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My Lucky Day

My girlfriend,Maria, and I were planning this day for a month. We were wanting to have sex with her two freinds recording us, Her two friends were Janaya and Corrina. They showed up at my house and rang the doorbell and i let them in. Maria was wearing a short latex skirt with high heels that went great with her tanned legs and a tight latex shirt and her black hair let lose. Janaya was wearing short shorts and a tanktop. Janaya and Corrina set up the video recorder, Maria was sitting on my chair with her legs crossed and i was putting on some erotic music. Janaya called us from the living room and Maria came out.My heart was beating faster and harder then Maria started kissing me. i started to kiss her neck and started to unbotton her shirt and take off her skirt. i set her on the arm of my sofa and began to lick her pussy. after 30sec. she started moaning and started to cum. I drank her pussy juices, it was sweet and really good. i pulled her closer to me and began to fuck her slowly and gradually picked up the pace. I stopped then truned her around in a doggystyle position. she moaned and pulled away she pushed my into the sofa and began togive me a blowjob. i let my head go back and then i felt my surprise. it was Janaya. she kissed me and i sucked on her tits. Then she got on the arm of the sofa. She wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me toward her pussy. Janaya’s pussy wasnt as good as Maria’s was but it was almost as good. I started licking it and she began to moan loudly then i cummed all over Maria. Maria stopped to rest then Janaya got into a 69 position on top of me. she began to blow me while i ate her pussy again. Janaya started to cum and screamed. Janaya got off of me and i couldnt move because i was tired but i still had alittle bit of energy left in me. So Maria got on top of me and started to move around on my cock. I sat up to suck on her tits and kiss her neck and we both moaned. I laid back down and Maria colapsed on my chest. She got off and she helped me get up and we both kissed for a long time. when we were done with everything Maria, Janaya and I put our clothes back on. I looked over and corrina was asleep the camera was still going and i stopped it. Corrina woke up and asked “done already?” we laughed and laughed Maria and I made popcorn and she asked “did you like your surprise?” and I said “Oh Hell Yeah” all 4 of us sat down and watched the video Maria sat on my lap. I began to touch her legs and she said ” Wait until tonight just you and me in bed” I wanted more of Maria but i would just have to wait. And one thing was forsure me Maria and Janaya were no longer virgins as for corrina we would just have to wait when she got her turn to have fun.

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