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A Chance Meeting

It had been a long day and I was just getting off of work. It was still pretty sticky outside from the humidity even though it was already after 5pm. I waited about 15 minutes for the city bus. It finally arrived and I took the bus downtown to meet my friend Shannon. We were going to go to the mall and do a little shopping before we had to be home. I got off the bus on 16th St. and waited about 10 minutes before she got there.

Then about 15 minutes later our bus came to take us to the mall. We jumped on and took our usual seats in the back of the bus. We talked about our day and talked shit about how some of the people on the bus were dressed. Shannon nudged my arm with hers and looked towards our left. I saw what she was trying to show me. There was a guy staring at us like he had nowhere else to look. He was good looking and it appeared as though he had a nice body. His hair was brown with frosted tips and he had green eyes. He was dressed very professionally in a dark blue suit with a white collared shirt and blue tie. I had gotten so involved in watching him that I hadn’t even realized that we had arrived at the mall. Shannon pulled me out of my hypnotic state as we got off the bus. The mysterious man got off as well and followed us, as well as a couple of other people, into the mall. We entered the mall through the JC Penny’s entrance and looked around at some different clothes and perfumes before leaving the store.

Once out of JC Penny’s, we began our search for guys. As we always did when we went to the mall, we would scour the crowd for cute guys and potential boyfriends. Anybody that we saw, we pointed out to each other. There were so many guys there, it was kinda hard to point out all of them, but we tried our best. We roamed around the mall for quite a while, going in and out of many different stores and even going back to some that we had already been in. We both had bought some clothes, a couple CD’s, some shoes, and new perfume. By the time we were done with our shopping, both of our hands were full of bags and we were pretty hungry. We made our way to the food court and found a table to put our stuff at. I sat with the bags while Shannon went to get us some Chinese food for dinner. I began looking through the bags and making sure everything was still there, when I saw him again. It was the man from the bus. He was standing in line at some Cajun food place. He looked in my direction and smiled at me with his bright white beautiful smile. It was like he was perfect or something. I watched him as he paid for his food and get his drink. He grabbed his tray and stared walking towards our table. He approached the table and asked “Is this seat taken?” I replied “Actually it is, but you can have this one if you like,” as I pulled up a chair in between mine and Shannon’s. He smiled and sat down next to me. He asked where my friend was just as Shannon was walking up to the table. She took her seat and we all introduced ourselves. His name was Dominique. We sat there and talked while we ate our food. He even played a little footsy with me under the table.

Well, before we knew it, it was closing time and we had to leave the mall. As we walked outside, Dominique asked us if we were taking the bus home. I told him the bus was our only way and he offered to give us a ride cause his friend Brian was picking him up. We accepted the offer and sat down on one of the benches while we waited. Me and Dominique continued our conversation and Shannon merely observed. Finally, a red BMW Roadster convertible pulled up. There was a tall and slender guy driving. Dominique got up and walked over to the car to speak with the driver (Brian). He came back a minute or so later and escorted us to the car. Me and Dominique climbed into the backseat and Shannon sat up front with Brian. I could tell by the look on her face that she was happy with what she saw and therefore, I was no longer feeling guilty about hitting it off with Dominique. We had barely even pulled out of the parking lot when it started. Dominique put his hand on my leg and began sliding it down towards my inner thy.

He massaged my thy and began rubbing his hand on my shorts over my wet pussy that was pulsating below. I noticed his bulge in his pants growing. I wanted him and he knew it. He leaned in and started kissing me with his perfectly moist and plump lips against mine. His tongue found it’s way inside my mouth and began teasing my tongue. Before I knew it, Shannon was tapping my shoulder trying to get my attention. We had already arrived at her house. We pulled up in the driveway and she jumped out to see if anybody was home. She came out of the house after a few minutes and told us we could come in cause nobody was there. We all went inside and made ourselves comfortable in her bedroom. Dominique asked to use the bathroom so he could change. Shannon pointed the way and then went into the kitchen to get drinks. Now that we were in the light I could actually see what Brian looked like. He was tall and thin with short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He had big dimples and wore thin black wire frame glasses. He was wearing a pair of faded Tommy jeans and a red Tommy polo shirt. He was pretty attractive, but I still preferred Dominique. Shannon and Dominique both came back into the room and now he was wearing one of the brand new outfits he had just bought. He had on a pair of Calvin Klein jeans and a red silky button up shirt(unbuttoned) with a white tank on under it. Brian said that they were about to go to the club and asked if we wanted to join them. We accepted the offer and asked them to wait in the living room while we freshened up. They obliged and we quickly began getting ready. Before we knew it, we were “club ready”. As we stepped outside, their mouths dropped and I think they even began to drool. Shannon was wearing her famous red halter top with her black flare leggings. I was wearing a black mini skirt with a white mid drift shirt. We hopped into the car and took off for the club. As we pulled up, we noticed the long line that extended for a couple of blocks and decided to skip the club. We ended up driving to a nearby park. Shannon and Brian stayed in the car, but Dominique and I wanted to be alone. We grabbed a blanket from the trunk and found a nice spot under a large tree and away from the car. He laid out the blanket and we sat down. He began massaging my back, and then my lags. My entire body was completely relaxed by the time he was through. There I was laying on my back unable to move and a gorgeous guy was sitting next to me.

