of the vibrator was the clitoris cup. Unbearable as agony, its vibrations beat at Anitta’s clit unmercifully, threatening to abrade the skin.

“Oh oh oh oH! OHH! It hurts! Oh fuck I’m gonnaaAAAUUUHHHH!!” Anitta dropped the vibrator and tugged at the clitoris as if it were a cock and she could make it squirt. Anitta whined and came, gulping in great breaths of air every few moments. As the intensity lessened, she moaned until the trembles of her climax went away, leaving her weak but still tense.

“I don’t believe it…” Anitta blinked sweat from her eyes. “I know I’m going to do it and I can’t believe it anyways.” She got up shakily and looked to see Chaos curled up on her skirt. She stumbled into her bathroom and peed. When she got up from the toilet she looked at herself in the mirror. A sweaty, crazed face looked back.


“I’m going to do it,” she said to her reflection. She turned on the tap. Cupped her hands under the stream. Slurped up the water. She rinsed her face off and dried it with a towel. She had to dry her thighs off too because of the flow that had dripped down. Breathing hard, Anitta left the bathroom, one hand fluttering near her crotch. She punched at the VCR several times and then managed to shut it off.

“Chaos… kitty kitty kitty…” Chaos picked up his ears. A few more calls and he opened his eyes to look at his owner. Anitta knelt on the floor by the cat, feeling so wicked and nasty. With her index and middle finger, she scooped out some of her pussy juices and held them out to the cat. He immediately picked himself up and started lapping at her fingers. Rasping noises and Anitta’s panting were the only sound for the moments it took Chaos to clean off all of the juices.

“Good Chaos. Yes, you’re such a good kitty…” Anitta scooted herself forward, spreading her knees and raising off her knees, until her crotch was positioned over the tom’s head. “Come on Chaos… Here’s more for you…” She was tensed in this position, bent back just slightly with her hands on the bed behind her, supporting. Chaos purred and stuck his face into Anitta’s cunt making her tense more, before he finally lapped at the slit several times.

“uuuuuhhuu-uh-uh! Oh good good kitty!” Anitta was practically whimpering. “My sweet baby cat, lick mommy’s pussy…” She did whimper when the cat’s excited lapping brushed her clitoris. Chaos’s tongue was much smaller than the others that had been down there, but its rough scratchiness on tender, sensitive skin was exquisite. And he kept lapping rapidly, like at a bowl of milk. Anitta did sob after several minutes of the torture. If she hadn’t urinated earlier, she would lost her bladder right there.

Chaos was getting aggressive, pushing forward with surprisingly strong muscles. His muzzle was damp and he was salivating a great deal. The pink, flat tongue darted in and out like a spring-loaded toy. There was little penetration but its scratchy surface slipped over Anitta’s outer lips, the inner lips, and occasionally her clit. Her muscles were starting to tremble from holding herself in this squatting position

“Y-y-you’re mommy’s *best* kitty! Uhhuh! Oh God!! Please, please, please, pleasepleasepleeeeezzzeeee…” Anitta couldn’t stand it anymore. She nudged her cat’s head out of the way and stroked her clit several times to bring herself off. Chaos, not to be rebuffed, started licking at her hand and consequently her clit. Anitta screamed one syllable and started bouncing herself up and down on her knees as she came, startling Chaos away for the moment. After a minute, she stopped coming. And started crying.

“Oooohhhh… Puh-poor fluuhffy… Oohhhhhh!!” Slumping forward, Anitta relieved the loss of her favorite childhood pet with unexpected intensity. Her first climax, at 14, had been when playing with herself while Fluffy lay purring beside her head on the pillow. She had always thought of the cat as the one to first bring her towards the realm of sex, in later years. Grief over Fluffy’s death and then misdirected guilt had formed a barrier over the memories. And some sort of shame about the effect the cat had had on her.

