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A Rainy Night

It was raining outside and I was enjoying the drops on my face from my window. The plush green lawn was looking so beautiful and the smell of rain on soil mixed with fragrance of flowers was driving me crazy. I love rain and want to be with my loved one. Right now, too, I was missing you. You were o ff at work and your chances f coming home at this time was rare. I was so engrossed in my thoughts thinking of you and the last time we made love that I didn’t hear the door open and you coming in. You came up behind me and covered my eyes. I jumped in surprise and turned around covering your hand with mine. You took me in your eyes and then hugged me tight. Then you kissed me on my eyes and then slowly made your way to my lips. I wanted to tease you; therefore, I turned my face to left just as your lips were about to touch mine. You smiled and pulled my hair, and then you kissed me. This kiss was all that I was wishing for. It was still raining and you knew that I love rain. You asked me to change into some easy clothes and that you would change too. I changed into my black camisole and shorts. And I was wearing my slippers that you appeared only in shorts. You hugged me and kissed me once more but this time more passionately. I was all hot with this kiss. You took me out in the lawn and we began to enjoy and relax. We got all wet in the rain. After such hot day it was like being in heaven. I looked at you and found you looking at me too. There was a peculiar look in your eyes that told me that I was heating him up. I followed your gaze and saw that my nipples were protruding out in my thin fabric and my round breasts appeared big and sexy. I could guess what you must be wanting right now. But I decided to play cool and to tease you till you are horny. I smiled at you and came a little closer. You too took some steps towards me. I found myself very close to you and could feel the heat flowing between us in cold rain. I made you statue (like children use to order each other in games), then I move about you with my hand on your shoulder. Again I came in front of you and now I brought my face very close to yours but still it did not touch. I started kissing you from your forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheeks and then on your side of neck. I knew you loved when I suck your neck like vampires do. I did just that and could feel you getting harder. You sucked in your breath sharply when I twisted one of your nipples and licked the other one. I moved on a little below and kissed you on your stomach. Your muscles contracted and a shiver went down your spine when I kissed you on the side of your body. I moved back and started kissing you on your back all the while my hands were moving up and down your chest and stomach from behind. It was unbearable for you to stand anymore, and I could see you your eyes getting dreamy. I touched your cock from behind and found it hard and stiff. I came in front and bent down on my knees, opening your short buttons, I tongue kissed you on the head, licking the salty sweet juice of yours. It was too much for you so you grabbed me and took me in your arms and took me inside. First you ripped off my shirt and then you took off your shorts too. You pulled me down on the bed and started kissing me. You kissed me passionately and roughly too. You started sucking on my hard nipples and this was driving me all wild. I was moaning and withering in your arms. You cupped my breasts and slightly squeezed it. Then you started moving down kissing me all the while and making your way to my naval. You kissed me on my sides and this tickled me and turned me on, you slightly bit me there and I pull your hairs bringing your mouth to my lips. I kissed you passionately and hotly. You inserted your fingers in my cunt and started moving then in and out. I was already too wet doing this made me all mad. I was squirming in your arms. You rubbed my clit and the bud hidden well in the lips of my pussy. I screamed as I came. You didn’t stop but bent your head and started licking me there. You sucked and ate me out. I was in heaven. As I was about to come again I said: “oh yes! Yes! Now please! I want you inside me! come, come hard on me!”. And then you inserted your big, hard cock inside my wet, welcoming vagina. You started moving back and forth and I was shuddering with orgasm that was about to release. At last with a cry you cum inside me at the same time I came. Together we felt the ecstasy. After this you kissed me so tenderly, sweetly on my lips. You cuddled me in your arms and hid your face in y hairs. We lay there like this for some time and then we went to take a shower. The rain had stopped by then but its smell was still tantalizing us.

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