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Craigslist when it was fun

I replied to an add that had a picture of a huge nice cock with a even nicer set of shaved balls after a few emails he gave me his address witch I thought sounded familiar when I pulled up to his house to my surprise it was my uncle’s friend steve he always played cards with I knock on the door and just walk in and Steve was sitting at the table surprised and said what do I owe this surprise visit to … with my face all flush and red i simply said craigslist i couldn’t even say it before he stood up in his wife beater and jockstrap with a huge bulging lump I walked over to him and palmed his bulge told him that this is our big secret !

With a big grin he palmed my bulge and said oh yes it will… just feeling his cock and balls through his jockstrap I could tell he was gonna be one hell of a mouth full.

He told me he wanted to go a different rout this time with me being that it was close to home so to speak he said let’s sit at the table and tease one another until one or both of us couldn’t take it. I said thata not gonna be long I’ve seen you in your underwear before and have jacked off to sucking your hung cock more then a few times.

We sat down and started to talk he pulled out some cards and said let’s play 10 card war. I told him I never herd of it and he said I’ll explain. Steve delt out 10 cards to both of us and said now every time you gotta go and get more cards its gonna cost you a piece of clothing. He only have on a tank top and a jock strap so I figured I was a sure win. By the third hand I had only my pants on and my sexy little panties on (dark pink lace and silk) I was getting nervous with that because I’ve always herd him joke about guys in panties… that game lasted a while longer and the conversation started to get a little more intense asking questions like what’s the biggest cock I ever taken have I ever seen my uncle naked shit like that I could tell he was getting more and more excited because he wasn’t paying attention to the game.

I was down to my last card and I lost so off came the pants he stood up and said your wearing panties? I turned to him and my cock was rock hard sticking out of the panties and with a huge gulp I said yes….

He put my hands on the kitchen counter and told me not to move. I sat waiting in anticipation wondering what he was gonna do I felt his mouth around the strap of them and he yanked em to the side exposing my ass. Then he spread my ass wide open and started to lick my ass hole. I have never had that done and I have to admit it I loved every second of it. My cock jumped up amd down over and over almost felt like I could cum off this.

I told him I was getting close and he stopped because he wants my to be his little cock slut. With all the questions he was asking i told him that i never done anal before and i though ibherd him say under his breath yum but i wasn’t sure so i let it go. He told me to hold on to his jockstrap and I followed him into his bedroom.

It was like I walked out of a suburban house into a porn studio (not that I ever been in one) his bead was neatly made with dark satin covers and 4 bed posts witch all have rope tied to them. The lights were low and candles were lit all over. the door slammed behind me and it startled me he laughed and said it’s only the beginning

He led me to my knees at the edge of the bed and sat in front of me. He asked me if I would like to taste his precum? I said yes daddy and he looked at me like he liked it but wasn’t sure. He reached into his jock strap and pulled his finger out wich had quite a bit of precum on it. Said stick your tongue out and he rubbed in on my tongue. He started to say how soft my tongue was then I reached up and pulled his 8 inch cock out. I said I would rather taste it fresh from the tap.

His cock was huge I though really really thick earlier I asked him how big it was but he said he never measured it because he never had any complaints. So I gripped his cock at the base of it gave it a squeeze and licked all around his head to clean up any existing pre cum. He moaned out in pleasure and layed back in to his bed. I softly started streaking and sucking his cock only stopping to get it more sloppy with my throat spit and to watch his body and his balls shank n tremble.

I was getting so excited to see how much cum he was gonna blast out I let loose alot of precum onto my leg. he told me he didnt wanna cum yet and he wanted to play and edge himself for a while he put me on the bed and tied my hands so I couldn’t touch anything . He claimed up so his cock was barely touching my lips and he teased me with it while he started to pull my panties to my knees. My cock stood straight up and he wasted no time sucking it all the way down to the balls.

Feeling my cock in his throat and his lips touching the base I was in heaven. His mouth was so warm and his throat was so tight i could feel my cock spit out a couple squirts of pre cum he pull it out and said he liked that my precum tasted so sweet.

This went on for about 2 hours on and off in between stopping and just playing with each others cocks talking about or fantasies and how dirty we both like to be. Eventually he looked at me and said fuck all this let’s cum we 69d to what seemed to be seconds before we both blew our loads but it was actually bout 45 minutes.. he pulled my cock out of his mouth and said he was about to cum dont stop I’m almost… aaaaaahhhh had to be about 4 or 5 huge and I mean huge loads into my mouth. By the second or third shot I started to cum. One blased off onto his face then he covered my cock with his mouth and took the rest.

I never came so hard I thought and I was drained my balls are usually pretty big but they were totally empty as were his. We both swallowed layed there for a while and talked.

After a while we locked each other in our phones and planned to play again he walked me out and on the way out he spanked my ass and said cant wait to see you again

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