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By Chance

It was on a cold sunday morning that I awoke to find him. He was sitting outside my small, detatched house, set back from the quiet road, staring at the sky.
“Can I help you, sir? I’m afraid this is private property,” I said after opening the front door in my flannel dressing gown.
“I know, I’m very sorry, but my motorbike has brokendown not far from here. Could I possibly use your phone?” he explained in a soft Irish accent.
I was very wary of this stranger sitting on my doorstep as he could’ve been dangerous, but he looked sincere enough and so I decided to let him in.
He followed me through the hallway into the lounge and sat on my large, white sofa as he used the phone.
“Everything sorted?” I asked when he had finished.
“Yeah, thanks for your help. A tow truck’s coming at about 5 o’clock. Apparantly they’re very busy this time of year.”
“I know. My car broke down just last week. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you wait here until the truck comes. It’s freezing outside,” I offered, seeing how genuine he was.
“I couldn’t possibly… you’ve been so kind already,” he replied.
“Don’t be silly. I insist that you stay or I’ll feel guilty for leaving you outside in this ridiculous weather,” I said.
“Well… okay then”
I offered this man, who’s name I’d found out was William, a hot drink to warm him up before I told him I had to have a shower.
From the top of the stairs I turned round and looked down at him. He was beautiful. Short, dark blonde hair, large, piercing green eyes and a great jaw line. I shook my head in dismay at myself. Surely not? This is a stranger, don’t be so perverted! I thought to myself.
Though this did not shake the thoughts out of my mind as I entered the shower. All I could think of was those eyes lusting at my body, those big, strong hands caressing me, stroking me, teasing me. In the shower I began to touch myself to quench my desires.
When I had showered, I went downstairs to find him looking intently at my photographs.
“Who’s this?” he asked, pointing to a short, pretty and tanned young girl with her arm around me, both of us squinting at the sun.
“Oh, that’s my best friend, Lucy and I when we lived in Majorca nearly four years ago.”
“And who’s this?” he said again.
“That’s my ex boyfriend. He’s Spanish.”
“I see,” he simply said.
After a few minutes, I offered him some breakfast and we ate it in the kitchen, in silence.
By noon, I was so frustrated by his presence that I wished I hadn’t offered him to stay.
“I know it’s cheeky, but could I have a shower? I’ve been in these clothes all night.”
“Yeah sure. I’ll show you to the bathroom.”
He was in there for an eternity. In the end, I decided to go to my room and get on with my usual things.
Just after 1:30pm, I heard a knock at my door. It was William wondering where I was.
“Sorry I took so long.”
“It’s okay. I’ve got my own bathroom here,” I said, slightly embarrased by his bare chest.
I walked over to the huge french windows and opened the curtains to let in some more light. As I turned around, he was right behind me and I almost bumped into him.
“William, I…”
He put his arms around my slim waist and leant close to me and whispered,
“You are so beautiful, you’ve been tormenting me since I arrived. Let me kiss you,” but before I could object, I felt his soft lips brushing against my neck while his hands moved up and down my back. Then his mouth covered mine, relentless and urgent, his tongue stroking mine.
I felt his hands slide up my shirt as he tried to pull it off. He unfastened my bra and let it fall to the floor as he slowly flickered his tongue over my hard nipples, sending me to heaven. His finger encircled my breasts as his other hand undid my jeans and pushed them to the floor. At this I pulled away and said,
“You can’t just have you’re way like like…”
but he pulled me closer and slid my lace underwear down. I began to kiss him fervently on the lips to prolong the pleasure. My hands reached down to the towel wrapped around his waist and pulled it away revealing him, hard and throbbing. At the sight of him I immediately grabbed his hand and pushed it between my thighs letting him move his fingers around inside me. He pulled me towards the bed and whispered,
“Can I show you what I’ve been thinking about all day?”
I moaned quietly in ecstasy as he flickered his tongue between my inner thighs. His featherlight touch was exquisite torture and when I knew I wouldn’t last a moment longer, I pulled his head up and did the same to him. I licked him desperately until he screamed for me to stop. He started to kiss me intimately and for the first time, I felt him inside me. I arched with pleasure as we rocked steadily together. He started to thrust more urgently now,
“Is this good, baby?” he groaned.
“Yes, oh yes! Keep going, Will, I never want you to stop…” I cried.
We climaxed together when he was deep inside of me and fell asleep late in the afternoon.
When morning came, he said,
“Did you enjoy yesterday, honey?”
“How can you ask such a question?” I replied.
“Me too,” he said.

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