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“Snowed In”

Everyone has a story to tell, but not many tell the ones worth telling. Well this girl’s got one to tell.

As my most recent customer left the store, a frigid gust of wind took his place. I glanced out the window and noticed that the few flurries had become a steady snowfall that had no intention of easing up anytime soon. “Perfect,” I said to myself as I moved to turn up the heat but the sound of the door interrupted me. A young man, probably about 20 years or so, walked into the store almost covered in snow. He gestured toward the trail of melting snow he tracked in, “Sorry, I can help you clean it up if you want.” I waved it away, “No worries.” He dropped his large backpack in the corner and moved toward the beverages section of the store.

“It’s getting pretty bad out there,” he said as he took off his jacket and wool cap, both looking cold and wet, “I’m surprised that you’re still open.” I turned up the heat and made my way to my seat behind the counter, “Why is that surprising?” He looked at me with an incredulous stare (green eyes, interesting), “Because some places were in danger of being snowed in,” he took a moment to put a dollar into the coffee machine, “I figured that since you were open, your store was secure.”

A worried expression must have crossed my face because he reacted in a similar fashion after seeing it. I ran to the front door, opened it quickly (obviously without thinking) only to be met with a wall of snow which promptly tackled me. That’s when everything went white and I could feel the weight of the snow on top of me. I felt the cold seeping into my body, my clothes being soaked; I felt cold, wet and winded. I felt like I was going to die. That’s when everything went black.

My eyes fluttered open but everything looked hazy. I remembered the wall of snow and the wet cold feeling but now I was warm (rather toasty actually) and dry. There was something warm pressed up next to me and I was covered in some kind of clothing. I felt around while willing my eyes to focus and realized that I was lying on some towels from my store, naked but covered by a jacket and lying next to me was the guy who entered my store last and he too was naked. I screamed.

He awoke with a start, but as much as I tried to stand up my limbs felt very fatigued. My vocal cords and lungs worked fine though and thus I screamed like, well like I woke up naked next to a stranger in my store. He didn’t do the whole try and calm me down thing though, all he did was keep his distance and wait. I then realized that we were snowed in and no one, save for present company, could hear me. This made me stop screaming but pulled the jacket up around me and I didn’t take my eyes off of him, off of his moderately built body, his shaped but not chiselled abs, his… That’s when he caught me staring, turned a shade of red and did his best to cover as much of his body as he could.

That’s when he spoke, “Sorry about that, but I needed to get you out of your soaking clothes and warm you up.” I glared at him, “Ok, but did you need to be naked as well?” He almost threw his arms up but decided not to, “My clothes were soaked from digging you out of the snow, with my hands by the way, so this was pretty much to save both our lives.” “I called 911 and they said that their resources were spread thin but they said we were trapped at least with food and water.” He started to shiver slightly, “Also, despite my turning up the heat, the store is still pretty cold due to the fact that the door can’t be closed.” It took me a moment to absorb it all but I realized that he was telling the truth.

I smiled, got up and disappeared for a moment in-between the shelves and returned with two devices which I plugged in and turned on. “Space heaters,” I nodded at them, “only have two in stock though.” He gave me a blank stare and continued shivering, “Come on,” I said and gestured for him to come over. He slowly crept along the floor and got under the collection of towels and his jacket with me. “We can cuddle for warmth if you want,” I told him as I turned away from him, “but no funny business.” I couldn’t see him, but almost felt his nod. The next thing I felt was his warm skin pressing against mine.

I’m not sure if he slept but I sure as hell didn’t; there was a naked stranger pressed up against me. I should’ve felt scared or insecure but something about him being a stranger made me feel something else; something warm in a weird place. The warmth between my legs grew as I entertained such dirty thoughts in my mind that I actually gave myself goose bumps.  That’s when I decided to put caution to the wind, I mean if he wanted to harm me in any way he had had ample opportunity over the past 3 hours. I slipped my hand down past my side and gently grasped his penis and testicles. The reaction was interesting; his penis gave a slight jump and his testes moved around in my hand, but what I noticed most is how hot they were.

“Weren’t you the one who said no funny business?” he whispered in my ear. I turned to face him, “Who’s laughing?” I said with a smile and I began to stroke his penis as it grew larger in my hand. I was caught off guard when I felt his hand between my legs, his fingers playing around my vulva and finding my clitoris. I felt a wave of pleasure sweep over my body as he moved his fingers in a slow circular motion. His other hand moved to my breasts and he passed his fingers over my already erect nipples. I let out a slow blissful breath as I stroked his throbbing, erect penis.

We moved closer to each other and kissed, and kissed and kissed. At some point I pushed him onto his back and got on top of him. I slipped his penis inside me and began moving rhythmically while kissing him still. His hands reached out and he held onto my ass, squeezing gently as our bodies pulsed with lust. He broke away from the kissing and took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, occasionally gently grasping it with his teeth and flicking it with his tongue. This made me quicken my pace and my body began to shudder as I drew closer and closer to climax. Faster and faster I went, gyrating on top of him, his warm hands against my skin, his tongue now licking my right nipple. I felt it coming, I felt myself coming. Like a wave of sensation that came from everywhere and nowhere at once; I threw back my head and screamed as my body shook and goose bumps broke appeared on every square inch of skin I possessed.

I lay on top of him, his penis still inside me, our lips brushing gently, still feeling my vagina throbbing with pleasure around his manhood. I felt his hand on my back and suddenly rolled us over slowly until he was on top and that’s when he thrust his penis deep inside me. The sensation, as it came on the heels of my own orgasm, felt almost overwhelming but nothing prepared me for what he did next. He withdrew and proceeded to perform several shallow thrusts, felt like a tease, until, without warning, he thrust again deep inside of me. I wrapped my legs around him and he repeated the stroke, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I realized what he was doing and drew him close, “You can go ahead and fuck me you know, I am more than satisfied already,” I whispered into his ear. He smiled and began thrusting his hard cock deep within my vagina. I could feel the shape of his cock inside me, being squeezed by the walls of my vagina. I felt the muscles in his body tense as he came and his penis throbbed violently within me, releasing warmth and pleasure.

We kissed for some time afterward and fucked probably twice more. The next day we could hear rescue crews working to dig us out while we ate hot pockets and drank coffee. I looked into his green eyes, “Hi,” I said, “my name is Laurel.” He smiled and gazed back at me, “Nice to meet you Laurel, my name is Ron.”

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