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My Dance Teacher

My Husband had bought me dance lessons for my 30th Birthday, as I had always wanted to learn how to dance properly with my husband. We went to the first lesson together. Our teacher was a real hunk he was about 6′ and 175 pounds. He would demonstrate moves by dancing with me first and then my husband would try it with me.

Gord our instructor had a way of holding me that took my breath away. When I danced with him I found it hard to breathe I was so excited. I felt my nipples become aroused as I danced with Gord, this never happened when I danced with my husband Bob.

My panties also were getting moist as we danced .My body went limp I just wanted him to take total control as we danced.

Ever since our first lesson I found myself fantasizing about Gord our instructor. I found over the next few days that I was always thinking about him and found my hand was constantly under my panties playing with my clitty.

I started fantasizing about being alone with Gord. I started dreaming about his cock and how big and fat it might be. I didn’t know it but I was soon going to get my chance to take a private lesson with Gord.

Monday afternoon my husband phoned to say that he wouldn’t be home until after midnight and that we would have to cancel our lesson. I told him that after all the practicing we had done at home together that it would be a shame if I didn’t go to class and get Gord to assess how I had progressed. Bob my Husband wasn’t really that keen that I go alone to class but he relented and said that I could go by myself.

My heart was racing what should I wear? I booked the rest of the afternoon off work and went shopping.

I started dreaming about what I could wear. I stopped at a shoe store and bought a new pair of pumps with 6″ heels. I am only 5’and I felt they would really make me look a lot taller and even a little slutty. I knew they wouldn’t be very practical for fast dancing but I only imagined slow rumba and tango where our bodies would be in constant contact with each other.

I bought new black stockings and a frilly black garter belt for the stockings.

I had decided to wear my favorite very low cut black cocktail dress that was cut very short on the legs. I had decided to wear a black lace push-up bra so that my 38D breasts would look spectacular and would be barely contained in the dress.

I had booked a hair dressing appointment and told my hairdresser about my fantasy with Gord. She suggested that I dye my hair blonde. I had been thinking about doing this for a while. She said she would make me irresistible. When she had finished I couldn’t believe how good I looked. She had also done my makeup.

She said that if she was a man she said that it would be impossible to look at me and not get an erection.

The lesson was scheduled for 9pm and it was the last lesson so I knew no one would be coming for a lesson after me.

I put on a black thong panty, black pushup bra, black garter belt and wiggled into my low cut cocktail dress. My breasts barely squeezed into the dress. I put on my 6″ pumps; I looked in my full-length mirror and barely recognized myself.

The dress barely covered the tops of my stockings. I bent over to pick up my purse, which had fallen on the floor and saw my breasts in the mirror; the cleavage was incredible the pushup bra made my beasts look as if they were double D’s.

Bob would be so upset he didn’t like it when I dressed in a way that brought attention to myself.

I was dressed to get any man’s attention. I smiled and thought to myself that I could probably bring most men’s cocks to attention.

My makeup was perfect and I couldn’t believe how sexy I was as a blonde. All I could think about as I drove to class was how surprised Gord would be to see me come in alone. I hadn’t phoned Gord to tell him I would be a private lesson and my husband wouldn’t be coming.

I parked about a block away from Gord’s studio, and stopped in at a local bar where, I had 3 quick glasses of wine. I had always found that wine made me feel sexy and even a little slutty.

A man came up and bought me a 4th glass of wine.

I let him put his hand on my thigh and I danced a slow dance with him. I basically dry fucked him on the dance floor. I could feel his throbbing member explode in his pants. His jeans were wet. I kissed him goodbye had told him I had to leave.

I felt every male’s eyes riveted on me as walked from the bar to Gord’s dance studio, which was about 200 feet away. My dress was so short that as I lifted my legs the tops of my stockings became visible.

I kept feeling more horny as I got closer to his studio; I had never felt like this walking down the street before. Two men whistled at me and one man asked me ” how much”. I felt both slutty and like a whore at the same time. I thought for a few seconds how good it would be to be paid for having sex.

The last couple were just leaving as I arrived.

“Nancy how are you” he asked “where is Bob tonight.

I explained that Bob wouldn’t be coming; his eyes seemed to be undressing me as we chatted and he told me how good I looked.

I swear I was getting wet just talking to him. I felt the need to wear as little clothing as possible.

I excused myself went into the washroom and removed my black thong panties and my black pushup bra. I felt very slutty and now the only thing next to my thin black cocktail dress was my own skin.

I came out of the washroom and the tango music was playing. He put his arm around me and pressed his body against me.

He couldn’t keep his eyes of my breasts. The wine I had had in the bar had given me more courage then normal. I told him that he smelled good and I liked the way his manhood bulged in his pant leg.

I leaned up and kissed him I stuck my tongue as far down his throat as I possibly could.

I wanted him to know that I wanted him. He kissed me back our tongues intertwined.

His big hands ran down the back of my dress, which was of such fine material. It was as if I wasn’t wearing any thing at all.

I was breathing heavily and I told him I wanted him. He asked what about Bob and I said, “Who cares about Bob.” I was panting, “I need a real man like you to fuck me.” I told him.

He told me how slutty I was acting. That just got me more hot. “Gord Fuck me,” I screamed, “I need your cock in me.”

He lifted up my dressed and felt my shaved pussy.

“Impale me with your manhood” I cried out.

My left hand unzipped his fly and put I put little hand around his big dong it was so big it was huge.

I undid his belt and pulled his pants off. He was wearing black satin boxers, which made me even wetter.

“Ooh ooh Gord you’re such a hunk” I said. That seemed to really turn him on. His cock poked its head out of the slit on his boxers. I couldn’t wait any longer I started to put my lips on his big cock. Bob didn’t like me to suck his cock but Gord started to moan as I wrapped my lips around his manhood.

“Suck me deep, Nancy,” he moaned, “oohh your mouth is so good” he said.

He was having trouble standing up as I continued to deep throat him. His legs were starting to tremble.

“I’m going to cum” he screamed which made me suck him even harder. He came, in 3 spurts in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

We rested beside each other for a few minutes and I told him I wanted him to fuck me with his huge cock.

I fantasized about having his baby I was ovulating and knew that if he fucked me I would have his love child and Bob would bring him up as his child. I also knew that any child of Gord’s would be fantastic looking.

Gord spread my legs and entered me with his huge 10″ dong. It felt so good inside me. I had never had any man this big inside me. He was so much bigger then Bob’s little 5″ cock.

I was being fucked by a real man. I was heaving as he rammed his big cock deeper and deeper and deeper inside me. As he fucked me he told me how great my big tits were. I screamed as he kept pounding his cock into me. ” Gord keep fucking me I’m such a Slut”

“You are such a whore,” he said as his cock throbbed inside me.

I wrapped my legs tightly around him and dug the heels of my 6″ pumps into his tight ass. He couldn’t take it any more and erupted inside me. His hot cum felt so good.

He rolled off me and asked when would I be booking our next private lesson without my husband.

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