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Curious Virgin – The Second Lesson

I started to feel nervous as I tried to imagine what Martha had planned for me tonight. I got out of the car with my bag and approached the door only to be surprised by it swinging open.
” Boy I’ve been waiting for you pussy cat..” she said.
She closed the door behind me and pinned me against the wall.
“Take your clothes off right here. I want to see you walk up the stairs naked.” Martha demanded , holding her camera.
I started to do as I was told until she stopped me for more request.
“Let me get a picture of your backside as you crawl up the stairs. Oh that’s good. Now why don’t you turn on your back and kinda lean with legs wide open… Yeah just like a hot whore… Ooh your sexy. Stop at the top of the stairs.. I have a surprise.
When I got to the top of the stairs I was blindfolded. Then a pair of fuzzy handcuffs were slapped on me. I was directed which way to go until I reached the bed. I was pulled over her lap and the room was silent for a minute. Then I heard a giggle.
” Martha ,” I yelled ” Who’s here..I tho-”
” Be quiet slut..” Martha demanded as she took the blindfold off. ” Meet Kim” she said kissing the other female in the room. Kim was a white girl maybe 21 with blue eyes, blonde hair, big tits and nice shape body.
“This is my other girl” Martha teased. ” And she loves being my bitch. She’s going to teach you how we do it around here.”
I was then moved to the chair infront of the bed that was set there for me.
Martha arranged my legs to stay wide open. This would keep her turned on she said.
I began to feel nervous again when they started digging through the box they had. Then Kim was told to lay on the bed and she did as she was told. Martha then found her toy of choice. A long 10 inch white vibrator. She rammed it inside of Kim in one fast stroke . She then teased Kim changing the speeds and moving slowly and then fast again.
Kim seemed to be in some pain but she never said to stop. She just took all the pain that was coming to her and moaned. I even saw tears coming out of her eyes.
” Yeah baby, you like that huh Kim. …”Martha was saying.
” Are you hot baby. Your pussy is really wet. Are you ready for your dinner slut” Martha asked.
“Go very easy on her, she’s never really been fucked. Do it right for the camera and I’ll reward you as promised.” Martha whispered.
My stomach began to turn as I faced the reality.
Kim attacked me forcefully. Kissing me with her lips as she rubbed my pussy. She then moved lower to sucking my breasts and finally lower to my throbbing pussy. She rubbed the clit a little and then inserted her tongue. She then began to tongue fuck me really fast and stopped only for a few seconds to smile at the camera.
“Oh you have goood pussy.. Oh yeah cum on my face when you’re ready.”
All the licking started to feel really good and I figured I could let myself go. Afterall the only thing Martha wanted was to see me happy. I enjoyed myself until finally I started to feel the tension get stronger and I exploded in happiness. “Finally it’s over” I thought to myself. But I was wrong.
” Part two slut…” Martha told Kim.
They both helped me off the chair onto the bed flat on my stomach. My handcuffs were attached to the headboard and my legs spread apart. I felt Kim straddle my back facing my legs . That’s when she began to caress my ass cheeks, squeezing and grabbing them. Without warning, she them dropped down and began licking my ass. Now she was sucking and I could hear heavy breathing through out the room. She was now tongue fucking me as she enjoyed the taste and the feeling in her mouth.
I started to feel very uncomfortable as I’d never had sex, and anal was really out of the question. So I tried to create a diversion.
” Eat my pussy again Kim,” I begged. Martha caught on to my plan. She then pulled Kim off of me and rubbed my clit fast until I moaned out of pleasure. Martha loves making me cum.
Kim’s work was done and she wanted her reward. From what I can tell she really wanted to impress Martha, unlike me who was now being blackmailed by pictures and tapes.
I was put back in my chair and watched. Kim jumped on the bed doggystyle and then started to massage her backside. Then I saw Martha put on a strap-on. I was about 10 inches long just like the vibrator.
“Veronica I have to do this. You see Kim is extremely curious about anal sex and other fetishes. She wants me to teach her isn’t that right bitch.?” Martha asked.
“Yes” Kim said eagerly …
Martha slapped Kim’s ass really hard a couple of times. When it was nice and red and Kim had tears rolling down her face Martha licked one finger wet. She them jammed in Kim’s asshole. Kim yelled and tried to jump forward but Martha had a good grip by her hair. She moved the finger around viciously for 2 minutes or so trying hard to loosen Kim’s tight asshole. Kim moaned in pain and Martha liked this. Kim was such a slut, why shouldn’t she be punished a little.
Now Martha was ready for the fun part. She positioned the rubber dick right on Kim’s asshole. With just one push of her hips and all her strength she forced the strap on inside Kim who was now in serious pain. She yelled and cried “Stop!!” But Martha warned her not to be weak. Martha took the toy out and told Kim to lay on the bed and face her.Then she tongued the little blonde with a lot of energy, spreading Kims legs apart and throwing them over her shoulder. Next she went back for the asshole moving fast and fiercefully.
“Now I want you to play with this in your pussy and you have permission to cum” Martha handed Kim the vibrator.
“Harder slut”
“Harder… cum bitch cum ..
Finally Kim exploded with a major orgasm. Martha straddled Kim who was now face to face with her rubber toy which was glistening with liquid and contained a little blood from the ass tearing.
“Suck my dick slut” Martha said forcing the strap-on in Kim’s mouth and Kim obeyed.

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