“Mrrreeoow?” Chaos cried, sensing a disturbance in his owner. Anitta sniffled and picked up the cat, cuddling him tightly. She kissed his forehead and said “You’re so sweet. Yes you are!” She smiled as he started purring. His fur was damp all over his face. Anitta stood up and then sat on the bed, cradling the cat in her arms. Chaos’s gold-brown eyes were part-way open, looking at Anitta. She petted him and hugged him, just enjoying the feel of his warm, soft furred body against hers. After a while, she laid back and let Chaos curl up on her tummy and relax.

The weight felt good, but the soft fur against her naked skin was even better. Chaos’s body rose and fell slightly with Anitta’s own breathing. She had opened her legs a bit to allow the heat of her cunt escape freely. Getting easier to accept it, she thought. You’re a pervert. She smiled a bit at the thought, then stroked Chaos gently from head to tail tip. Carefully, than, she took his tail and brushed it against her crevice. The fur tickled at first, but then it got wet and tickled a bit less. Chaos had opened his eyes again and was looking a bit surprised. His tail-tip was being introduced into his owner’s crevice, pushing into her inner sanctum.

“Good kitty,” Anitta reassured the cat, petting him with her other hand. “I just want to see how it feels…” The hair on this thin, fleshy intruder was being matted back while Anitta shivered at the sensation of fur inside her cunt. Several inches were now inside her, not filling her up but making her very warm and gooey. Then, apparently annoyed at the abuse of his precious tail, Chaos gave a little growl and flicked the tip. Anitta gasped and jerked and Chaos whipped his tail away entirely, making her gasp again.

“Oh wow,” Anitta breathed. “If only…” She imagined a guy with a long, thin cock that could wiggle and twitch inside her. Then she imagined Chaos sliding his whole tail in her and she moaned.

Chaos had climbed off Anitta’s tummy and was cleaning his tail eagerly. In the position her was in to do this, Anitta saw his little red cock again. “Oh poor kitty. No one to fuck, just like me.” She felt a bit guilty about this, as she should have had the cat fixed months ago. He hadn’t even been allowed out to find some friendly little pussy.

Nasty chills slithered up Anitta’s spine. She leaned forwards and flattened herself out on the bed, facing her cat. “Good kitty,” she said. “Sweet kitty…” She placed one finger under a furry ball and hefted it. Chaos’s cleaning action slowed a bit. Anitta carefully brushed his cock tip. It looked almost like the end of a ball-point pen, with the point retracted. She could see now that a thin, clear fluid leaked from the tip.

“Do you want it bad, Chaos?” Anitta giggled. “Mommy will make you feel better.” She used her index and thumb of the right hand to pull back the sheath of the penis, revealing its short length. Strange little hairs were visible near its base. Chaos had stopped cleaning all together and slowly laid back on his side. Anitta used her right index finger to stroke his penis, which quickly soaked the finger tip. She was afraid to taste the fluid but she was very excited about it. What did kitty cum look like? she thought. She stroked the quivering, dripping cock, which was very hard, admiring its flaming red color and the bevel point of it.

“merrrooowww,” Chaos exclaimed. Anitta could see his breathing was faster by the rise and fall of his sides. She experimented a bit and found a remarkably sensitive spot that made the tom make funny noises every time she rubbed it. He wasn’t purring now but his tail was starting to whip back and forth.

“Good kitty, it’s ok, you’ll feel allll better in a bit.” Anitta was sliding her legs open and shut behind her, squeezing out pussy batter that stained her bed sheets. Her pinky on her left hand stretched out to poke the tiny, swollen testicles. “Allllll better,” Anitta panted. She leaned forward a bit closer and watched the red cock intensely. Chaos was making a sort of growling-purr noise and whipping his tail all over. Then he stiffened and Anitta wished she could come at the same time as whitish fluid dribbled out of her kitty’s cock, onto her fingers. She could feel the twitches in the tiny fur-bag as semen was pumped out. Chaos gave a loud yowl when he came, then scampered away from Anitta.

“It’s ok Chaos,” she said. “We can play some more later…” She took her right hand, wet with the tom’s spunk, and rubbed it between her legs. It was her imagination, but it seemed her cunny burned where the fluid brushed against it. “Such a sweet kitty,” she whispered, cupping one breast as she diddled herself to another come.

It was only Friday night, too!

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