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I broke Her TWO house rules

Enjoy the story. 
I was in the bathroom massaging my penis masterbating  and just about to orgasm when the door opened. There she was standing there with the look of disgust on her face.  she was a tall 5’9 145 lbs. with jet black mid back length hair and blue eyes with a hour glass curved shaped hips and big round butt to match and legs that’s that could only complimented rjose hips.
I’m guessing nice perky B cup breasts and bright red lip stick, and absolutely beautiful.
I could tell she was irate seeing me standing e there with a pornographic magazine on the counter in front me and my pants unzipped  stroking my penis.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? she asked in a rather demanding intimidating tone 
Nothing I said as I was trying to tuck my penis back into my pants . ARE YOU PLAYING WITH YOUR LIL WEENER ? she asked.
She then saw the dirty magazine and picked it up off the counter before I could try to hide it away from her view. it was on a page showing a full view of a female with big full round butt bent over spreading her cheeks showing off her right lil butthole. 
I didn’t say anything at first so she then asked me, WHAT ARE THE TWO RULES OF THE HOUSE ?
I said no pornography 
and no . . . . .  
as I hesitated to finnish answering she cut in on me saying, 
NO WHAT ? she asked 
No masterbating allowed 
I said.
She then walked out into the master bedroom and came back into the bathroom a few seconds later. 
She returned with some sort of mask that she wrapped around the front of my face from my nose up with cut out holes leaving just the front of my nose and mouth exposed to breath and my mouth completely exposed and cut outa for my eyes.
She then put a collar around my neck , tightened and secured it and attached a leash to it. she then pulled my out into the bedroom dropped the end of the leash she was holding and in a demanding tone told me to STRIP !

I took off my shirt then my pants and socks. embarrassed about how my penis is my hesitantly kept my underwear on. Big mistake
standing right in front of me while I was undressing when she saw that I wasn’t completely naked she reached over grabbed my balls and squeezed them , after letting out a whimpering scream 
she then said   
ok , ok mistress I’ll take them off I said. 
she then let go of them and I slid them down as far as I could and bent forward a little to take them all the way off. Standing there completely naked feeling all insecure about myself I covered my frontal area hoping she didnt see how small my penis is. She then said, I DIDNT SAY YOU COULD COVER YOURSELF UP GET YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR WEANER ! As I stood there completely naked hands at my side completely vulnerable she began to laugh pointing at it saying to me

She then held up the dirty book up in front of my face and asked Where  I got it from but I was too scared to tell her. She then asked , 
I said that I think about what it would be like to rub my hands all over and massage her butt
rush my nose down the center crease of her butt and breathe in to what her butt smells like and lick my way down to her butthole and lick out her pooper.
Really , ! she asked. Yes Mistress 
I have a fettish for BIG ROUND BUTTS.
She was wearing a white button down blouse top and a mid way thigh down black leather skirt. 
She asked , So , do you like the way my butt looks ?
Yes Mistress I love lookin at your BUTT Do and think about what it might smell and tastes like too ?
she asked
Oh yes Mistress always !
I responded back with.
She then told me to get down on my knees and pulled her skirt up on her waist a lil higher , she then reached up under her skirt and pulled her thong down off her thighs and then slid her thong all the way down off her legs and stepped out of them.
she told me to pick them up and hand it to her. I picked her thong underwear off the floor and did what ai was told. She then turned them inside out and balled them up in such a way that the part where her butthole would be was facing outward. She then rubbed them across the front of my nose from side to side before pushing them firmly up against my nostrils and rubbing them around in circular motions whole holding the back of my head.
You like that smell ? she asked 
Oh YES Mistress I love the way they smell. What do they smell like she asked ? I told her they smell like fresh roses. She  then told me to lick them and after I licked her panties she then told me to open my mouth and that’s when she gauged me with her thong.  
She asked me again if I’d like to tell her where I got the dirty book from but I couldn’t tell her. 
She then open a drawer and slid a penis and balls chastity over my lil weener and fastened to testicle clamp and locked it on me. 
She forced me to bend over the foot of the bed and then grabbed her flogger off the wall and pulled the panties out of my mouth and told me to count as she began whipping it across my butt as I  whimpered in pain every time it struck my bottom.
Please PLEASE Mistress I begged her to stop 
Where did you get that porn mag ?
but again I still couldn’t tell her. 
after flogging my butt to a stinging shade of red she then pulled something else out of the dresser drawer but I wasn’t allowed to look back to see what it was. 

LAST CHANCE , where did you get the dirty book ? But again I said nothing. she then stuffed the her underwear back inside my mouth and said

As soon as I did I felt her insert something and turn it on. It was a butt plug vibrator that she was stroking in and out of my butthole. when I started to notice that I found it somewhat enjoyable she pulled it for good and inserted something much thicker. Little did I know that she was wearing a strap-on harness with a much thicker and longer dildo attached to it and fucked me with that as well. When she started sliding it up inside me I let out a scream and begged her to stop  but her underwear was preventing me from being able to speak clearly as it was still stuffed inside my mouth even though she asked again, 
TOU EANT TO TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THE PORN MAGAZINE ? after a while of being penetrated by her big ole strap on and constant screaming she asked me for the final time and I confessed and told her that I stole it at the porn store. 

I was then told to lay down on my back and when I did she she slid her skirt down and completely off her body and said 
She then  straddled my face with her back to me spreader her butt cheeks and grinded her butt right downniver my mouth and nose demanding that I  lick put her butthole 
she ground her butt into my face in circilar motions , forward and back and in side to side  telling me to lick that pooper and at times to the point of near suffocation almost making me pass out and even made me stick my tongue up inside her butthole for some deep cleaning as she demanded me to do for her.
She  eventually got up off my face and asked me how I liked that. 
I liked it a lot Mistress i replied.
Good she said because every time I use the toilet and need my butt cleaned , you’re going to wipe my butt and then lick it clean so you better wipe it good do you understand ?
Yes Mistress I understand ! 
Good she said now get off the bed and go stand in the corner with your nose to the wall until I say you can come out.
Yes Mistress.

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I’m just a guy who likes to write kinky erotic stories as well as read them. feel free to leave any questions or comments. amy first is titled I broke her TWO house rules

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