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I Fucked My Friends Mom

Amish and my friendship were now six years. We both used to play tennis together and that was our friendship. Amish’s father was a builder and he was a very ardent man.

Amish’s mother Parineeta was very sexy, whose age would be 37 years old. But she did not look up to thirty from any angle. Parineeta Aunti’s ass was very sexy. I felt somewhere that aunt kills me a line. I also had a lot of time remembering aunt’s ass. Auntie Boobs was also very good at the same time. But I was more interested in her ass. When he used to wear saris, he was able to make me go unnoticed by seeing his perfect face fucked from behind.

I used to go to Amish’s house very often. We used to see bluefilms sometimes on his laptop too.

One day I had some work to do. So I went to Amish’s house. Amish sat ten minutes with me and said that I will meet Ananya.
Ananya was her girlfriend and I came to know that she was definitely going to take her pussy.

I sat on the camera of Amish with a black-black cock. Amish phoned Parineeta Aunt in front of me that I am going out. I will return an hour later. But he did not tell the aunt that his friend is that I am at home.

After Amish went, I started watching the film. The film ended and I was thirsty. I saw that the water bottle was empty. I thought that I got up and got water from the kitchen fridge.
I walked towards the kitchen.

I was about to reach the kitchen that in my ear came the voice of ‘Ahhh .. Ahhah ohhhh …’ Parineeta was aunt’s room in the side. So I started thinking that what aunt’s room is coming from?

I peeped through a hole in the window and looked inside. I was about to lose the bottle. In-house, Parineeta Aunt was sitting with a cloth full of his shots. Aunt was sucking a big dildo inside the pussy. Within an aunt’s pussy, Dildo was completely inside the whole and then the aunt was taking her out and taking it back inside. Seasoning was coming out from the mouth of aunt and she was playing with her own boots as well.

Seeing all this, my cock stood in my pants. Anyway I just saw the bluefilm and was about to hit. Seeing the aunt in this condition and her swollen pussy, my cock was completely excited.
Only then did I see that Aunt took Dildo out of his pussy. Now the aunt’s pussy started to look me clean. Aunt was blonde, but her pussy was part of a dark color.

My mind came to mind that let’s get to know today that the aunt loses only, or there is really something else in her mind. I was feeling that if aunt gave me fuck then she would have fun. Anyway, the aunt was hot at this time and she was hot at this time. Therefore, they will not have difficulty in scattering them too.

After thinking about all this, I got into my heart and I deliberately threw the bottle down. After listening to the bottle, the ants got stuck. I saw that they dressed up quickly and they came out.

She was looking like a doodle in a sari in a busine color. They saw me and said – are you here?
I shook my eyes from the aunt’s eyes and giving a slight nappy smile, said that yes .. aunt .. I was only looking at you for ten minutes.

Aunt was shocked to hear this. They took me to the room as a fake man. Please tell Amish something, please .. he will feel very bad.
I said – I will not tell anything. But what will be my advantage?
Aunt understood my point, turning my eyes in love, turning my eyes in sight and saying that I will give you a thousand rupees.
I said – no aunt, I do not have any desire to take money. I want to see your cheat and ass … and you have to have sex with me.

Aunt first got shocked. Then he said, ‘If someone saw?’
I said – Aunt Uncle does not come before the night. I’ll see Amish.
Aunt caught my hand and said – Look, I do not want to be infamous. I am already surprised by the unpleasantness of your uncle.
I said – Ants do not panic. From today you will not have any problem with sex.

I got aunt’s boots from the burst and started pressing them. Aunt did not wear a bra under the blouse in a hurry, so that their boots were slipping into my hands. Aunt was shocked at my side and was watching. But, doing anything to me, I had to give a lump in Aunt’s ass today.

I removed all the clothes of Aunt one by one and I myself became naked. Aunt was looking at my cocks. I went straight to the aunt and put his cock in his mouth. The aunt started sucking on my cock and I started playing with their moms. Auntie was also enjoying my touch now. Because he was sucking Lund with great love.

After sucking some of the cocks, I wanted to see aunt’s pussy I pulled the cock from the mouth of aunt and laid the aunt on the bed. Eliminating the aunt’s shorts, as well as finger in his hot pussy; Auntie Cicci started leaving ‘Uwo Ahhh .. Ahhah .. ‘
I turned the whole finger inside the pussy and slowly started to put it in. Aunt closed his eyes and started to scratch with my finger.

I finger in aunt’s pussy with one hand and with the other hand, I was spinning the capsule of my cocks. The aunt’s booths nipple too were standing. I only put two fingers together in aunt’s pussy and started pushing harder.
As aunt, it was like going out. He was pulling me towards me. There was a bit of a rough fuck in my cocks and Lund was still in need of pussy.

I pulled a finger from the aunt’s pussy and placed the tip of my cock on the top of my pussy hole. Auntie’s ‘Umham … Ahhh … hai … yah …’ was leaving. I ignored it and entered the cocks inside her pussy. Auntie’s pussy was very hot inside and a long blink of aunt began to mix with my little shorts.

In this way, while playing Hairy aunt’s pussy, I gently put my finger inside my ass. Aunt’s ass was more hot than her pussy. I continued to fuck pussy and started finger fingers in her ass.

I then bent down and started sucking aunt’s boots. It was a feeling of fun for the pleasure aunt. His pussy and ass and boobs were being cheered together. The aunt’s cheeks became red red. I started fucking them more loudly.
Now it seemed as if Aunt’s ass started calling my cock. I rolled Aunt upside down and spread his ass with both hands.

Aunt’s mastic ass hole was in front of me. There was a delay in putting lumps in it. I kept the bedroom of cocks on the ass. But Aunt’s ass was very strict. I put a finger in the pussy and made it a little smooth and made it smooth by putting it on the tip of the cocks. With the help of this glitter, the cocks went in a little bit. Now I jerk a loud blow and gave a full cock in aunt’s ass.
Parineeta aunt screamed – Ahhhhhh .. Uppapp .. Ahahh .. aaahhhhh woohu … oiiei eei … darja maa maa ..

But who was listening to him? I caught both aunt’s both bits with a hand and I got up a bit and loudly started licking shorts of aunt in my ass’s ass. Aunt also started shaking her neck while doing ‘Abibaba Uyo …’. There was strange pressure in my ass on my cock. I caught the aunt’s pound and thrust loudly inside the loin.
Then a big ‘aaah ..’ came out of my mouth and I lost my cock. My semen went out in the aunt’s ass

For some time we kept lying down like this and later the aunt got up and brought coffee for both of us.

I called Amish and he told that he would take twenty minutes more.

After drinking coffee, I put my cocks back in the mouth of aunt and left my stock in the mouth of the aunt while sucking the mouth.

From this day onwards, my aunt’s ass and pussy became my friend. Ants were a little bit shaky at first, but now they also laugh at me in front of me alone by luring me in the house.

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