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I had just gotten to the hotel room. He had already been there, preparing for the weekend. After slipping my key card in and out of the door, I slowly walked in to see him standing there. We smiled in pure lust just looking at eachother for the first time in months. I dropped my bags and we ran to eachother’s arms. We held eachother so tightly, as we had the times before. As we looked into eachother’s eyes, we couldn’t wait any longer. Then came the kiss…so passionate and so full. Our tongues intwined and our lips were sealed together.

I began to moan as he held me with one strong arm and lifted my shirt with the other. He grabbed my ass and slowly moved his hand down my thigh, lifting my leg to his waist. He held me so gentle, but so firm. He lifted my other leg and carried me to the wall, where he shoved me up against. He grabbed my hair, ripping my lips from his. I knew that this was it…

He held me up against the wall with one arm and reached under my skirt with the other. “How do you want it,” he asked me. “I don’t care, just fuck me,” I said as he shoved his finger inside my waiting cunt. He teased my clit just enough to get me even wetter, then tore off my panties. He began to kiss me again as he let me down from the wall. We walked to the middle of the room where I began to take off his pants. I started to kneel in front of him, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me up. He unsnapped my bra and began to squeeze my tit as he held my head with my hair. Then he turned me around and bent my body over the bed, both of us still standing. He lifted my skirt and now had a perfect view of my ass and my wet cunt.

He positioned us in view of the mirror on the wall, looked over at me into the mirror and smiled. And with one rapid movement his cock was impended into my cunt. I let out a scream of pure ecstasy as he rammed my cunt harder and harder with every stroke. “You like that, bitch? You like that?” I could barely get out anything but a moan as he tore into my cunt. Oh it felt so good to have him so deep inside me. I know it had been a long time since he had fucked, and even longer since he had fucked me. He loved to fuck me. He knows how hard and deep I like it and he loves to ram me.

He grabbed my hair and made me watch him in the mirror. He was so damn sexy and his cock looked so good inside my cunt. “Fuck me harder! Faster!” I told him, God I loved it hard! “You want more, bitch? You want it harder?” I begged him for more and he pulled his big cock out of my cunt. I started to get up and he slapped my ass so hard that I fell onto the bed. He lifted me back up and spread my ass cheeks. “You little slut, i’ll show you what you deserve,” he said. Without warning he shoved his cock in my ass. Oh the pleasure! He knew I loved when he fucked me in my ass! He knew just how I liked to be fucked. I screamed over and over again. “More, more! Harder! Fuck my ass harder!”

Oh how I wanted to feel him cum inside my ass, but I didn’t want him to stop. “Cum inside me baby! You want to cum inside my ass?” “Yeah, baby, tell me you want my cum! Tell me where you want it!” I could tell that he was watching himself fuck me in the mirror and that got me even more excited. I know how much he loves wathing his cock ram into me. “Tell me what you want, bitch,” he said. “Oh God, fuck me! Fuck my ass and cum inside me! Fuck it! Harder! Harder! Yes Yes Yes!”

I pushed back onto him as I felt his cum rush through me. He’s so God damn sexy. He kissed my back, my neck and then my lips as we turned to embrace eachother. We lay on the bed together for some time, and finally I said to him “Hi. It’s really great to see you again.”

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