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(sorry if very long) sleepover and hot sex(friends

This story begins 3 years ago when these two girls were in grade 12/end of highschool, Laura-5’5″, above average breasts, green eyes, and dirty blonde red streaked hair, and Rose-5’6″, large breasts which every man stared at, blue eyes, and blonde hair.
After grad the two best friends decided to celebrate by sleeping over at Rose’s house, rents plenty of movies to last two nights, eat popcorn and drink some “Vanilla Coke”.
Well Laura was into it so she was told to meet at Rose’s house 6 o’clock and to bring the movies.
Laura brought a couple of action because she wanted to see the hot men, a couple of romance so they have a cry, and a comedy to laugh after crying.
Rose was in her room getting dressed after taking a shower for a few minutes thinking of how fun it’ll be, she decided after about half and hour to wear a baby blue short shirt which revealed her stomach (no bra), a black skirt half way up her quads, and a pink thing underneath to show Laura.
Laura was still in the show, for she was shaving her bush carefully careful not to cut herself near her nice pink pussy. Getting out of the shower, she put on a towel above her large breasts but on her way to her room down the hall the towel slid off revealing her breasts, she quickly ran to her room so no one could see her naked.
She shut the door then turned around, there in front of her stood a mirror which she stared at for a bit looking at her own, beautiful reflection, she stroked her belly then felt her breasts thinking, “wow my breasts are pretty large”. She then cupped them and smoothly rubbed at her large breasts.
A couple minutes later she realized she had only half our to be at Rose’s house so she dressed quickly, picked up her bag and somewhat fast walked to Rose’s house. She thought on her way there, “phew, how fortunate it was that I packed all of my things before shaving my pussy”.
Arriving at Rose’s door she knocked 3 times and suddenly she felt this weird throbbing sensation between her heads while thinking about Rose and the sleepover, well she just thought it was just a coincidence.
Rose opened the door and said hi, invited her in and they both went upstairs to her room.
That was pretty big for a room, it had a surround sound system hooked up to a 45″ screen t.v which was perfect for movies and stuff.
“Wow Rose you look beautiful in that”, commenting Laura, “thanks Laura, so did you bring the movies and all you need”? Replied back Rose, “oh ya, of course”, yet again Laura.
Laura took a movie out of her back and checked what it was… “The Water Boy” read the movie, she popped it in the VCR and sat next to Rose on the bed. The movie was showing some previews so they decided to bring out a couple backs of popcorn, before then Laura got that same burning sensation again between her smooth silky legs, she again ignored it and got the popcorn and went downstairs with Rose to microwave the popcorn.
The popcorn was done and Laura was just thinking about the throbbing burning feeling below her nicely shaved pubic area, when Rose went up behind Laura and slapped her ass saying “hurry up we’re gonna miss some of the movie”. Laura felt it again but it got worse, she said back to Rose “just a minute meet me up there”, while Rose went upstairs Laura pulled down her pants to her ankles, spread her legs slightly wide and looked at her pussy. She rubbed it a bit to get rid some of the throbbing and she noticed that her pussy was wet, she rubbed her clit fast and hard.
Faster and harder, her breathing became heavy, she almost came when she suddenly let out a small whimpering moan… “Ooohhhhh yyyaaaaaa”, just then she stopped when she was so close to cumming she realized she was in her friends kitchen, it would be weird to cum all over it, and Rose was coming down the stairs to get Laura.
Laura was quick so she pulled up her thong and skirt up quickly.
As Rose was downstairs looking at Laura weirdly saying, “what’s taking you so long Laura c’mon you missed some of the movie, and we still gotta change into our pj’s c’mon”.
And with that Laura got the popcorn and went into Rose’s room. When inside her room they both took out their pj’s, Laura said she would change inside the bathroom just down the hall a couple of feet away but Rose just said “no change in here it would be quicker and we wouldn’t miss a thing of the movie”.
Rose slowly took off her baby blue colored short shirt off revealing her large breasts, Laura just stood there staring at her best friends large breast. Then felt a wetness beginning to build up more on her thong, just then she quickly shook her head and turned away, stripping down hoping that Rose wouldn’t see her blushed face.
Rose was looking at Laura taking off her sweater, then slowly taking off her shirt, Rose stared at Laura’s fairly large breasts feeling somewhat horny but not knowing why, she felt this throbbing between her legs, burning in her pink puffy pussy which was now wet for some reason.
