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College Graduation Family Trip: Older Brother Fucks My Big-Boobed Girlfriend at the Lake House

We returned to the house after my brother stole the kill from me. It was a symbolic stripping of the sex with my girlfriend he would have. As soon as Tessa learned that it was my strong, masculine, hunting outdoorsman rugged older brother who shot the kill for dinner, she began to look at him with a look of clear intention that she was gonna let him fuck her tonight. Flashforward to the next scene: She pushes him up against the wall and they start making out passionately in the garage. She quickly starts lifting up his shirt until my brother throws it off. My girlfriend Tessa rubs her hands up and down his pecs and then quickly tears off her shirt and bra, allowing her big Double F sized boobies to hang off her bare glistening chest. Just then, I walk in and stumble upon what’s about to go down. I first make eye contact with Tessa while wearing a sad pathetic look on my face of horror, shame, and humiliation. Then as make eye contact with my brother’s flaring wide piercing electric blue eyes, he in great fury and dominance, dominates me by shouting “Get the Fuck over here!” I stumble down a few steps and fall to my knees before Tessa, who just stands powerfully above me looking down with a satisfied smile while rocking and shaking her shiny sweaty titties side to side to taunt me. My big brother drops a dirty bucket of hot, steamy horse crap in front of me. “You’re gonna eat it and Tessa’s gonna watch!” She had an excited look on her face – oh the betrayal. “But JTTTT…” I whimpered like a pussy. “Brody, you’re going to eat that fuckin’ horse shit now!” She said in a deep and serious tone. JT swung around to behind me and to the side. He put his left hand on the side of the bucket and gripped the other firmly on the back of my neck and head. He stared deep into my soul with his flared eyes, such a psychotic stare as he was totally getting off on humiliating me in front of my girlfriend. He turned my head up at my Tessa real quick. “Look at your girlfriend! Look at her and know that she’s about to see this! She’s about to watch me do this to you and….you do…know…she’s having sex with Big Bro right?” I looked up at her with a mortified and shamed face. She looked down at me and laughed so hard as if she couldn’t believe how weak and pathetic I was. JT then slowly pushed down my head and submerged my face into the multi-layered bucket cake. He commanded me to make sure to get some in my mouth. From the ceiling camera angle, my smug handsome brother continues to smooch my sexy babe girlfriend in a hot slippery summer’s body embrace, they both laugh, Tessa flips her hair, and I squeal out loud into the shit bucket. Cuts away to the next scene. The parents from Dave (2020) on Hulu play my parents. They’re talking about how much they love Tessa and how happy they are I finally moved on and found myself a girlfriend. Cuts back to the scene of me, my brother, and Tessa. I squeal in pain as I’m hoisted up by my back legs, tied to the whipping post, and the big manly JT is Thwackin’ my testicles with his southern belt. Tessa laughs uncontrollably as he does this to me. He gets my own girlfriend to laugh at my pain and humiliation like this. He shouts at me, “Who da Alpha Male?!”

I respond in submission to his dominance, “You da Alpha Male!”

“Who da Alpha Dog?!”

“You da Alpha Dog!”

SMACK “I Said: Who da Alpha Dog?!”

“You da Alpha Dog!”

“I own these nuts!” SMACK “I smack them nuts!”

“OOOhhoohh Gooooddd!….Yes sir, I take this shit because I’m the lil dog!”

“That’s right bitch, you da Beta Male! You da Cuckold!”

My older brother turns to Tessa who is grimacing with utterly disbelief that a man can be so sexy and so dominant over his smaller younger brother.

“C’mon baby…” They started making out again. JT turns back to look at me and says, “Alright now, Brody, big brother’s gonna rub down your girlfriend’s Boobies. He knows you never got to grab em anyways.”

Tessa laughed at how right he was, I whimpered in humiliation and shame as my balls sat and hung in the tremendous pain of the Alpha Dog Treatment. JT shoved down his pants facing Tessa, her gasping jaw to the floor and gulping while I manhood had been put to shame. My big brother looked straight at me to intimidate me further and drive the spear of crippling emasculation deeper into my balls. My older brother JT laid down on the cot. Tessa mounted him and said she had been dying to ride an actual cock, a real cock, some big man cock! She started riding him, rubbing her feminine hands all over his big strong masculine pecs. He would pump them up and down flexing the massive amounts of muscle under the skin and she would laugh and cry out in pleasure

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