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Just a Bus Ride

It had been 6 weeks since Dara had seen her fiance Chad, he was in the Military now in basic training.She received a call from him 2 nights ago. He cooed to her over the line and it made her so lonely for his touch.They had been together every day for three years , and when he joined up it almost killed her. They had been intense together, their passion, she believed was the greatest of all time. As soon as they said good bye she called the bus depot and bought a ticket, she was going to surprise him. The week end seemed forever away!
Friday afternoon she was driven to the depot by her brother.She boarded almost immediately and waved as they pulled away. She sat back with a sigh of relief,” 9 hours and I will be with Chad,”,she said to herself.
It was a warm day and the gentle sway of the bus soon lulled her to sleep.After a short nap she awoke as a man asked her if the seat next to her was taken. She shook her head , still half asleep.The guy settled into the seat and she drifted off once more. She yawned and opened her eyes, only to be a bit embarrassed, for her head was on this strangers shoulder.”oh!”, she gasped a bit red in the face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to use you as a pillow.” He smiled at her as she sat up, she was looking into the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen, and they were set into a tanned strong-jawed face.His dark semi curly hair was a bit shorter than she liked but he was quite attractive.Just then the bus slowed to let some passengers on, and he stood to help a lady put baggage in the over head, she felt herself blush as she looked him over, nice broad shoulders, a slim waist and hmmmmm, nice butt.”Oh!’, she thought to herself , you are a wicked little one, looking at others mens behinds!” He turned around while she was in mid thought and she was staring at his crotch! He looked at her and smiled as he sat down.”Well , do you like what you see?”,he asked.She was taken back a bit,first, because he caught her checking him out, and second it seemed rather crude his questioning her.She quickly changed the subject and told him about her trip to see Chad.He talked to her about being unattached at the present and threw in how pretty she was.The bus seemed to be slowing down , and soon was on the shoulder of the road, the driver informed everyone that there was going to be a bit of a delay.
Dora moaned,” A nine hour
trip will become an eternal ride to Hell.””Well it doesn’t need to be Hell ,”blue eyes said to her,”I can give you a little heaven.” As he said it he reached over
and cupped her breast in his hand, strangely though
Dara didn’t flinch a bit. In fact it felt good to feel a man’s touch.She felt herself lean into him, and she got that familiar tingle in her panties.She lifted her mouth to him and he bent to meet hers. He swept his tongue across hers and pulled her to him, his hands caressing her back and shoulders.She
wrapped her arms around him and dug her fingers into his back , what a strong back it was!He continued kissing her until she felt weak, she knew she wanted him, but where? how? His hand moved between her legs, he rubbed her pussy thru the jeans material, she was getting wet!His lips moved to her ear and whispered, “Come with me.” He stood and took her by the hand, he led her to the restroom at the back of the bus.He shut and locked the door, the little red light glowed softly.He lifted her onto thesink and lifted her t shirt.He bent and sucked her nipples thru the lacy bra she wore.She moaned and held his head against her breast.He teased and pinched her nipples for an eternity!She hopped down to her feet and took off her jeans and panties, he looked her over with approval and rubbed himself thru his trousers.He then lifted her back onto the sink and she slid forward, he was tall enough to reach her, so he dropped his pants to his ankles. His cock stood up hard and bobbing against his dark curly hair.He moved to her, as he entered her pussy, he pulled he off of the sink and onto him, she wrapped her legs around his waist and moved against him, the bus was again moving and swayed enough to keep tempo with them rocking into each other.She felt an orgasm growing inside her, fiercly, she moved against him with more vigor than she had ever done before, the fire in her grewand got hotter and hotter till she felt herself explode against him,she bit into his shoulder to stifle a scream.”Oh, a little wildcat huh?”, he whispered.Her orgasm pushed him on to his,he moved more quickly now sweat beads forming on his forehead and his back, as he got closer to cumming he moved more slowly and strained up into her more, she felt an ache as he was deeper in her pussy than anyone had before.He arched his back and pushed against her hard. She felt the stream of his cum jet up into her, again and agian he came, until he stopped ,lacing her back onto the sink.He lifted her to her feet, he then took herplace on the sink, “Now,”he said,”It’s your turn. He reached ove rand grabbed a handful of her hair, pushing her face to his manhood.She could smell them mixed on him and his hair wet with their juices, she went down on him and felt him fill her mouth, she was greedy , she wanted every inch of him to fill her mouth,she would stop and lick the head of his cock every now and then and look into his eyes as she did so , his moans gave her the satisfaction that she was pleasing him.He came again hard and swiftly she held him in her mouth so he could cum straight down her throat she swallowed and swallowed, he filled her mouth and a bit dribbled down her chin,Still he was not satisfied, he wanted her again! He got to his feet and leaned her facing the sink she leaned on the cool metal, he approached her from behind. He pushed into her so hard she was pinned against the sink, he was merciless, he dove into her again and again harder and faster that the first time, till they came together panting and sweating.Just then someone pounded on the door, “Come on man,” said the dis-emvodied voice, “I gotta piss!” They smiled at one another and dressed quickly. They opened the door and pushed past the surly man with the weak bladder.They moved back to thier seats and sat quietly togethertill they both drifted off to sleep , fully satisfied.
Dara felt the bus lurch to a stop, she looked out the window and saw it was her stop.She rose quietly as not to waken ‘blue eyes’.She took her bag from the over head and rushed toward the door, she glanced back at the sleeping man she had shared the most explosive sex with in her life.She mentally blew him a kiss and got off of the bus.
The depot was a busy one the first thing she did was call a local small hotel, and then she hailed a taxi to get there. The ride was a short one and as soon as she checked in she phoned the base. She left a message for Chad to call her back as soon as he could, he had a three day pass and she couldn’t wait to see him.The phone rang as she unpacked, it was Chad, he would be over as soon as he had his things in order.Good she thought it wouldn’t do to have him smell another man on her, she would have time for a shower.Each time she moved her hand across her body, slippery with soap, she thought if the strangers hands hot and strong on her. “Calm yourself girl”, she said to herself,”You will never see him again, you didn’t even get his name.”
The timing was perfect! She had just dressed when there was a knock at the door, it was Chad! She flew to the door, there he stood in all of his glory, he looked so good in his fatigues she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss.She half dragged him into the room and began to close the door. “Hold on Dara,” Chad said, “There is some one with me, I had to pick him up at the bus station on the way over here.” He leaned out of the doorand shouted down the hall, “Hey Sarg, here,room 134!” Around the corner came an Army seargent, his head was down and as he approached them he lifted his head to tip his hat.”Dara, this is Sgt.McMillern, Sarg, this is my girl, Dara.” You could have knocked Dara over with a feather ,it was blue eyes! “Oh yes,” the seargent said we met on the bus, we rode together.” Dara blushed to here toes, “Good to see you again,” she barely whispered.”you rode together?” Chad asked, “Well I hope you took good care of my girl for me Sarge.” “Oh he did,” Dara said, “He took very good care of me.”

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