Rose was now slowly taking off her short skirt while watching her friend strip down to absolutely nothing. She noticed that Laura was wearing a thong because she had a backside view of her since she turned around to pick up her pj’s, Rose got incredibly horny wanting to touch herself badly but she held the want inside for she was in the presence of her friend.
It was like torture to Laura for watching Rose taking off her close, especially seeing her large breasts reflecting the light off the t.v, seeing that Rose’s breasts were smooth and firm, she put on her pj’s while Rose did the same.
They both got in bed watching the movie, and Laura noticed that Rose’s breasts were hanging out of her small, tight pj shirt, which did press against her breasts. But they were hanging out and rose did not notice. Laura complimented Rose on how big and firm her breasts were and also that they were hanging out.
Rose was quick to be embarrassed, she blushed and quickly pushed her breasts back in her small, tight shirt.
After watching a couple of movies, eating a bag of popcorn Laura feel asleep in Rose’s bed. Rose was starring at her friend when she just got this video clip in her head, it was her passionately kissing Laura on the lips and feeling her breasts. Laura did the same back but with one hand Laura was slowly sliding it down to her throbbing, and already wet pink pussy
She felt that she just had to kiss Laura while she was asleep to see if she liked it for she very much enjoyed watching in her head, the both of them having sex.
So after thinking for a minute whether to kiss Laura or not she finally decided that she would, hoping Laura would not awake and hate her for kissing her.
Rose slowly moved to Laura’s soft lips, with just an inch away she opened her mouth and slightly stuck out her tongue, she again slowly put her lips on Laura’s, putting her tongue in Laura’s mouth, then kissed her.
Rose stop to think if she liked it or not and to her surprise she loved it, the throbbing was getting worse, torturing her until she cummed, orgasm.
Rose slowly turned to her back and pulled down her short pj shorts, then her underwear. She then slightly spread her legs careful not to hit Laura so she would see her bang herself. Rose began to slowly rub her clit when, she thought of banging her ass instead of her imensly, throbbing pussy, she was curious as to how it would feel. With one finger she pushed it in her ass and it was to her liking so she took her index and middle finger then slowly thrusting them into her ass. She completely forgot about Laura sleeping next to her so she spread her legs wider, not noticing that she had just put her foot between Laura’s legs. She moved it upward so her legs would be spread wide for the whole room to, her foot was not just at Laura’s pussy.
As she forgot one thing she remember that Laura was a sound sleeper and that her whole family was sleeping downstairs for it was summer and was very hot in the upper level.
Rose started to moan, breathing harder and harder, moaning louder, she was somewhat close to coming over the edge and cumming all over the floor and her bed, she then banged her burning pussy which needed to be touched, with two fingers and used her thumb to rub her clit.
She had an orgasm, and still went on she pushed her fingers in deep and deeper inside of her pussy, faster and harder. Rythmatically coming so close to another orgasm, she came and hot, steamy load of cum flowed out of her now satisfied pussy. Her side of the bed had a lined of juice that kept flowing for about seven seconds for she was slowly still banging both her ass, her pussy, and rubbing her clit. The line of juice was all the way from her ass down to the wall a meter away from her.
After about fifteen minutes waiting, Rose’s pussy began to stop throbbing from the incredibly huge orgasms and masturbating. She heard Laura shuffle around a bit, Rose was worried that she might awake and see Rose sitting there, naked and the stream of cum across the room leading from her, but fortunate for Rose, Laura didn’t she just kept sleeping.
Rose was getting a bit horny again so she leant over and kissed Laura very passionately on her soft pouty lips with her tongue inside of Laura’s mouth exploring her mouth, and playing around with her tongue.
Just after 3 minutes of her passionately kissing Laura, Laura woke up surprised to find that Rose’s tongue was in her mouth, but Rose had her eyes close savoring the moment, the incredible feeling, the love, she did no see Laura’s eyes open.
Laura was awake for a minutes thinking of what is happening then pushed Roses lips away from her own, Rose very embarrassed had nothing to say except “please don’t hate me, it just happened”. Laura just sat there thinking then grabbed Rose’s ass towards her opening her mouth and kissed Rose, they both explored each other’s mouths with their tongue.
Rose took off her friends shirt slowly to enjoy the moment, staring at Laura’s breasts, she took off her bra then cupped her friends breasts, feeling them.
Rose ran her hand down Laura’s waist onto her hips and took off her shorts along with the beautiful thong Laura was wearing, her hand rubbing Laura’s hips and then feeling Laura’s smooth ass with one hand and joyfully fondling with her breasts.
Laura leaned forward and started to suckle on Rose’s large breasts, flicking her hard, erected nipple with her tongue. This was making them both horny.
