Foreskin Fun

For some time now I have been stretching my foreskin. I’m certainly not gay but I love looking at cocks with really long foreskins. I believe the modern name for this is “Cocksnout” – Google it!

Anyway, I purchased a number of suitable tubes to play around with and eventually found one that was perfect. I lubed up my foreskin and gently drew it inside the clear plastic tube. It was a bit painful to start with but after a while I was able to increase the pump action and each time a bit more or my foreskin sucked up inside the tube. After an hour or so, I released the pressure and out slid a very long and purple foreskin. Wow I was impressed! To add to this, a whole load of precum drizzled out of the tube. I rubbed my cock a few times, stretching the foreskin and decided to lube it up again and stretch it some more.

To cut a long story short, I did this every day for about an hour and a half and after four weeks, I have to say my foreskin was incredibly long and no longer shrunk after pumping. It stayed like it! I was over the moon. Even when fully erect, there was a load of foreskin still hanging over the end of my helmet. When I wanked, I was able to fully fill my foreskin with my spunk and I am a heavy cummer so this was just great news!

I continued pumping every day and decided to see what my local Asian massage parlour made of it. I was a regular there but to be honest, I rarely saw the same girl more than once. I rang up and made an appointment for Saturday morning at 11am. On the day, I pumped my foreskin for about 2 hours before I had to leave for my massage. It was so stretched now and hung a good three inches past my helmet. I loved it, but what would the masseuse say?

I paid my £40 and was shown to the little darkly lit room, the usual Thai music was playing along with the strong smell of incense. The lady who showed me in asked me to undress and my masseuse would be along shortly. I always leave my boxer shorts on just in case the masseuse is one of the very rare ones that doesn’t offer happy endings or sometimes more. I was still standing when there was a knock on the door. I said “come in” and moved back a bit. She came in and to be honest I thought she was about 12, she was tiny. She saw my concerned look and assured me she was quite old enough and asked me to take my boxers off. As I did this she stared at my cock with its enormously long foreskin. “Mmmm” she said, “I will have fun with that.”

She laid me on the bed, face down. I adjusted myself so that my cock and foreskin were poking out downwards between my legs. To be honest it would have been quite uncomfortable to lay on it. She began the usual gentle stroking of my back, shoulder and bum. She put her hand on my cock very gently and tugged at the end. “Oh my God,” she whispered in my ear. “I have never seen one with such long skin!” She slid a wet finger inside my hood and rubbed it around. Even the full length of her finger still didn’t touch my cock head. After a few moments she carried on with the massage, working her way down my legs and feet. She really was a sexy young thing and her touch was driving me crazy. I was desperate to turn over and move things on and eventually she stopped and asked me to turn over.

My cock was not fully erect but certainly well on the way. Again she looked at it and gave it a few gentle strokes, each time pulling the end of my foreskin quite hard. It felt tingly and nice. She started up by my neck and shoulders, and working her way down, squeezing my nipples as she did so. She eventually got to my genital area and began softly playing around. By now my cock was solid. She flicked the end of the foreskin and watched as it wobbled due to amount of excess skin. She massaged the rest of my body, legs and feet and then asked if I would like anything else to which I obviously replied “Of course!” I said that I wanted her to do whatever she wanted to do to me as long as it involved a lot of play with my foreskin. She agreed and she it would be another £30 to which I said yes.

She undressed, revealing a tiny skinny body with virtually no breasts at all and a perfectly shaven pussy, so smooth it looked like it had never had hair! She washed my cock with some antibacterial soap, dried me and then she surprised me as she bent over me and started nibbling and pulling my foreskin with her mouth. Of all the massages I have had here, not one girl ever offered oral. Until now that is! She was amazing, she pushed her tongue right inside my foreskin, just managing to lick the slit of my cock head. I knew it was leaking precum, again I ooze the stuff with virtually no effort. She sucked the whole length of my foreskin in her mouth and then pushed it back all the way, finally exposing my cock head. It was so incredibly sensitive I nearly shot in her mouth there and then. She began sucking my foreskin all the way up and over my helmet again. I was in heaven, never having felt anything like this before. I am so glad I stretched it! I put my hand between her legs and she was moist to say the least! She parted her legs slightly, allowing me to rub her lips and swollen clitty. She moaned and sucked harder on my cock as I rubbed faster for her. She parted her legs further enabling me to slip a finger right inside her soaking love hole. She was really becoming quite vocal now and as I began to finger fuck her, she genuinely came hard against my hand. I slowed down and eased out of her. “Fuck,” she said. “I never thought I would cum. We are told never to orgasm with a client but I just couldn’t help it, it was wonderful!”

She climbed across me on the bed and after squirting some baby oil on my cock and between her legs, she began rubbing her pussy lips up and down over my throbbing cock. I think this is called a “cameltoe slide”. She bent forward so I could suck what little bit of tit there was, to be honest it was mostly nipple but they began to swell nicely in my mouth as I sucked hard. She was really sliding on my cock now, and several times it almost went inside her pussy. She was starting to breathe heavy again and I knew it was for real. Just as she slid backwards, I adjusted myself slightly and as soon as she thrust forward, my cock went straight up inside her. She tensed and said “NO!” but then she sat upright and slammed her body down on my cock. “Are you ok with this?” I asked her. “No!” she said again. “But I need to cum hard.”

She rode me up and down like a woman possessed, moaning and whining like only Asians can when they are fucking. I really thought the woman on the front desk would hear and knock the door but she didn’t. “You mustn’t cum inside me,” she pleaded, but to be honest I was almost there myself. I eased her off and asked her to lay back on the bed, with her legs over the edge. She did this without question and it gave me a moment to control my urge to cum. She opened her legs so wide and high I could actually see inside her cunt. I pulled my foreskin hard over my cock head and presented it to her pussy. I could already see clear precum mixed with the early signs of white sperm but I entered her anyway. I pushed the whole length all the way inside her until my balls were slapping her little ass. I thrust and fucked her with everything I had and she orgasmed three times, so strong that they all seemed to roll into one giant orgasm.

Eventually I told her I had to shoot my dirty liquid out. “Do you want it inside your pussy?” I asked. “No, please don’t,” she said, sounding almost upset. I immediately withdrew and she bent forward and placed my slimy cock in her mouth. She darted her tongue deep in my foreskin and tongued my slit. I could take it no more and a river of thick salty spunk pumped out of my balls into my foreskin. She bit the end, sealing it as she did so. Then wanked me hard up and down, filling my skin with a load of salty sperm. I had never felt anything so intense as she kept stroking my shaft up and down till I could take no more. I knew my sac was empty of my creamy liquid. Squeezing the end of my foreskin to keep it sealed, she got off the bed and knelt down between my legs. She opened her mouth and released the end of my overhanging foreskin. As she did so, a thick gloopy lump of spunk fell out into her mouth, followed by a steady stream of man juice. She squeezed my skin and forced every drop into her mouth, finishing off by exposing my cock head and slurping it clean of all cum. I have to say I was very impressed with the size of my load, but being a good girl she swallowed it all down.

We cleaned up and I did say that quite possibly I did cum some sperm inside her pussy towards the end but a few years ago I had a vasectomy so she wouldn’t get pregnant. She laughed and said not to worry.

I paid her the money with an extra £20 and hoped to see her again. She said she was back here at the beginning of the month for a week and if I came back she would let me fuck her properly, depositing all my spunk inside her tight little Asian pussy.

Guess what, I’m going back!

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