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The Pick Up part 2

Part 2…………
His words did not frighten me because he didn’t seem the sort to physically harm me, so I asked what was next on the agenda. He told me that we were really going to eat, but it would be food first. I was famished. We dined on succulent chilled lobster and pieces of fruit carved in the shape of both male and female genitalia. I thought that was pretty funny and said so. He laughed and displayed a beautiful set of white sparkling teeth. He was so very handsome. I asked him again why he did this and that any woman would love this kind of attention. He said that he loved fucking so much that most women could not keep up and that he did not want to burden one woman with the responsibility of satisfying him, besides he loved the variety. I understood then that he just wanted a host of women for his pleasure, sort of like an Arabian Prince with a harem. I was not in the least offended. He was too handsome for one woman, a man like this should be shared and appreciated. This was so unlike me because I am not into sharing my men, but then he did not belong to me and I wanted to take my pleasure and be on my way. He assured me that my car was being looked after and that I could leave as soon as it was done………..that is, if I wanted to.
He offered me another drink and I greedily took it. The impact and feelings came immediately. He told me how fetching he thought I looked sitting at his table naked and looking like a milk chocolate statue. I was flattered, but horny and wanted us to continue our little session. He walked around the table, his member swinging with each step, and reached out his hand to me. I placed mine in his and we walked back into the bedroom where the bed had been re-made with fresh sheets with a pattern of every conceivable position and sexual act there was. I was fascinated. He laughed and kissed me tenderly. He took the tip of his cock and teased my nipples spreading his pre-cum juices over them. He then bent to lick the juice off and repeated the process this time laying his cock between my breasts. I then squeezed his penis with my tits and he began a rocking motion that caused his cock head to peek out at me and I bent my head to lick it each time. He was groaning and saying “yes baby, oooo, its so good. It feels just like your sweet black pussy tight around me”. His words made me so very wet and I longed to touch and fondle my hairy pussy, but did not want to give up the hot friction of having a cock between my breasts. He was cumming now, his spunk shooting upwards in an arc that had it landing on my chin and face and dribbling onto my neck. He took his dick and rubbed his cum into my skin, on my face, my neck, my tits and finally my lips, pushing his cock into my mouth for me to suck. I was in heaven, but knew that I had to wait until he composed himself before I could be satisfied like I wanted.
That was when his limo driver walked into the bedroom naked. Watching the driver approach, he leaned over me and told me not to be afraid, that Jake was harmless and would not do anything that I did not want or like. Jake had a large fat cock that I noticed first. Later looking him over, I found that he was as handsome as his boss and I liked the fact that his body was built with a few extra pounds. I am a voluptuous woman and like to have my arms around a large man. He stepped over to the bed and crawled towards us. My host lay back and watched as he explained what we had just done and that I was in need of some attention. Jake smiled at me and said hello. He then bent down and kissed me passionately all the while rubbing my breasts with his large hand. I asked if he minded if I took a quick shower and he said yes, he did mind, that he did not want to lose all of the sweet tasting cum that was on my body and began to lick me from my face to my nipples, tasting the cum that had been deposited there. I was in a fix, I wanted my pussy taken care of, but was so turned on by his licking another man’s cum.
Jake would lick the cum and bring his tongue to my mouth so that I could taste it. I thought I would die if I didn’t cum right then, but he pulled back and made me wait. He rubbed his cock in his hand and positioning himself between my thights plunged his cock into me in one swift motion. “Aaahhhhh, baby”, I screamed. It was so good. I arched my back to meet his thrusts as he rammed into my pussy over and over again. My host watched as we fucked and french kissed talking dirty to each other for a more heightened pleasure. “You have such a good pussy, baby. It’s so tight and hot, so wet. I want to eat you and fuck you at the same time”, he said loudly. I noticed that my host was becoming aroused and knew that he wanted to get involved, but I was shocked when he leaned his mouth close to where Jake and I were joined. Jake slowed his pumping and allowed his boss to hold his dick as it came out of me, and let his boss lick the head of his cock and then my cunt. Plunging his cock back into me, they repeated the same until I could no longer stand it and began to spend. I was cumming and urging my fucking partner to fuck me harder. Oh God, I had never cum so hard before. Jake gently removed his penis and I noticed that he had not cum yet. I wanted to suck him, but his boss beat me to it and greedily gobbled the hard cock into his mouth and mouth-fucked Jake to completion, swallowing and drinking his cum down. The three of us lay back to recoup and I asked the question that I could no longer hold in. “Are you two gay”, I asked. They both laughed and my host explained that they were not, but that having as high a sex drive as they did required no specific gender bias. They just loved the good feelings and sensations of loving and a cock or a cunt served the purpose equally. I was stunned, but being non-judgmental, asked if we could continue.
This shocked the two of them and I noticed an obvious change in their demeanor towards me. They became more gentle, more loving and did everything to please me. I was lick and sucked, fucked and fondled, kissed and cuddled and finally drifted off to sleep. When I awakened, I was treated to a nice hot bath with two lovers to do the bathing. They marveled at the softness of my skin and the plumpness of my body in certain places. I felt thoroughly loved and cared for. I was completely satisfied. My host, whose name, by the way, was Jeffrey, told me that my car was repaired and out front, but that he had a proposition for me before I left. He wanted to know if I would consider becoming their permanent mate, because they had never met a woman who seemed to understand how they felt about loving making and who did not consider them depraved. I felt very warm towards them at their offer and asked if I could think about it and get back to them at a future time. They agreed that they could wait for an answer and we toasted with my now favorite drink and began a new session all over again.

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