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Watching a Movie

It was the usual Friday night. I was staying the night at Joe’s house, where we watched movies and ate junk food until way too late. His younger sister had her friend Amy over as they decided to join us before they went into their room and gossiped about boys and school and other teenage nonsense. While Joe and I got some chips and soda from the kitchen, Amy and Liz set up a game of monopoly before we started the movie.
An hour later after I found myself the soul proprietor of much real estate and even more fake money, Joe went to put the video in. Excusing themselves for a few minutes, the girls returned in flannel boxers and tank tops, figuring that they might as well be ready for bed before snuggling in for the flick. Following their cue, Joe and I went to his room to change into some shorts and t-shirts. Joe was more slender of build than I, with wiry muscles, with dark hair and dark eyes. Looking at them, you could tell that he and Liz were siblings. Fortunately, Liz was far more slight of frame, with the soft developing curves of a young teenage girl on the edge of womanhood. Cute freckles and pretty eyes characterized her face while her lips took on a gentle curve that would soon demand the kisses of any man she wanted. While their bodies nearly mirrored each other, Amy had slightly larger, more rounded breasts. Her hair was like sunlight in the early morning while her eyes echoed the sky at noon.
Joe and I made our way downstairs to find the girls gone in the search of candy. Settling into the big couch, Joe grabbed some pillows and settled down onto the floor. As the girls made their way in, they flipped the lights off, Amy stealing some pillows from Joe while Liz lay down with her feet nearly touching me at the other end of the couch.
The movie wasn’t all that entertaining, though there were a few seductive moments that made my mind drift towards the idea of the girls in their pajamas. Just then, Liz asked me to rub her feet while we watched the movie. Normally I would have said something letting her know that I wasn’t here to serve her, but this time I just scooted closer to her and rested her legs over my lap. Under the pretense that I was still watching the movie, I began to kneed her feet, taking care to dig deeply into the ball of her foot and her heel, but using delicate movements when I rubbed each of her bubbly toes. A few small moans escaped her lips as I worked into the arch of her foot, switching between her left and right, so as to not leave either one out. Liz began to move her body farther down, moving my hands from her feet to her ankles to her calf. She asked if I would rub her legs, as they were sore from running with Amy earlier. Hearing her name, Amy looked up to see what was going on up on the couch. Not one to be left out, she demanded that Joe rub her back. Always a little more concerned with himself, he said he would after she worked on his back. Grudgingly, she climbed onto his back, working her hands into his shoulders.
Meanwhile, my hands were working magic into Liz’s sore limbs while the feel of her skin worked something else into my pants. As I kneaded her muscle she slightly shifted her legs now and again, causing them to rub ever so slightly against my cock. As I made my way up past her knees, her movement increased, leaving my cock growing exponentially against her bare leg. Whether she knew what was pressing against her or not, I couldn’t tell, but I wasn’t about to stop my search up her leg. I made it mid way up her thigh when I asked her with a gulp if I should keep going. Her eyes closed, she merely moaned ‘Mmmhmmm….” With her assurance, I continued to make my way up the inside of her thigh. My fingers both caressed and gently dug into the inside of her upper thigh. The moans coming from her small mouth were growing in both frequency and volume. I felt her body shudder as my fingertips ran along her panty line. Though she wasn’t aware of it, I had frequently fantasized about Liz when I was touching myself. I was now using the same hands to nearly do the same to her.
Peeling my eyes away from Liz’s slowly writhing body, I looked down to witness Amy still on top of Joe, only now he was on his back and she was rubbing her body on his. He had his hands on her breasts and was obviously paying no attention to what I was doing with his sister. The sight of Amy’s tan skin and the outline of her breasts from behind completely solidified my erection as I finally moved my hand up the leg of Liz’s shorts and pressed my fingers against her damp pussy.
