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Don’t know anything about him


The day started with the usual travel on the underground in the morning, packed to the bream with everyone standing close together. I am slightly tall standing at 5ft 10, holding on to the rail to balance while reading the folded newspaper when suddenly I felt my right nipples feeling aroused. I tried to ignore the sexual arousal I was feeling from the nipple as unspent sexual desires. Then the train jerked and I sudden felt warmth on the breast and looked down to see a man stocky built just over 5ft, with his tongue against my tee shirt licking my nipples very slightly. I pretended not to notice this for fear of making a scene and because if I turned away my right nipple that was hard by now would be obvious to other passenger, as it was half an inch long.

He had his eye almost closed, just tonguing my long nipple. So I pulled away and adjusted my breast to stop the sensation getting worse. I thought of reporting him when I got off the train but I felt it was hypocritical, as it really was nice. All day I was so turned on and had to sneak into the ladies to finger my pussy and squeeze and suck my nipples.

On the way home, I got a sit on the train but then notice him get on close to the closing door, so I used the excuse of giving an older lady my seat and squeezed myself towards where he was standing and pretended that the train jerked me and pressed my breast with the hardening nipples against his lips. He was not slow because he gave it a quick bite and kept his lip close to my breast and licked my nipples. I used the paper I was reading to shield what was happening and pulled my low cut tee-shirt down and he knew and popped my thick long nipple into his mouth and licked it so skilfully, that my pussy was pulsating without him touching it.

We said nothing to each other but my pussy was definitely wet and because the trained stopped for several minutes between stations it gave him time. I wanted to be fucked by this guy so badly but I did not want to seem too desperate. As we were pulling in at another station he released my nipple and carefully he put it back for me.

When I got to my station, I gave him a glance and I was feeling disappointed that he was not going to get off the train with me when at the last moment before the door closed he jumped out. I went up the escalator and he followed at a distance and when I got into my flat I quickly checked that my boyfriend was not there and left the front door open. I heard the front door close and went to see and there was the strange man, I moved really close to him just like on the train and he just suck and licked and play with my nipples and breast so gently but totally sensually. I felt for his cock and oh boy! it was hard and felt thick and long already, so he pulled his trousers down and fucked my pussy really hard against the wall in my hallway and it was a strange kind of fuck, because he jabbed and stabbed at my pussy so hard with his cock but his lip hardly left my nipples but that was so gently done with licks and sucks.

He fucked me and came in my pussy up to four times and we did it doggy style in my kitchen, did it on my sofa and again in the hall. After he left, I sat in the bath and thought, how reckless I had been to be fucked by a total stranger. My tired boyfriend came home shortly after and said he was tired but could service me before he sleeps and I thought to myself if only you knew.

My not so strange lover and me now meet up once a week but have agreed no names just sweet good sucking nipples and hard fucking.

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