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The Best Night of My Life !!! Part 2

This is part two of The Best Night of My Life. If you haven’t read part one you should ! Thanks.

After what seems like an eternity, although an enjoyable one, we pull into my drive. I get out and open her door for her . OMG !!! Look at those legs !!!!!!! As we enter the house I remember that I haven’t told her about my dog. So needless to say when I turn on the light she is quite surprised !! A large , but friendly, Doberman.
I close the door and turn around and she reaches out her hands to me and I pull her to me and we kiss. Oh baby do we kiss!!!! I’ m thirsty so I offer her a drink. I’m drinking ice water and she “helps” me drink it. I give her the nickel tour of the place saving the best for last .
I’m behind her with my hands on her waist as I guide her through the doorway to the bedroom. I turn on the light and then come up behind her again, my hands on her waist, I kiss her neck, then her earlobe as my hands reach up under her top and caress her breasts, 36g ! Damn I can’t believe how big and beautiful they are ! And natural ! Her nipples respond to my touch.. I pull her top up and off and turn her around and kiss her once more.
She unbuttons my shirt and takes it off so she can run her fingers through the hair on my chest. She kisses me once more and then kisses her way down to my chest. and nipples as her hands run down to undo my pants. I reach around and unzip her skirt and it falls to the floor, my hands grasp her firmly on her perfect ass.
She starts kissing her way down my abdomen as she pushes my pants and underwear down and I step out of them. She teases me by kissing oh so close to my cock but not close enough. As she runs her hand along my thigh and around to the cheek of my ass she finally takes me in her warm , wet mouth.. OMG !!!! That feels soooooo good!!! But as good as it feels I pull her up to me and kiss her passionately. We are standing next to the bed but I pick her up in my arms and lower her onto the bed.. I walk around the bed and turn a cd and then I join her on the bed.
As our bodies entangle and our kisses get more and more passionate I start to kiss my way down her body stopping at her neck, her nipples and just shy of her sweet mound. Instead of stopping there I continue on down her long , incredible legs. Kissing her knees and down her shins. I take her feet in my hands and kiss them each. I place them on my chest and she rubs my chest with them as I massage her calf muscles.
Once again I take her feet in my hands and I kiss her toes and then I start to kiss my way back up to her pussy. I kiss one leg then the other and the closer I get to her pussy the more she opens her legs to me until finally my mouth finds its way to herr waiting pussy. I hear a distinct moan of pleasure.
I lick her pussy, running my tongue along the entire length . I spread her pussy lips and expose her clit and lightly flick it with my tongue, she shivers ! I continue to lick and kiss and suck on her clit while I run my hands gently across her soft , smooth skin. One hand across her abdomen and up to her big, beautiful breasts, rubbing the nipples into a state of hardness and my other hand exploring the softness of her thighs.
I’ve been licking for sometime now and she is beginning to move her hips more and more as if trying to use ride my tongue like a cock. Every time I stick my tongue inside her she gives out a sweet , low moan of enjoyment. I sense she is getting close to cumming. So I stop my assault on her pussy and start kissing my way up to her nipples. I take her breasts in my hands and squeeze them together so I can suck both nipples at the same time , she arches her back as a sign of approval. I start to kiss my way back down to her wet pussy.
But when I get there I kiss it once and then I start to kiss my way to her hip and towards her butt.. I nudge her with my head as a hint to roll over on her stomach. I kiss the cheeks of her sweet, firm ass as I knead them with my hands. I kiss the back of her knees and up the back of her thighs and spread the cheeks of her gorgeous butt so I can get my tongue to her pussy . She raises her ass in the air to give me better access and I reach up and rub her clit with my fingers. MMMMMMMMM she moans . What’s that? Is she starting to cum ? I stop once more! It’s not time for her to cum yet.
I roll her onto her side and with my knee I push her legs up towards her chest so she is in a fetal type position. I rub her pussy with the head of my dick to lubricate it and then I slowly push all the way inside her super wet pussy . Ahhh this is great ! , now I have easy access to her breasts , her legs, her pussy , her clit. As I slide in and out of her I reach up to caress her breasts with one hand and I start to rub her clit with the other. It doesn’t take long and I can tell it’s that time again for her ! Third times a charm and this time I start to pound her pussy with my manhood and she reaches down and grabs my hand., crunching up into a tight little ball as she cums . Her body convulsing with pleasure. I don’t wait for her to recover her senses and I get off the bed and stand at the edge as I guide her into the position I want her in . On her hands and knees on the edge of the bed .
