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Being His Daddy Bitch

He wanted to piss on me all the time, but I really didn’t like it much.  Except one time, when we were naked in the garden.  He was being very passionate in seducing me.  I was naked on the ground looking up at him, legs spread.  He was still dressed in shorts and a T.  Instead of getting undressed, he unzipped, pulled out his semi-hard member and started to piss right on me.

I started to sit up surprised and unhappy, getting the full stream in the face.  I didn’t like it, but I stayed, opened my mouth and swallowed.  That got him really hard as his stream finished.  He pushed me back down, raised my legs, let his shorts slip down some.  With just spittle on his cock, now it’s full and lovely eight inches, he entered me: not a brutal thrust, but a power push of possession.  Yes it hurt, made me gasp, but the waves of pleasure were intense and irresistible.  So were his; with a low growl his thrusts became deep, then rapid, then pile driving.   I was amazed how quickly he came – he’d just pissed!

And he was still in a hurry.  I was just enjoying the feel of his hard sweaty body against me, when he pulled out with a pop, moving his mouth to my ass and excavating with his tongue.  There was a lot; he swallowed some, but enough to share.  His kiss was deep and liquid with his cum.

My cock, exhausted from the penetration, snapped to attention, and that’s where he went next.  He seemed to vacuum the cum out of me.  I remember intense mind-blowing bliss, but nothing specific.  I had left the planet, figuratively, lost in his possession of me and the pleasure it brought.  Soon his lips were on mine, feeding me some of my own cum.

But not all of it, because he put some on his dick, hard once again, rolled me over on my stomach and penetrated me once again.  This time he took his time, for his own pleasure not for mine.  I was limp then, almost unconscious, feeling sore and used, but helpless.  Still, it wasn’t that long that his thrusts became slams and he collapsed against me.  Once again, no time to enjoy the feel of his totally soaked body against mine, he was up and out, and this time away, running to jump into the stream.  I just floated, splayed on the ground, exhausted, fully used and very content.  I drifted off.  And was woken, a few minutes later, by a pail of water on my back.

Before I could object, he said “Make my dinner, bitch”.  And so I did, stinking of piss and spit and sweat and sperm and anal juices.  I might have been his Daddy, but that day I was his bitch and I slept happily that night.

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