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Inspired by a Movie – Part 7

Andi and I grabbed a quick shower and went to bed.   The day’s intense sexual activities had given both of us a good workout. We quickly fell into a deep restful sleep. Early the next morning, I was awakened by a kiss on my cheek from Andi. Opening my eyes, I was surprised to see Andi had her strap-on in place and jutting out in front of her. “I didn’t mean to wake you. It’s still early so you can go back to sleep if you want.    I’m going down the hall to play with our new toy for a while. If you get really horny, come on down and join us.”

“Alright, have fun.  Be sure to activate the security camera to record in the guest room so that I can watch the action later,” I told her.

“Already done,” Andi said with a smile, “I knew you would want to watch if you weren’t playing.” 

Andi picked up a tube of Astroglide and left the room as I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.  It didn’t work.  My brain was envisioning Andi using Jerry again this morning. My cock was beginning to stir as I got up, pissed, grabbed my robe and went to the study to watch the action on the security monitor.  I watched as Andi rubbed her pseudo-cock over a sleeping Jerry’s lips.

“Wake up, bitch,” Andi told him as she slapped the dildo against his cheek, “Your mistress is horny for some bitch mouth and boy pussy. Time for you to take care of my needs.”  As Jerry rolled onto his side facing her, she pushed her pseudo-cock against his lips.  “Open wide,” she commanded as she pushed the dildo between his lips, “You can lie right there as I stand here and fuck your face.  You better relax because I’m going to feed you all of my cock.”

Andi slowly fed her dildo into Jerry’s mouth and throat. When the strap-on harness brushed against his nose, she grasped the back of his head and humped against the clitoral nub on the pussy side of the dildo. “Ah yes, that feels good,” Andi sighed as she began to slow fuck Jerry’s face pausing frequently to hump her cunt against the nub inside the strap-on. Andi was taking her time fucking Jerry’s face, stretching out her pleasure.

“Damn, I see why Hank loves sliding his cock between your sweet lips.  Just watching you eat my cock is so hot. I bet he likes watching you do him too.  Seeing your hot lips sliding up and down his prick probably makes him cum harder, faster and longer, shooting huge loads down your throat. I’ll give you a load of my cum later this morning,” Andi told him as she continued to slowly stuff her dildo down his throat.

This continued for about 20 minutes before I saw her push forward and hump the nub rapidly as she brought her orgasm to a peak. Collapsing across Jerry head, pseudo-cock still dead in his throat, Andi caught her breath before rising and pulling the dildo from Jerry’s mouth.

Standing, she pulled the sheet off of Jerry and told him to roll onto his back.  When he did, his cock sprung upward, hard and throbbing.

“Oh, I see my bitch likes to suck his mistress’s cock.  His boy clit is all excited and hard.  Well, one cum deserves another,” Andi said. Bending over she pushed Jerry’s thighs apart and gently cupped his balls. Andi reached over to the bedside table and picked up the Astroglide. She squeezed a quantity into her hand and coated the pseudo-cock. Reaching up, she grasped Jerry’s cock in her lubed hand. Stroking his dick slowly, Andi said, “Unfortunately, I’m not ready for you to cum yet.”

Releasing his prick, she ordered him off the bed.  Andi stepped into the guest bath and grabbed a hand towel. Returning to the bedroom, Andi smeared a glob of Astroglide over Jerry’s asshole, slipping one then two fingers inside.  Andi wiped her hand clean and tossed the hand towel to the floor.  She directed Jerry to bend over the bed and spread his ass cheeks.  Stepping behind him, she said, “I’m ready for some boy pussy now. I find it’s a great way to follow up a good blow job, a kind of dessert.”

Andi slid the pseudo-cock down Jerry’s ass crack and pushed slowly forward into his sphincter.  Jerry moaned slightly as her dildo made its way up his colon. When it was fully embedded, Andi paused and told him, “Bitch, that is one sweet tight boy pussy you’ve got.  I am going to enjoy fucking it again and again.”

Andi proceeded to slowly fuck Jerry’s ass, pausing to work her clit against the nub on the dildo.  After about 10 minutes, she suddenly slapped his ass and demanded, “Move that boy pussy bitch.  Show me how much you like my cock in it.”

To my surprise, Jerry began to respond.  He would hunch his hips forward as Andi withdrew and push his hip back as her cock pushed forward.  Andi must have liked the effect. Within about 5 minutes, her breathing began to quicken.  She grabbed his hips and drove her dildo deep pressing hard against the clitoral nub. Humping rapidly, she drove herself to another orgasm, squealing as she came.  Holding Jerry in place by his hips, Andi slowly recovered from her sensual peak. A few minutes later, she pulled the strap-on from his ass and removed the harness and dildo.  Laying her toy aside she ordered Jerry back onto the bed on his back, his hard, throbbing cock again waving in the air.