I enter he from behind, placing my hands on her hips as I again start going in and out of her tight, wet pussy. In and out , slowly, deeply. Stopping for a second each time I’m fully inside her and then pushing just a little further. And on the outward motion almost pulling completely out and then starting over again. She starst to wiggle her ass side to side to add to the sensation and it works well. I feel my cock getting even harder, even bigger. it’s time for me to cum and she knows it ! She tries to pull away as, if to tease me as I teased her . But I get a firm grip on her waist and hips and hold her where she is . The speed and intensity of my thrusting increases until I start to cum and I thrust myself once more as deep as I can inside her and hold her still so she can feel my load being shot deep inside her .
My cum deep inside her, I bend and kiss her back and then I slowly pull my shrinking dick from her cum filled pussy as I kiss my way down her back. I kiss the cheeks of her ass once more but only after I swat them playfully a few times. She lays on her back and I lay on my side beside her and kiss her softly on her lips. Touching her face with my hand. We lay there for awhile and I run my hand over her body, lightly ,giving her goose bumps and making her shiver. We kiss again, more passionately this time. And then since it is so late we just lay there in each others arms and fall asleep.
I’m the first to awaken and I lie there looking at her beautiful face and how the bed sheets caress her perfect body . The perfect body that i made love to only hours ago. I must see it once more but I don’t want to wake her yet. So I slowly and gently pull the sheets down her body . A few inches at a time, slowly exposing her goddess -like body. As hard as it is to resist sucking on her nipples as I expose them I do resist. Finally she is completely exposed and I gently nudge her leg so as to get her to move it a little. After several minutes I have her legs spread wide enough that I slowly move down the bed and position myself ready to eat her pussy. Pussy for breakfast !!!!! MMMMMMMMM !!
I very softly kiss her mound, she doesn’t move . I kiss it once more, she doesn’t move. So now I lick her pussy , she moves slightly. I spread her pussy lips and stick my tongue inside her and wiggle it . Now she moves ! But not really awake yet . So now I’m licking her pussy just like earlier in the night and she starts getting wet. Finally she comes to her senses and realizes what is happening and she adjusts herself in the bed giving the best access she can as I continue to eat her .
She must really like this because in almost no time she is moaning sweet moans of satisfaction and her hands are on my head guiding me to where she wants me , pushing down or holding up my head to get just the right pressure on her clit. I can tell she is getting close to cumming but no teasing this time I increase the speed of my wicked tongue and lick her into another orgasm.
Then I kiss my way up her soft warm body until our lips meet and we kiss our first kiss of the morning. After some quality kissing time I suggest we shower and off we go . I get some towels out as she starts the water and once the temperature suits her , in we go . She is the closest to the shower head with the water running down her long sensuous body and I reach for the bottle of body wash and proceed to wash her entire body for her . Paying extra attention to the little nooks and crannies. We switch positions and she washes me , saving my cock for last, Needless to say I am erect quickly as she lathesr him and my balls up to get them squeaky clean .
Once I turn and rinse the soap from my body and turn back round to face her we kiss once more , so deep, so passionately. Then she kisses down my chest and abdomen to my waiting rock hard dick. She takes me in her mouth and starts to lick and suck it !! OOOOOOOOO that feels sooooo gooooood ! My hands on her head as she bobs up and down on my cock. Licking the head playfully with her tongue as she fondles my balls. She slowly takes all of me into her mouth and wraps her tongue around it. Then her speed increases as she concentrates on the head of my dick , making it harder than ever.
Her expert tongue and her soft wet mouth soon have me ready to cum . I can’t resist the urge any longer I say ” Elizabeth, I’m going to cum !!” and as best as you can with a mouth full of dick she says “cum in my mouth !” No sooner said I feel my cock swell to it’s fullest and I stand there as she sucks the cum right out of me, not stopping until I just can’t take it anymore and she has swallowed every drop of it and even squeezed my balls and dick to get every last drop. I pull her up to me and we kiss again more passionately than ever.
We rinse off once more and then get out of the shower and dry off . Tme to get dressed. It has been a night to remember ! But now I must take Elizabeth back to her car.
Once there we set up a day and time to meet again for dinner and a movie the next weekend. As we part company we kiss once more giving each other a little squeeze on the tush .
Yes there are more stories to cum !!!!!!!! Leave your comments, good or bad . Thanks !

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