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Reading all of these true stories makes me want to share the story of my hottest and passionate experience, a true story of adultery. My story begins with a trip I made into the foothills of the Himalayas a few years ago with my best friend Sushant and his new bride, Sonal. No, I didn’t have any experiences with Sonal, but her best friend is another story. We were staying in a small town (I won’t mention name) where Sonal’s best friend, Priti lived.

Priti was a gorgeous, sexy 24 year old whose beautiful smile made me want to kiss her the first time I saw her, and her sexy hips and ass made me think of other things. But I told myself to control my feelings because Priti was married to a man 10 years elder to her named Nikhil, and they had two children, a daughter and baby boy. I met him also, but he was not good looking so I could tell they were a bad match for each other. Also, he was working five or six days every week in a town several hours from their home, and I knew she must get lonely.

My friends and I stayed at their home for a week, and as soon as Nikhil had left for his work, things began to get hot for Priti and me. It began one morning after we had eaten and I was the only one sitting at the table, finishing a cup of chai. She was teasing me that I was the only one among us unmarried as yet, and that I must be getting anxious. I told her “Yes, I see that you are just too happy with your family, and it makes me wish I had a family too.” She surprised me by saying “Yes, I appear to be happy, I apparently have everything that I should need, but there is no excitement in my life.” I was shocked and did not know what to say. At night, I was sleeping on the floor of the bedroom in which Sushant and Sonal were sleeping. On this night after Nikhil had left, Priti slept on the floor in that same room. We slept so that our feet were facing toward each other. As I was getting sleepy, I felt Priti’s foot rub against my leg quickly once only. I said, “What was that?” “My foot,” she answered. Sushant said “Yeh kya hai?” Priti didn’t answer and I said nothing. I lay there thinking that her touch was intentional or was it an accident? Before I fell asleep I felt her foot rub me in exactly the same way again. I knew that it was no accident, but I was too afraid to say anything with Sushant and Sonal in the same room with us. I knew that I would confront Priti tomorrow though.

The next day, I pretended to be asleep after everyone else was awake. They all were about to take chai when Priti entered the bedroom to see if I was awake. Just as I had hoped! Before she could ask me, I said, “I think that it was no accident when you rubbed your foot against my leg last night.” To my surprise, she did not deny anything, but told me, “Yes, Nikhil is gone so much, and when he is here, he never pays me any attention. You are very ice, and I think you are the sort of man I have always wanted in my life. It is very easy to commit mental adultery, and I wonder if it is as easy to actually do it.” My heart began beating fast, but I remained calm and told her, “Yes, and I have been liking you since we first met, and Nikhil is not treating you well, so I think there is nothing wrong with it.” She smiled and her eyes told me that wonderful things were yet to come. That night, as we were all preparing for bed, Priti said that the floor was uncomfortable and that there was room for all of us in the bed. So the four of us all got into the same bed together. Sonal was on the left next to Sushant. I was next to him and Priti was on my right. She was wearing a yellow shirt and thin black pants. Soon after the lights were off, Sushant and Sonal were fast asleep. Priti seemed to be asleep, but I knew she wasn’t. I touched her arm with my fingers and began to caress it gently. Priti opened her eyes and looked at me, but she did not try to stop me. Her eyes were filled with longing. I then began to caress her cheek with my hand. Now her eyes showed burning desire, and I touched her lips with my fingertips. Suddenly she took my fingers hungrily into her mouth and began to suck them. My cock became a throbbing erection in my pajamas. She then touched her fingers to my lips and I sucked on them also. Then I took her fingers from my mouth and slid over close to her. I pulled her head to mine and kissed her. I thrust my tongue forward and she sucked it eagerly into her mouth. I sucked on her lips and she sucked on my tongue. We were breathing hard and began kissing and sucking all over each other’s face, neck, and mouth. I pulled her body close and I know that she could feel my erection. I grabbed her soft ass and began squeezing it like a madman. Then I lifted her shirt and tried to remove her black bra. I was having trouble so Priti unfastened it and took it off. Her full round breasts were a sight to behold and I sucked first one then the other and bit the nipples between my teeth. Priti sighed hard when I did this. I then slipped my hand into her pants and even into her panties and continued squeezing her bare ass. I rubbed my toes on her leg as she had done to me the night before, but back and forth many times, slowly. Priti grabbed my arm tight and closed her eyes. Then she spoke the first words since we started. “You’ll have to stop or else I won’t be able to control myself.” That sounded good to me, but I knew that our friends would awake if we started fucking. So we rolled over away from each other. I didn’t sleep much that night. The next morning I played the same act that I was still asleep when everyone awoke. Priti knew my intentions and she came to me when I was alone in the bedroom. She was wearing a purple sari, which hugged her sexy hips and exposed her soft brown belly. Just the sight of her made me want to grab her and pull her into bed, but the door to the room was open, and Sushant, Sonal, and a servant were in the other room, so I didn’t. But she came close to the bed where they could not see us. I sat up and began to rub my fingers on Priti’s belly and in her navel. She gasped when I did this and then I lowered my hand to her crotch and began to rub her pussy through her sari. She just stood there looking at me with such longing in her eyes! Unfortunately, we had to stop to avoid getting caught, and then I left to go back to Delhi with my friends. But I knew that I would get Priti in bed again, and this time we would be ALONE!!! I thought of many plans, but I knew I needed the help of my friends. So I told Sonal and Sushant about what had been going on, and my desire to get Priti alone with me. To my surprise, Sonal said she would do anything for her best friend and they both agreed to help.

