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Strong and Godlike??

I had been buddies with Micheal for about a month. I hadn’t quite recovered from the shock of nailing the most beautiful man in tennessee. I was completely submissive to him. Afterall, I am a fat socially inept outcast, how I got mixed up in the company of this utter professional, I do not know. But after several sessions of oral, anal grudge fucking, I’d pretty much learned it all. I had countless orgasms, including my first, I had experienced his velvet tongue on my eager clit. He marked me. I was utterly powerless under this gold skinned, naturally blonde headed god. I wanted nothing more than to bind and control him, like he dominated me. On the particular night in question, he came to my house, he was a regular there, drank a few beers and dissappeared into the bathroom. He called me , and I quickly obeyed him and went to the bathroom. I shyly knocked and said, “did you call me?”, All innocent like I hadn’t known what he wanted. He let me in and wanted me to shave his perfectly round sculpted ass. He was in the process of shaving his pubic hair and his skin shined like gold. I wanted to swallow him whole, or I wanted him to swallow me. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and shaved his ass. The crack too, he reminded me. I wanted him to turn around so bad so I could give him head. And I asked him to turn around and he said he would. And when he did his hard coke can cock stood straight out and was staring me in the eyes. I waited for his word. He handed me a dildo he borrowed from my roomate and told me to masturbate while I gave hime head. I lokked up to make sure he was watching , he was.
He pulled my head back by my hair and told me to put on my pants so we could go watch a porn. My roomate was in the living room watching it to and I gave him more head on the couch. even though he was half my size he was in complete control.After a while we gave up on the movie and went to my room. He told me to finger his ass. I did to loosen it up and then he wanted me to lick it. I didn’t want to but I didn’t dare defy him. While I licked he moved against me and I started to feel in control. He wanted me to jam the small end of a double dildo in his ass. I did it slowly like he told me to. He moaned and rocked. I was constantly cumming. Then I switched to a bigger dildo. I wanted to shove it in but he said no. Then, much to my surprise, this man who was all man, got on his hands and kness and said, ‘Fuck me”. I certainly wasn’t going to argue. I got behind him and plunged a good sized fake cock in him. hard with no lube I fucked him, like the punk he had made me all those times. I felt bad for thinking like that, but I was drunk with power. I reached up and grabbed a hunk of his blonde hair. I jerked his hair back and giggled at what a punk he was. I started fucking him harder and harder. So hard he yelled for me to stop. And even though that power had me cumming and crying and laughing, I had to stop. I had to do what he said. No questions asked. I sat there and let the fluids run down my legs. He fed me his cock, then fucked me hard. Hharder than ever. He put my legs all the way behind my head and thrusted so hard my head was bouncing off the wall. My moment of domination was over but I knew, undeniably, that he knew I had him for just a minute. He was under my spell for once. I was cumming more thinking about it while he was ramming me. He was at the point of cumming himself and he pulled out. He grabbed me by the hair and fed me his cumm. So salty it made me choke, but I swallowed so I would have more of him in me. And like always he gat dressed put on his signature NY baseball cap and left but I knew he’d be back. And he was.

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