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Like Mother like Daughter

Me and this girl had just got to know each other fairly well. One day she made the comment that we should go to her house for dinner. She was 5’7″ and had brown hair with green eyes. she weighed about 120 and was perfectly in shape. Well I couldnt say no so I agreed. We came up on this beautiful house and she got out of the car and opened the front door. The house was modeled as a dream house, right down to the tile. In the kitchen she had a little table with candles. “A candle lit dinner?, How traditionally boring I thought to myself” Even due to that I went along with her hoax. We ate and talked untill 10:00pm. I was done and had been done for an hour. She seemed like she was only talk and no action so I stared to leave. When I started to walk she stood up and said “Wait”. I turned to see her in tight bra and panties. My mouth opened and my eyes widened. “You can’t leave, Desert is ready”. I dared to ask, “Where?”. She smiled and droped them off. That was it, I couldn’t stand it so I unbuckled my belt and threw my shirt and I walked over to her. We started to kiss, but it was not long before she was on the table. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I stuck her with my long, hard 9in. dick. Me opened her mouth and let out a satisfying moan of pleasure. “Oh yeah, fuck me like a whore, fuck that pussy”. I had gotten rock hard and jammed her untill you could her pussy slapping against my hardened dick. She was shouting out every time I slamed her. Her warm, wet pussy felt good wraped around my whole dick, and every time I got deeper as I felt it tear. Suddenly the door opened and another girl entered. At first I thought it was a sister, but the girl yelled out, “Mom!!?”. It was her mom and I was struck in terror fore I knew I was caught. She calmly asked who I was and she told her I was her date. She walked over to us and said, “I had a bad day at work, can I please join?”. I was struck with confusion and all out freaked out, but curious. I told her, “Of coarse, but which one gets my cum”. She smiled and said, “Musical chairs baby, whoever shoots it off first”. She lost her clothes and jumped on top of me, me falling to the floor. She positioned my dick on her twat and pushed up and then came down with all her might. I grabbed her waist and pushed up as hard as I could, she moaned and said, “Yes!, Fuck my day better”. Her daughter came over and put her hands on her mom’s shoulders. Her daughter jumped up and down, thrusting her mom down hard on my long, stiff dick. Her mom’s pussy was wet , yet stretching every hit she came down. “Ahh…ahhh…ahhaahahah!!!”. Her mom was being fucked as hard as she ever had and deeper than ever I had gotten. She got up and her daughter sat in my lap. She put the tip of my dick in her extremely tight puss and her mom came behind me and grabbed both of her legs. I put my hands on her back and pulled, stabbing her pussy and tightening her pussy around my dick. It was so tight, I had to strain just to get it half way in. Her mom pulled her feet, helping me to fuck her to her throat just about. Her daught crying, yet yelling with pain. “It burns, but it feels good, don’t stop, cum in me!!”. I was about to cum all in her so I tightened my dick and started jerking her hard and faster, and as I did her yelling got louder. “Yes, ahhh…oh god…”. Her mom leaned back as far as she could pull and I jerked her out of her mom’s hands and I shot my cum all in her daughter. She started yelling with tears…Oh god yes…Oh god.. I then got my clothes on and started to leave. Before I made it to the care her mom and her yelled at me “Please come back soon, you’re such a good fuck.” I thought to myself, the old saying is right…..Like Mother Like Daughter.

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