I had to wait for three agonizing weeks until Priti came to visit Sonal in Delhi. That was what she told Nikhil anyway. However, she had to bring her baby son with her. Sonal and Priti told everyone they were going to stay with Sonal’s Auntie and Sushant and I said we were going to have some fun in the city. Actually, all four of us checked into the same hotel. Sushant and Sonal took one room; Priti and I took the room next to them. The two of us watched TV while waiting for Priti’s son to go to sleep. As soon as he was asleep, Priti went to the bathroom to change. She came out wearing a sexy black nightie, which stopped just above her knees. I had stripped to only my underwear. She crawled into bed and we began kissing and grabbing and squeezing each other. My erection was throbbing again and I reached under her nightie to feel her crotch. She closed her eyes and threw her arms around me tight as I rubbed her hard. I could feel her pussy juices soaking through her panties, so I knew she was getting hot. I reached down the front of her panties and began to rub my fingers between her pussy lips. She was dripping wet as I shoved my fingers into her vagina. I fucked her hard with my fingers until she asked me to stop because I was hurting her. Then she said, “Now that we are here alone, you can do what you want to do.” I rolled on top of her and shoved my tongue into her mouth and we rolled our tongues around together while I thrusted my erection against her crotch. She was squirming and panting like anything, and I knew this young, beautiful married woman was ready for me. I lifted her nightie and saw her black satin panties. I pulled them down her thighs and all the way off, and was ecstatic to see her thick black pubic hair and protruding wet pussy lips. Then I took off my shorts and she turned to have a look at my throbbing cock. Finally, I got on top of her and she grabbed my erection and pointed it to her sweet spot. I slid into her heavenly wet pussy. It wasn’t tight, as it had delivered two children, but it was an amazing feeling. As soon as I slid all the way into her, Priti began to fuck me fast and furiously. I was surprised by her eagerness, but I matched her thrusts. “Yes, that’s it,” she said to me, and we pounded each other so hard that my pelvis bone hurt. After about fifteen minutes I came, pumping my semen into her. She said she felt dizzy after I rolled off of her. She went to the bathroom to clean up and we went to sleep.

The next morning, when we awoke, I asked Priti if we could do it again. She said, “I don’t know, maybe,” but I thought she was teasing me. Then she began to kiss me on my chest, she sucked my nipples, licked my stomach and side and then pulled my throbbing cock out of my underwear and took it in her mouth. She sucked on it and I thought surely I would come, but she stopped before I did. She was teasing me! I was ready to do her again, but instead I rolled her over on her back, pulled her panties off and began to lick and suck on her pussy. We must have been making too much noise, because her son woke and started to cry. She sat up and got him to quiet down, and came close to me. I knew I had to fuck her right away but I was afraid lying on top of her might upset the baby, so we lay on our sides facing each other. Priti cocked her thigh over my leg and I slipped my erection under her nightie. She guided me into her pussy again and we fucked quickly and quietly so as not to disturb the baby.

That afternoon, all of us went out in Delhi and had a lot of fun together. We went to see the movie Ghulam and ate at a nice Chinese restaurant. Priti and I weren’t through with each other yet, so we convinced everyone to stay at the hotel another night. Once her son was asleep, Priti and I began kissing and licking and sucking each other again. I stripped her nightie, bra, and panties off and saw her completely naked for the first time. I sucked her breasts, her nipples, and I ran my fingers through her soaking wet pussy. Then I got on top of her. She parted her thighs and I slid into her. Her pussy was so warm that I thought I would never want to pull out of it again. I pushed in and out of her slowly. We sucked on each other’s lips and tongue while we gradually moved faster. I tasted her breath in my mouth as I began to pump harder. She was pumping harder too. After about ten minutes we were fucking fast and furiously like the first time. Priti’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open in an expression of ecstasy, all of her white teeth showing. She was milking the head of my cock deep inside her pussy with all her might, and I knew I couldn’t stand it much longer. I felt a spasm inside me and I spurted my semen into her again and again until I was completely dry. We lay together for a while before I reluctantly pulled out of her.

The next day, we left the hotel and Priti returned to her husband. I have seen him since and I wanted to ask him, “Do you know that I slept with your wife and fucked her?” I didn’t though, for Priti’s sake. I have not seen her for a long time now, but I still remember this as the best experience I had with a woman. I never thought that I would get to fuck another man’s beautiful wife.


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