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Maria and I back together again

The two week time was up. Maria came to my house wearing short shorts and a black tanktop. she came into my house and we began to kiss. I carried her into my room. We kissed and I took off her shorts and thong and i licked her pussy and ran my hands up and down her legs while she took off her tanktop. I laid her on my bed. I began to fuck her she was touching her breasts and moaning. she started to cum and screamed loudly. I drank her sweet juices then she laid me in bed. she got on top of me and kissed me all over my body. i got her in a spoon position one that we never did before. I held her leg as i put my cock in her ass and began to fuck her. Then she ended up in a 69 position on top of me. she blowd me while i ate her pussy. When we finisehd having sex. I carried her to the living room and watched our video of our first time. She sat on my lap and told me “I Love You” and I said “I Love You Too” and we kissed and enjoyd the movie. And as for Janaya and Corina they ended up as lesbians. They asked me and Maria to record them having sex like they did to us. And we accepted.

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