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18 Going on 15

I was working the grave shift at a popular 24-hour video games store in Argentina at the age of 21. For the last couple of weeks I had to ask a 12-year-old boy to leave the premises after 10pm as it was illegal for him to be there without an adult. He kept saying his sister was just around the corner, but she never showed up, until one marvelous night.
The store was empty- totally empty- when the boy walked in at 10:30pm on a school night! I left my security cage and was about to ask him to leave when in walks a vision that till this day I cannot erase from my mind. She was a stunning brunette, short, thin, but well stocked in the right places, mainly her breasts and ass! She wore light make-up, her hair loose to her shoulders, a tight black dress down to her mid-thighs, and high-heeled black shoes. She was divine or devilish, I just had to find out!
She said that her brother was allowed to be there and that she would just be around the corner at a friends newsagency. I told her that the boy was not allowed in the store without adult supervision, and if she wanted the boy to stay, she would have to stay with him.
“But what am I going to do here? I don’t like these video games!”
“Well, you could stay and chat with me, maybe have a coffee or something!” I answered, acting uninterested.
“Well, OK.” She said, to my joy.
So I sold the kid $20 worth of chips, and sat in my booth with her sitting just outside the mesh window. After about 10 minutes I had opened the booth and we were both squeezed inside, chatting away.
I couldn’t control myself when she said she was 18 and had been single for the last 18 months, specifying she hadn’t had sex for longer! I made my move there and then, pretending to reach for something I grabbed her around the waist and brought her to my lips. She didn’t struggle at all, and returned my kiss with so much passion I thought I would explode there!
From kising we went on to fondling, and i roamed her body like an explorer on a new land. I reached for every curve and bump on her body, inside and outside her dress, bra and panties while she stroked my fully erect manhood from outside my pants.
She then unzipped my fly, and my penis poked out with jocks and all. I had her panties down by her knees, her bra undone, and my hands were caressing her ass, when her brother came for more chips!!!!
He looked at us like he was shocked and was about to run home, so I gave him two handfulls of chips and asked him to keep an eye on the shop, as his sister and I were going to the kitchen down the back. We hurriedly dressed and I locked the booth and headed down back. I knew she wanted it more than I did, I didn’t even have to ask.
On the way down I looked at the beauty before me and wondered if she really was 18, as her stature wasn’t very tall, but her body was perfect! I had a little doubt, but at the time I wasn’t going to tempt fate!
We entered the back room, a little dark place with carpeted floors, no furniture, a little sink and the safe (which was time-locked and couldn’t be opened).
“I don’t get off my shift untill 6 am, and I know this is not the perfect place to do it, but frankly, I can’t wait!”
“I’m not complaining.” She answered with a wicked smile.
I was about to get some jeackets to throw on the ground when she pulled her dress over her head and bent down on her knees to face my crotch. I froze and let her do what she wanted, who was I to complain?
She stripped my pants off and swallowed my throbbing pole whole. That was it, I was sure she was 18 or older then because no one before her, nor after for that matter, had sucked my cock so knowingly before.
She took her panties and bra off as she sucked and licked my dick, up and down the shaft so many times I would have cummed if it weren’t the first time with her and at my job!!
I knelt down as soon as she took my penis from her mouth for breath and kissed her large, firm breasts. They were a size 110 (in cms), and were as firm as her round tight ass, which I was grabbing and pushing against my cock.
She lay down and opened her legs, thinking she wanted me to go down on her I was heading south when she said: “No, I don’t need it. I’m too wet already!”
“OK” I sniggered, and lay on her. My dick found its own way into that hot, wet snatch of hers, and I began to pump. Up, down, up, down. I was going to cum, but I couldn’t be that ridiculous! So I pulled out and asked her to sit on me.
“Why’d you stop?, I nearly came!!” she moaned.
“Not yet, let’s make it last!” I answered maturely, yet I was wanting to cum before her!!
She sat slowly down on my thick beast, and started sliding up and down. Seeing those magnificent tits bobbing up and down and side to side, plus her fantastic eyes looking deep into my soul, and that adolescent face, her mouth curved into a pleasant smile, moaning softly, I knew I had to have her again, and again. She only needed four trips, up and down, to cum. She arced back and tightened her vaginal muscles, exhaling loudly. I was entrapped by her beauty I forgot to let mine go!!
She pumped a litle while longer and asked me to fuck her from behind, she said she would cum again! So I did!!!
I grabbed her rump roughly and entered her dripping pussy forcefully from behind. I looked up to see her brother was standing 2 feet beside us, his little dick in his hands, looking at me!!! Marcela had already seen him, told me not to stop, and said to him: “Well? Had enough? Go play!”
“OK” he said, and he stood behind me and tried sticking his little noodle in my bum. I was over exited to care as I was cumming inside her just at that moment.
I pulled out and to my surprise the little brat caught hold of my cock and sucked it dry. I pushed him away in shock, and Marcela came to the rescue by continuing what he had started.
He just stood there jerking off. I came again in her mouth, then cleaned up and returned to my booth.
She stayed all night, bought me dinner, made me coffee and gave me head in the booth at five. I fingered her twice, and we were set. We enjoyed sex every night for two months from that date, and every night was something different and marvelous, even if, on our way home that night she confessed to being only 15!!!!

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