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If you go down to the woods today…

As newly weds, we were still at the stage of fucking anytime and anywhere. And I wouldn’t be making an exception today!

It was a warm, sunny day in early summer and we had gone for a walk in a local forest, that we had only just started to visit. Tina, my wife of three months, was looking as lovely as ever in a white sleeveless blouse and a pair of white denim shorts. Although in her late thirties, she had a fantastic figure with long golden hair and a firm 34 C chest. Her height of around 5 foot 10 inches meant she also had a pair of long legs. Just perfect!

As we walked along holding hands, we came across a more densely wooded area and she suddenly turned and pushed me up against a tree and kissed me passionately. She knows how to kiss and soon had my cock hardening in my jeans.

My hands moved around to her arse and I began to squeeze her cheeks together, which was something she loved. This had the usual effect and she pulled away slightly and quickly dropped to her knees. Looking up at me she started to rub my hardening cock and then pulled my zip down and pushed her hand inside, caressing and stroking my hard cock. She gently teased my pubes with her fingers and then forced her hand inside my pants, grabbed my shaft and eased it out in to the open.

Greedily, she began to suck and lick my shaft. Despite the pleasure, a sense of reality struck me and I quietly warned her that anyone may walk along the path we were on and see what was happening. She said “I don’t care!” and continued to give me a mind-blowing blow job.

As the pleasure increased, I pulled away and said “Let’s go in here” showing her a small area where the shrubs were over eight feet tall and dense enough to hide us from prying eyes. She reluctantly agreed and quickly moved inside the area where we were extremely well hidden from the pathway just a few yards away and started to strip off. First her white blouse and bra, releasing her firm tits and then dropping her shorts and knickers to reveal her thick golden bush.

She then ordered me to “Get naked and fuck me!”. As usual, I did as I was told and threw my clothes to the ground and slowly walked towards her a few feet away.

“I want it doggy” she said and suddenly turned around and leant against the nearest tree before bending over, exposing her moist wet cunt lips and firm, tight arse. “Fuck me” she whispered. I moved up to her and began to rub my cock up and down the crack of her arse before bending it down between her cheeks and gently rubbing her sopping wet cunt lips. With one firm thrust I found myself inside her cunt and began to build up a rhythm. The pleasure I was receiving was intense – I’d found the perfect angle, the right speed and my cock just tingled along its full length.

Tina’s low, lengthy moaning suggested I’d got it right for her as well and continued to vary the speed of my thrusts. Occasionally pulling out, so that just the tip was inside her and then plunging deep inside. As we both slowly built up to a really special orgasm, we heard voices coming closer and we both stopped to wait for them to pass. But they didn’t!

One moment we were on our own and both heading towards a fantastic climax and then the shrub wall some six feet away suddenly moved and an attractive young couple, aged around 20, walked in. We froze wondering what to do, both naked and my cock thrust deep inside Tina’s cunt.

They both smiled and the young girl said “Don’t worry, we come in here all the time! We’ll come back later.” As they turned to leave I said “No, wait. Would you like to watch?” knowing that for Tina (and me) this was one of our fantasies about to come true.

The man said “Ok” and they stood together, holding hands. I began to thrust deeply again for 30 seconds or so and then pulled my cock out so that the girl could see the full length of my glistening cock.

Tina started to complain that she was close to her own orgasm so I pushed my hard shaft back inside her cunt, thrusting deeply and firmly, my balls slapping against her arse. I was enjoying this too much but was desperate to watch the other couple, so I moved my right hand around into Tina’s thick bush and quickly found her clitty. It didn’t take me long to find the perfect spot to quickly bring on her orgasm. Sure enough, she soon moaned loudly and shuddered as she was swamped by the pleasure of an intense orgasm. I could feel the pulsing of her pussy as she soaked my cock with her juices.

I was close to my own orgasm but keen to hold back and withdrew my cock. In the dappled shade of the woods, my cock still glistened, coated in Tina’s love juices. I looked at the other couple who were by now semi-naked, with their hands exploring each others bodies. The girl then pulled herself away and finished stripping, encouraging the young man to do the same.

Although shorter than Tina, her tits were a little larger and she had a sparse black bush, her cunt lips clearly visible. We watched as the man pushed her up against a tree, knelt down in front of her and, pushing her legs apart, began to slide his tongue up and down her slit. She began to moan quietly, pleading with him not to stop as she held his head firmly to stop him moving away.

I looked at Tina and, looking down at my hard shaft gently throbbing, moved towards the girl and placed her hand on my cock. She firmly grabbed the shaft and began to wank me, inches away from her lovers face.

He knew what was happening but didn’t complain – he just kept sucking and licking her sopping wet pussy. The smell of her cunt was intoxicating and I whispered that I was close to cumming.

She responded by rubbing my cock even faster, whilst moaning herself towards her own orgasm. Just then, Tina knelt down and grabbed the guys rigid cock and began to wank him.

This proved too much for me and I shouted I was cumming. What happened next amazed me, as the guy kneeling down in front of me, turned and grabbed my cock, pointing it at his own face and begged me to shoot my load.

I was too close to argue, having never been touched by another man, and shot my load over his face. Three spurts hitting him on his cheeks and lips.

I fell to my knees as the most incredible orgasm passed through my body. Just then I saw Tina holding the guys cock as streams of spunk spurted on to the ground.

The girl dropped to her knees and noisily licked all of my spunk off her lovers face before French kissing him. Tina just knelt quietly, stroking the guys softening cock.

As we all came around from our explosive orgasms, we could hear voices approaching and quickly dressed. Hiding in the shrubs, the young family never saw us and walked past.

We then all agreed to meet again the following Sunday – same time, same place.

When we got home, we were both as horny as hell and fucked until we were too sore to carry on. We did turn up the following Sunday, but sadly the other couple didn’t show. Still, we made sure we had a good fuck, talking about what might have happened.

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