Liz began gyrating her hips against my hand, rubbing her legs against my apparent hard on. I moved my other hand up to her breast as I slipped a finger under the hem of her panties. Her hand pressing mine against her breast greeted me, forcing me to knead the soft flesh with my palm. Seeing Amy’s top removed, I risked a fight with Joe and pulled Liz’s panties and shorts off in one move. She froze for a moment, a little overwhelmed by her sudden nakedness. Her body soon resumed its movement as my mouth found it’s way to her pussy, licking and sucking and searching for her clit. I knew I had found it when her legs wrapped around my head, locking my lips to hers. I could see when she finally opened her eyes, the sight of her brother and best friend causing her to fly to the brink of orgasm, her small body shaking uncontrollably against my wet face. Forcing a pillow over her mouth so as to not arouse her parents two floors above, Liz submitted to her orgasm as my tongue deftly flicked her button in time to the shuddering that overwhelmed her body. Smiling as I climbed from between her thighs, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face to hers for a deeply passionate kiss. Her small tongue was pink and hot in my mouth, searching out every drop of her nectar. She wrapped her legs around my waist and ground her sopping hole against my rigid cock.
It wasn’t until she finally let me go that we realized that we had an audience. “Wow!” Amy exclaimed. “I’d like to try one of those.” Dropping her shorts and panties and kneeling away from him, she ordered Joe to do what I had done. Not one to give up a free meal, Joe dove right in. Amy’s immediate moans and grunts signaled Joe’s ability to give her what she wanted.
Liz now pushed me back onto the couch, reaching with her hand to expose the hardness between my legs. Both girls let out a gasp as my manhood sprang into view. I’m not huge, but at the time, my 8 inches was impressive to most girls I knew, even the older ones. Liz leaned forward to take me in her mouth, but Amy let out a whimper. “You got to have his mouth first, can’t I try that out before you?” Liz showed more generosity that normal and pulled Amy’s head forward towards my cock. The sight of these two very young girls vying for my cock was nearly enough to make me cum, but I wasn’t going to give in quite so easy. Besides, I still wanted to put my meat where my mouth was. I soon found the feeling of Amy’s full lips to be exquisite and the heat of her mouth to be nearly more than I could handle. Sensing my rising orgasm, Amy decided to return Liz’s favor and pushed her head down on my cock. Liz’s tight mouth felt so good on my cock. I would have stayed there forever if I didn’t want to feel her pussy envelop my pole. Amy’s view of Liz licking my cock combined with Joe’s expert oral ministrations brought her to her first orgasm of the evening. In an effort to keep her voice down, Liz lifted her head up and forced Amy’s lips around my dick. The muffled moans of her passing orgasm vibrated through my cock, bringing me to unexpected heights as I tried to hold from my orgasm. Joe still licking her pussy, Amy said she wanted to see Liz’s pussy wrapped around my tool. Feeling more aroused than ever, Liz lowered her box down onto me, inches from her best friend’s face. Amy the looked back and told Joe to slide it into her from behind. Joe started pounding into the tender crevice between Amy’s smooth thighs, her blond curls of pubic hair matting against her puffy lips. Amy brought her face closer, now running her tongue along my shaft as it entered and reentered Liz’s ultra tight canal. The sight of Amy being plowed by her brother was having an effect on sweet little Liz as she let out a small, “Mmmm, fuck her harder Joe. Please?” Joe pounded into Amy with renewed vigor, bringing Amy to her second orgasm, the sight of which sent Liz over, drenching my cock with her sweet juices. Both Amy and I were torn between cumming and being completely mortified as Liz leaned over Amy’s body, grabbing Joe’s cock from her pussy and slipping it into her mouth. This wasn’t something they had planned or rehearsed as we heard Joe climax while his protests hung from his lips. “NO! LIZ! What are you…… Ughhhhh!!!” Liz’s body convulsed on my cock as she choked on the torrent of hot cum pouring from Joe’s spent cock. His dick was much shorter than mine, but the girth was tremendous. Seeing Liz’s tight mouth stretched around her brother’s thick erection sent me over as I pushed Liz off and forced Amy to take my tremendous load. She swallowed greedily; stroking my cock with her full lips until she was satisfied that she had every last bit of me. Coming up for air, Amy grabbed Liz and forced her lips to her own. Her brother and his best friend flavored Liz’s first lesbian kiss. The sight instantly returned my hardness, leaving me unsure where to start next. Amy looked at me knowingly and slid over to me on her hands and knees……

More to come…..

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