I am usually the on that makes the first move because I like to be the one in control. But not this time. Dominique reached up under my skirt and pulled down my black thing panties. As he took them off, he was sure to sniff them before he set them aside. He lifted up my skirt to reveal my freshly shaven pussy just waiting to be penetrated. He was not going to make me wait any longer. He gently slid two fingers in my tight hole and began slowly moving them in and out. With every one of my moans he got faster. I asked him to go harder and faster and he did. He started ramming his fingers inside me as fast as he could. I started moving my hips in a circular motion for increased pleasure. I reached my down and started playing with my clit. That instantly sent me into orgasm. I grabbed his hand and pulled his fingers out of me. I brought them to my mouth and began sucking on them. I licked all of my juices off of his fingers. He was upset that I didn’t save him any so he decided to get some himself. He went down and shoved his tongue deep inside my pussy licking all the cum he could find. He was sure to tease my clit while he was down there. He teased it enough to keep my horny, but not enough to make me cum or orgasm again. He sat beside me as I tried to catch my breath. I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I pulled him down on top of me. We started kissing as I began to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants. I

reached my hand into his pants and pulled it out his nine inches of hard cock so I could play. He sat up and I moved my head down to his cock. I held onto the shaft with one hand and with the other hand I started pulling at his clothes trying to get them off. He took his clothes off as I covered his cock with my mouth. I massaged the lower part of the shaft with my hand, gently gripping it while my hand slid up and down. The rest of his tool was in my mouth getting sucked on. I teased his cock with my tongue ring, letting it caress his skin lightly. I made circles with my tongue on his head and all the way down his cock. The combination of my soft lips and tongue ring caressing his cock was enough to send him into orgasm. He shot his cum into my mouth. Once, twice, and then shot a third load of his hot sticky liquid down my throat. I savored every drop of it. Dominique grabbed a hold of my shoulders as he laid me down on the blanket. He took my shirt off and lifted up my skirt. Without any notice, he rammed his dick into my pussy and started fucking me hard. I wrapped my legs around his body as he fucked me. I began to moan as he got faster. He moved my legs up onto his shoulders so he could get his cock in further. I reached my fingers down and massaged my clit while he kissed along my stomach and belly button. He lips moved up my body to my large breasts that were bouncing from the force of his body pumping inside of mine. He softly kissed my breasts and licked my nipples before gently nibbling on them. He then picked my body up into the position of me sitting on him with his cock inside my pussy. His arms wrapped around my body as we began kissing. He bounced me up and down on his lap, making his cock go further in me each time. My breasts rubbed against his chest, our lips caressed each other, his hands slid up and down my back sending goose bumps all over my body. He laid me back down on the blanket as I was about to cum. He continued fucking me until my moans got louder and I came all over his cock. He slowed his movements, but he was still fucking me. He asked if it was ok if he came in me. Of course you know what my response was. He reached his hands down and grabbed onto my hips and he pulled my body as close to his as he could get. He was deep inside me and he shot his hot load of cum inside my pussy.

His body collapsed on top of mine, cock still in me, and we laid there for almost another 20 minutes before we could move again. When we were finally mobile, we got dressed and headed back to the car. I noticed that the windows were foggy so I cupped my hands around my eyes as I looked in and saw Brian and Shannon fucking in the car. We decided to let them finish while we took a short walk to cool off.

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