“I think my bitch enjoyed getting his boy pussy fucked.  I don’t think that boy clit has been that hard all weekend.  Although I’d normally let you stick it in my pussy to cum, I don’t feel like that this morning.  Instead I want you to stroke it until you come. I want to see you shoot your cum for me. Now stroke that clit.”

Jerry wasted no time as he grabbed his cock and began to jerk off.  His prick was still lightly lubed from Andi handling it earlier.  It didn’t take long before Jerry’s cum was spraying across his stomach and chest. As the last of his seed oozed from his prick, he released it and relaxed.

Andi reached out and gathered his cum onto her fingers, spreading it over her pussy.   Climbing onto the bed she straddled Jerry’s head. Lowering herself until her cunt brushed against his lips, she said, “I promised you a load of my cum this morning. Eat my pussy until you get it.”

Jerry’s tongue reached out to lick at Andi’s pussy, still covered with his cum.  Andi lowered her hips until her twat made full contact with his mouth.  Holding the headboard, she began to slowly rock her hips as his tongue and lips devoured her pussy.

“That’s good, really good. My bitch’s tongue is just as good as his boy pussy and his mouth for keeping his mistress happy. I’m going to love having you in my service.  Keep licking on my pussy and clit.  I want to give you a load of my cum to swallow,” Andi told him as she continued to rock her cunt against Jerry’s mouth.

I noticed she began to rock faster and harder as her orgasm approached.  Suddenly, her back arched and her head flew back.  Her entire body jerked and quivered as she came. Her juices flowed freely over Jerry’s mouth and face as she commanded, “Lick me bitch, lick me hard. Swallow my cum.”

I watched as my lovely wife rode her younger playmate through at least 2 orgasms before she released the headboard and collapsed on the bed beside him.  Jerry’s face glistened with her juices as he lay there with a new hard on.  He obviously enjoyed being used, at least by Andi. Andi rested a few minutes before rising from the bed.  She picked up her strap-on then looking at Jerry, she told him, “Get a shower and clean up.  Come to the kitchen in about a half hour and we’ll have breakfast.  Remember you need to offer Hank a taste of that sweet boy pussy.  I’m sure he’ll count that for more than one blowjob.  He really likes to plow a tight asshole with that cock of his.  Just ask him. By the way, keep that hard meat. Hank might let me use it later.”

I stood and turned of the security recording and returned to our bedroom as Andi turned to leave the guest room.  My hard cock led me back.  Andi entered our bathroom as I brushed my teeth. 

“Glad to see me?” she asked, pointing at my throbbing prick.  She began removing the dildo from the strap-on harness.  “I’m going to get a shower and I’ll clean this while I’m at it.”

“I’m always glad to see you,” I answered as I put away my toothbrush, “especially when I’m in this condition.  Watching you have your fun gave me a hell of a need to come.  Think you can handle this before your shower?”

Andi caressed my dick and said, “You could have jerked off, you know.”

“Why would I do that? There are 2 mouths, a pussy, and at least one asshole I can stick it in here,” I said as I dropped my robe and leaned back against the bathroom counter enjoying her soft touches.

“Well, it sounds like I’m 75% of the solutions to your problem,” Andi said with a smile as her thumb swirled the pre-cum around the tip of my prick., “If you promise to make it 60% by adding Jerry’s ass to the possible solutions today, I think I can take care of your current problem.”

“Okay, if he agrees, I’ll fuck his ass today,” I said, “From what I saw and heard last night and this morning, I think you’ve got him ready for the next level.”

With that Andi knelt and lowered her lips over my cock. I closed my eyes and sighed as she deep-throated my aching prick.  I was in heaven.  Andi’s head slowly bobbed over my dick.  Her thumb and forefinger circled the base of my cock, moving in concert with her lips as they rolled up and down.  Her tongue knew every move to make to bring me quickly over the edge.  It only took her a couple of minutes before I gasped, bucked my hips forward and unleashed a torrent of cum into my wife’s skilled mouth. Andi slowly pumped and sucked me dry before releasing my rapidly deflating penis.  I was totally spent.

“Now that you are going to live, I’ve got to get a shower,” Andi said as she turned on the shower, “Why don’t you start some breakfast while I’m at it?”

I quickly shaved, put on my robe and headed for the kitchen.  I figured the faster we refueled, the quicker our sex games could resume.  I was actually looking forward to the day’s activities which would hopefully include my first chance to cram my cock up a tight, male ass.

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