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online fantasy cum true

It was a Monday, around noon Paige arrived home from summer school she was bored and tired so she decided to go online and chat while she was logging on she started to get undressed and during the online session she was nude. She entered a chatroom and saw no point in it so she typed any one want to chat with a bi girl and all these guys said yes so then she said this is boring and was about to log off when this girl says bi here want to chat so Paige says sure and she asks where are you from? And the girl says oh from Cali and Paige said me too what city? And they both responded with Midtown and she said wow what a coincidence and they continued talking while they were talking Paige asks her what’s your name she says mine is Rebeka, nice to meet you so how long have you been bi? She asks Paige responds only a few months and you Beka? Same so you want to meet and she says let me get to know you a little more okay so then Paige asks are you into any sports and Beka says yeah cheerleading and Paige responds I’m in gymnastics and they say wow we’re pretty flexible huh? LOL Yeah, so then they get a little more personal Beka asks Paige have you ever been intimate with a girl before an Paige answers no and so does Beka. Then Beka says do you want to be my first? Paige responds yes! Excited Paige when? Beka answers ASAP and Paige says how about at 4 pm Paige says sure. They log off and they start getting ready Paige showers shaves and lotions her self up then she puts on her Gymnastics leotard and under she puts on a pink lace see-through bra and the matching pink see-through thong does her hair and puts on her everyday make-up. Beka is also anxious she showers and lotions her self up puts on her Cheerleading uniform and under that she wears a red lace see-through teddy does her hair and make-up as they both get ready they feel a warm and anxious feeling in their tummies and pubic areas. They log on once again at 2:30 to exchange addresses and phone numbers they do at 3:30 pm Beka starts head out she doesn’t want to be late with her first encounter with the girl of her dreams as she arrives she feels herself slit wet and ready for her beloved Paige. While she’s walking up to the door all these funny feelings come to her it’s her sex drive taking over from her on she rings he door bell. A very petite tanned, big-breasted girl answers the door in a leotard and Beka asks Paige? Paige’s eyes widen to see such a beautiful girl Beka was also petite nice breasts, and a large butt she also wearing her uniform, Paige finally says come in. Let’s go upstairs to my room, as they arrive to her room Paige has candles lit and petals all around the room nice soft music Beka put’s her bag down and Paige pins her on the bed and starts kissing and caressing her from her hair to her thighs. Soon after Paige takes off her leotard leaving her in her pink lace see-through thong and bra then Paige helps Beka out of her uniform and sees her teddy same lace see-through also then after that Beka takes manners into her own hands an starts taking Paige’s thong and bra off while in taking off her thong she rubs her cunt nice and hard to make her wetness reach her cunt. Then she pulls it off with her mouth and then spread her legs open and started kissing her thigh till she got to her cunt when she did she swung her tongue in and out and sucked on her cunt and grabbed her tits violently and then she was moaning she said ” Please don’t stop… oh yes yes yes” and she came. Soon after Paige said your turn and Paige got very sexual with Beka she nearly ripped her Teddy off she was kissing her so passionately and then she grabbed her tits and came down to them and sucked each one in equal parts then kept kissing her all the way till she got to her pussy and then she spread her legs open and struck her cunt hard and began to push it in and out in circles and then she came as Paige came she grabbed her tits so hard and moaned ” Beka ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes ” at that exact moment she came in Beka’s mouth and she swallowed it. Soon after Beka said want to do it again she said yes now she pulled out a blue rubber dildo and sucked on it then put it in Paige’s pussy and turned it on to low then as she sucked on her huge tits and made her back curl when she started moaning and breathing harder she knew an orgasm was coming so she sucked on her harder and licked them until she moaned her name once again. Then Paige said to Beka now for me to show you how I want it then she laid on top of her kissing her passionately same as before their tits on top of each ones then Paige put her thigh between her legs and pretended to fuck her like a man while in doing that she went all the way down to her pussy and put her nipple into her hot wet pussy putting it into her cunt while eating her hot pussy full of hot flowing sweet juices and then put the dildo in her and mimicked her exact movements done to her and made her moan and scream louder while she begged and pleaded for more and harder faster and she came while saying “fuck me faster and harder Paige yes yes oh god yes” and then they laid on her bed then they fell asleep and when Paige woke up her dream girl was gone but there was a note on her dresser that said ” Paige I love you, you’re the best and only I’ve ever had can’t wait to do it again you’re my dream come true. Love, Beka”. A rose was on the side of the letter Paige laid down a caressed herself with it till she came and screamed Beka’s name and then they continued to see each other everyday………

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