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The Pick Up

The Pickup!
by Too_Tastee
Glancing at the beautiful scenery could possible explain why I paid no attention to the blinking lights on the dashboard of my middle-aged Subaru. I am so use to it running so well, that I take off on a trip without thinking of anything except filling the gas tank. The Subaru is a wonderfully dependable ride, that is except for today. When I did notice the flashing lights there was a short moment of panic that dissipated when I saw that there was a probable chance that my car would make it to the next inhabited town. It had never let me down before, so I was shaken to the core when it just stopped. The panic returned. I popped the hood and took a look at the steam rising from the engine where a broken hose lay haphazardly across the radiator. Oh God, there is no hope of me coasting any further. Feeling defeated, I gathered my purse and locking the doors, started my walk in the same direction that I was going. I was hoping against hope that I would fine a ride before darkness fell. I had heard so many horror stories about women being stranded on a lonely road and being picked up by some perverted maniac.
Before too long, I spotted a vehicle coming my way. It was black and shiny and until it reached me, I would never have known that it was also a limo. It was stopping. Thank you God, I thought. There was no chance of a pervert riding in this thing. It was beautiful and very long, but the windows were dark and I could not see my benefactor. The door swung open and out stepped a very tall and handsome man wearing wrap around shades and holding a white cane with a red tip on its end. He was blind. He asked if he could be of help and I quickly explained my circumstances. He said that he would send his mechanic to repair it and in the meanwhile I could enjoy relaxing more at his home in the hills. I looked over at his driver, who had rolled down his window but did not look directly at me, and decided this would be my last shot at returning to my journey. So, taking his offered hand, I stepped into the quiet shelter of a beautiful and sedately decorated ride. I handed my keys to him to give to “the driver”.
I could barely focus my attention on what he was saying because I was so busy looking around and admiring all of the nice conveniences there. He asked my name and destination, and then mentioned that he thought that I smelled wonderful and that he had always appreciated the scent of Perry Ellis 360′. He laughed softly at my surprised gasp and said that because of his blindness, he had a keen sense of smell, hearing, taste, and of course, touch. He made me feel very safe and I began to relax even more. The ride to his home was extremely smooth and he offered me a drink that was flavored with something that I couldn’t quite distinguish. It was very refreshing and I wanted another, but he told me to hold off until I had eaten because the drink was very powerful and I should have a light repast first before indulging further.
It was then that I noticed a heat racing through me. I was feeling so very warm and flushed. My core was tingling and needed rubbing, and remembering that he was blind, I put my hands between my legs and rubbed my crotch to relieve the sensation. He continued talking to me and mentioned that I seemed restless. He had heard the sounds I was making twitching around and rubbing myself. I ceased immediately, but felt even warmer and hoped that I wouldn’t embarrass myself. Arriving at his home, the door of the limo was opened by his driver, we climbed out. I noticed this time that the driver’s eyes never left me, looking me up and down and smiling a knowing smile that made me feel even more flushed. It was a huge estate, hard to describe given the state I was in. As I climbed the stairs to the front door, my breasts felt heavy and my nipples protruded. What was happening to me? I was so hot that I could barely contain myself. Once inside, he turned to me and asked how I was feeling. What could I say? He then offered me another drink, this one not as strong as the first one. While sipping it, his hand brushed my breast as he reached for my arm. The sensation was awesome. When I put my arm through his, I deliberately rubbed my breast on it over and over again. When we entered a sitting room, I noticed the furniture immediately. There was a french settee that drew my attention. There was a door that was partially open and I could see a bedroom with a king-sized bed in the center with a dim red light shrouding the room in sensuality. I had already opened two buttons on my shirt and decided then and there to do something about the throbbing in my cunt. I blatantly told him how I was feeling and he then told me that he understood all too well. It was the drink he had given me and that I would feel even better as the day wore on. I wasn’t the least bit shocked at what he told me. I was too busy thinking of how I wanted to relieve myself. He removed my shirt and bra and….. his glasses. I knew then it had all been a ruse. He could see perfectly well and even that did not stop me from complying. I pulled down my pants in a hurry to make myself completely naked. Once undressed, we moved to the settee and I reclined back as he dropped to his knees and suckled my breasts first one and then the other. OOOoohh, my nipples were so hard and he sucked them into his mouth like a baby after milk. I was so hot, my pussy dripping as his fingers found it. I willingly spread my legs open wide and he licked at my wetness, savoring the flavor as he rolled his tongue in his mouth and smiled. He told me I tasted delicious and that black pussy was extremely flavorful. He said that he was then going to give me some immediate satisfaction, and drove his tongue into my slick sheath. I was bucking and cumming before I knew what had happened and coming down from it, found myself wanting more, much more. He began to undress and licking his lips told me of the things we were going to do. I watched him and became inflamed when his cock sprang out at me. I wanted to suck it into my mouth, but he stopped me. Pulling me with him into the bedroom he gently laid me on my back and mounted me surging forward and plunging his hard phallus deep inside my pussy. We both fucked furiously and in a matter on moments were cumming together straining for more. The feel of his hot semen drove me wild and my cunt muscles worked fervently to milk his cock dry. When we relaxed, I asked why did he do this to me, he said that he had such a high sex-drive that he had designed his own means of turning a woman on. I could not complain at this point because I was ready again to sample the fruits of love. I was full of his cum and he asked me to open my legs and he pushed something cool inside me. I watched as he bent his head and began sucking me again. He paid so much attention to my clit that I felt my cum tingling at the brink. He then delved into my cunt hole with his tongue and ate out all of his cum and mine. During this process, I came twice more, and didn’t try to understand what was happening to my body. He asked if I was enjoying myself and I told him that I had never had so many orgasms before and wanted more of the same. He said that he would see that I got just what I asked for………………………
More to come,

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