Laura pulled back and ran her finger slowly down Rose’s stomach down to her pubic bush which was nicely smooth from the shave earlier on the day. It was 11:50.
Laura was feeling her friend’s smooth pubic area.
“Uh Rose, I’ve never had an orgasm before, would you show me how to masturbate?” Confessing Laura, “wow seriously? Ok I’ll show ya,” Replied back Rose.
Rose told her to turn around, and Laura did, Rose came close to Laura, with her breasts against Laura’s back.
Rose placed her hand on Laura’s breasts and told her to put her hand on her own, Laura did this as well.
Rose slowly ran her hand down Laura’s smooth, sexy body down to her pubic, then a bit further down to her pussy.
With her hand she pointed out two fingers then put them slowly into Laura’s throbbing pussy, Laura had straightened her back at the feeling, Rose slowly pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy so she could get use to it.
It hurt Laura for a couple of minutes then she got use to it, and she loved the great feeling, she lay her head back onto Rose’s shoulder, just relaxing.
A few minutes later Laura had her first orgasm, it was great to Laura.
Rose had kept going but now she is using her thumb to rub against Laura’s clit while banging her pussy. Laura had thought that you can only have one orgasm then had to wait for a bit to have another one so she told Rose what she thought. Rose replied back saying “no that’s not true, a woman can have more then just one at a time, you can have multiple orgasm,” this amazed Laura and told her that that was the best feeling she ever had. “I can make it better you know,” replied Rose.
With that Rose pulled out her fingers then placed her hands on both Laura’s knees, raised them and then spread them wide so that she had a good clear view of her pussy.
She pulled her toward the end of her bed and kneeled down in front of her on the floor.
Rose placing one hand on Laura’s hips, and the other on her knee to keep it spread. Then she moved closer and closer towards Laura’s pink pouting pussy lips, then opened her mouth and slid her tongue deep inside Laura’s wet pussy.
Rose started pushing her tongue in and out gradually going faster and harder making Laura moan louder each time, “ooooohhhhhhh yaaaaa, Rose, Rose keeep going. Oh ya, mmmmmmmm ooooooooooh, huu huu huuuuu,” Laura was moaning this between hard breaths, she kept whimering “ooohhh Rose yes yes.”
Laura finally came over the edge with 5 thrusts of two fingers in her ass, which Laura did quite like very much.
Rose kept going but this time she suckled and circled her clit with her tongue making Laura a bit exgausted from the incredible orgasms. The last orgasm she somewhat cummed in Rose’s mouth. But after a few minutes suckling Laura’s clit made her have a huge orgasm, the best hugest one yet, after Laura orgasmed her juices flowed all over Rose’s face and down on and in between her breasts, Rose had to stop or Laura’s pussy would be sore for a week.
Laura couldn’t return the pleasure for she was very tired, she could only passionately kiss rose for about 30 minutes.
Time passed and it is now 12:30, Laura stopped kissing Rose and slid her fingers down into Rose’s ass, doing what she did for the first orgasm, Laura could tell that Rose almost came so she stopped, “please don’t stop… mmmm… please keep going,” whimpered Rose.
Laura had stopped and spread Rose’s legs wide open so she could see her plump, throbbing wet pussy. Rose was crying for her to keep going. Laura had started to bang her friend but this time she banged both her ass and her crying pink pussy lips, she also used her thumb to rub Rose’s clit.
After a couple minutes Rose cummed on all over her friends fingers, Laura put her fingers into Rose’s mouth for her to suck on her own juice, which she liked to her surprise.
Laura suckled and circled Rose’s clit like she had done with her tongue, but this time Laura had banged her pussy as well. Rose moaned loudly, begging Laura to keep going faster, and harder, Rose came hugely, she had cummed a huge load of steamy juice right into Laura’s mouth and all over her face because Laura couldn’t take it all in her mouth. Laura enjoyed the taste of her friends cum so she kept sucking on Rose’s pussy still she cummed again just a minute after.
They were both exgausted so Laura came up beside Rose they both lay there holding each other in their arms, Laura had one hand on Rose’s ass and Rose had two fingers inside of Laura’s ass while the other holding her ass.
They lay there passionately kissing each other till they fell asleep dreaming of each other, the best orgasms they ever had and will have for the rest of their lives, and the best time ever, hoping that this will continue every night.(which it did)

They became passionate lovers for the rest of their lives, and in University they had sex about 6 times a week and still after that, they spent the rest of their lives together having hot, passionate, steamy sex every night.

Author… lesbian lover

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